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Free Natal Chart Report (Download chart and interpretation in pdf.) Your Davison relationship chart with another (with wheel). Generate your online free natal horoscope chart with interpretation according to Western Astrology. To convert it into Indian chart, just minus the ayanamsha at the time of birth from Your Davison relationship chart with another (with wheel). Calculate the composite chart and get the psychological analysis of the relationship chart. This psychological relationship analysis describes the project of the.

Usually, Davison charts with this aspect indicate a brief fling. There would have to be some really strong favorable aspects to counterbalance this one if a marriage is to be beneficial and long lasting. The Rising sign is Scorpio, sign of extremes. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, squares the rising degree. This was more of an obsession than a marriage. Venus opposite the Ascendant is a strong and favorable influence and indicates affection.

Venus is singleton since it is the only planet in an Earth sign. But even here there are problems. Venus at 26 degrees of Taurus is near Algol, a fixed star that shows deep subconscious forces coming to the surface Algol comes from the Arabic El Goul, the demon.

On top of that, Pluto squares the Venus and that means power struggles. Love, with this aspect, tends to become manipulative if the two people involved are not careful. When there are stress aspects to Pluto, if the relationship ever breaks up the two people are not likely to be friends. Love turns to hate. But as long as there is a relationship, the sex is usually great.

This is, of course, a Pluto specialty. Great sex is also shown by the triple conjunction of the Sun, Mars energy and Uranus electrifying in the 8th house. So are the planets that rule the signs on the cusps.

The Ascendant ruler is of particular importance. Libra is the sign on the Ascendant and it is ruled by Venus. Venus is making a strong conjunction with Saturn, planet of difficulties, obstacles, delays, and just plain bad luck. Throw the chart away right here folks. This relationship sucks pun intended. Sometimes these clients know a little about astrology and these are the worst one to read.

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Venus, the Ascendant ruler, makes conjunction aspects with both Saturn difficulties and Mars action. All three sit on the Nadir the end of the matter and square the Ascendant.

Of course, anything that is at the bottom is opposite the top, the Mid-Heaven, the public image. Both Bill and Monica did have their public images go through changes.

  • The Davison Relationship Chart: The Birthday of a Relationship

Venus rules two signs, so it usually rules two houses. The other Venus sign is Taurus and it is found on the cusp of the 8th house. So far, we have the ruler of the Ascendant and the house of sex conjunct Saturn, planet of difficulties, and Mars, action and all three are stressfully configured with the Mid-Heaven so that everything comes before the public.

The Sun is the heart of the horoscope and is important in any interpretation. Uranus is opposite the Sun. This one makes people tend to do crazy, impulsive things. Sometimes these relationships can go on for a long time, but only intermittently. The two people involved see each other at short intervals and then spend long periods apart.

Should we be surprised to find it in the 8th house, the house that rules sex? A square to Uranus, planet of unusual, sudden, and unexpected changes. The emotions flare up for a brief time and everything is exciting. By the way, the Moon rules the Mid-Heaven public image and this makes it more likely that what these people do sexually will be noticed. Incidentally, Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, and Virgo is on the cusp of the 12th house.

Mercury, ruler of self-undoing, sits in the 5th house, making a connection between self destructive actions and romance. Chiron shows were we have problems that never seem to go away.

It is located in the 5th house romance and squares the Moon. Remember, the Moon rules the Mid-Heaven public image and the square is a stress indicator showing the negative effect on public image to be permanent. Ok, do we notice any trends here?

It is important to remember to check everything before jumping to conclusions about a relationship. There are so many indicators, you are pushed. There is still the question of the specific effect a relationship has on each of the participants.

While I was preparing the talk, I had an idea. Synastry, comparing the aspects between two charts, can show us a little of what goes on in a relationship. The Davison chart shows us even more. Now astrologers have, for centuries, used transits to make forecasts.

This means looking at the planets for a particular time and checking the aspects they make to the planets in the birth chart. That reminded me of synastry. Would that Davison horoscope give us some more information about what went on? The horoscope for the murder was right next to theirs in my computer files. It only took a few clicks to make Davison charts for each of them with the murder time.

