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Stunt Track Driver 2: Get'n Dirty is a PC game developed by Mattel Media and published by THQ. It features a radical difference from the first Stunt Track Driver . For Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver on the PC, GameFAQs has 16 cheat codes and Blue Racecar with Spoiler (Hot Wheels ), Beat the Attic Level in the. Hot Wheels stunt driver breaks world record ramp-to-ramp jump The giant Hot Wheels V-Drop stunt track was designed by the same team break-up tattoos as they cover up ink with black hearts after ending engagement.

The Super Modified's spoiler on it's in-game model is designed differently. The Super Modified's in-game select icon is a mirrored version of it's die-cast and in-game model versions.

Saltflat Racer's chassis and front grill have a more whiter color to them. The select icon of Slatflat Racer is a mirrored version of it's in-game and die-cast versions. The Chevy Logo in front of Sol-Aire CX4 was completely painted blue on it's in-game model when compared to the die-cast version. The spoiler of the Sol-Aire CX4 is slightly taller on it's in-game model. Twin Mill's body has a slightly more "golden" look in-game. The small white Hot Wheels logo is present on Twin Mill's die-cast version.

However, this is not on it's in-game model.

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However, it has capped Redline wheels on it's die-cast model. The front of Twin Mill in it's game model is narrower than it's die-cast version. The small Hot Wheels logo is not present on the roof of Tow Jam's game model. It can be accessed by completing tournament mode, going to the level select menu, and right clicking around the left half of the Mattel logo.

This causes the music to change to an unused track see below. At this point, starting the race will begin the secret level. The level's FMV is clearly unfinished; the background consists only of green wireframe scenery.

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver

Its scope suggests that it was intended to be a large outdoor areas, such as a quarry. The video also does not seem completely synced to the collision model in some points, causing the car to occasionally "float" above the track. Aside from these graphical details, the level seems more or less complete and is entirely playable.

It ends with the car crashing through a sign. The level was probably scrapped because of time constraints or because it didn't fit the household theme of the other levels well enough. Unused Batch Files car.

When run, it copies the named textures shown under "Unused Graphics," as well as their corresponding. This is probably a leftover development tool to quickly prepare the graphics data.

Most notable are the three REM'd out lines at the bottom. This might have been used to quickly compare how the different versions of the car looked in the actual game. BAK This file is almost identical to car. BAK This file's purpose is less clear.

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There are three distinct modes of play: Practice, where the player can race through any available track to achieve best time; Championship, where the player must complete each track in sequence within a certain time limit; and Custom,[ citation needed ] where the player's own track layouts can be constructed. After all the main tracks are unlocked, a hidden track can be accessed.

Game Boy Color version[ edit ] The Game Boy Color version features five playable cars and six household-themed race tracks. The game's vehicles are capable of performing stunts such as spins, rolls, and mid-air flips, all of which add bonus points and speed bursts. The game's vehicles are based on Hot Wheels toys; each one is rated differently for durability, speed, stunts, and turning.

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The game is played from a side-view perspective, and includes three gameplay modes: Tournament, Single Race, and Two Player.