The results were dramatic. Uranus, the Ascendant ruler is in the 8th house death and it makes a close opposition to Mars action, aggression, violence in Aries. Stress aspects between Mars and Uranus are associated with sudden, violent accidents and gunshots.

The physical home will be important for this couple and will serve as a platform for their emotional life. As it happens, this couple enjoys opening their home to their friends and entertaining them with meals and conversation. The Moon is conjunct Saturn in Cancer, which is in its detriment, but this increases the security needs, as well as the "need to be needed.

The Davison Chart

Security needs may, in fact, even overshadow the Sun's needs for freedom to roam, travel, or simply take risks once in a while. What is exhibited so far between these two planets in the chart is a direct conflict between the needs of the Sun and the needs of Moon—Saturn.

The couple's primary task seems to be to satisfy both contradictory demands. That the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer conjunct Saturn expresses longevity but also potential domestic problems, family disputes, and emotional struggles that concern issues of intimacy, as well as a tendency to shut down emotionally or to perceive a lack of nurturing. Each Davison chart and, in fact, any natal chart has a compensation or antidote for a challenging area in the chart, and this is apparent here in the position of the Sun in Sagittarius in relation to Moon—Saturn in Cancer.

These positions counterbalance each other. The couple needs to be made aware of this intrinsic struggle, and that is precisely the job of the astrological counselor who delineates the relationship chart.

It is, however, not the job of the astrologer to tell a couple that they are unsuited for each other. That is a decision that each couple has the right to make for themselves.

The essential conflict between the Sun and Moon also represents the antidote; that is, the Sagittarius Sun's impetus for limitless risk and expansion is modified by the Cancer Moon—Saturn's impulse to conserve and be cautious. It is both the struggle and the antidote, or solution, and needs to be explained in this way to clients. The Most Occupied Houses: Next, let's look at the most occupied houses of the Davison chart.

This will alert us to which life environments this relationship will be most invested in or preoccupied with. The Sun is in the 1st house, and the Moon is in the 8th.

This struggle involves Venus and Mars as well, because they have the same house positions although they are not technically degrees apart or inconjunct by aspect. There is a conflict between the passive and aggressive tendencies, possibly lending itself to unsatisfactory resolution through that psychological no-no: This tendency is reinforced by Mars retrograde Rx. There are many interpretations for Mars Rx: The aspects in the chart that are closest to exact always tell a large part of the story of the relationship.

Our example has two exact to the degree aspects: Jupiter in Libra square Saturn in Cancer re-emphasizes the core conflict of the chart and repeats a theme we have already addressed: Part of the couple's story expresses this aspect well: The couple bucked prevailing convention, from the beginning, when the woman agreed to take charge of earning the income and maintaining the financial security of the relationship.

In fact, it is largely due to the wife's thriftiness that this couple owns a home and is financially stable. Mercury sextile Neptune brings idealism and possibly pertains to the artistic component that is so powerful in the relationship the husband is an artistas well as the spiritual factors that are a strong and vivid thread in the fabric of this couple's life together.

The ruler of the Ascendant, often called the chart ruler, is Jupiter in Libra and is involved in one of two exact partile aspects in the chart, as detailed above. Jupiter in Libra accentuates the formation of partnership, offers benefits from partnership, and provides opportunities to understand the balance and fairness intrinsic in any good partnership. Graciousness, generosity, and fair play come easier to this position, and the couple will receive benefits from others. Mercury in Sagittarius conjoins the Ascendant and emphasizes the importance of communication and having ample scope for philosophical and wide-ranging discussions.

Others will come to know the couple as communicative, and it is important to both partners to be perceived as being aware, alert, curious, and witty. However, Mercury's trine to Pluto in the 8th house adds a strong emotional and psychological component to communication and, possibly, a tendency to hold onto hurts or grudges. Certainly, this couple prefers deeper and more meaningful conversation and often chooses to express opinions in compelling, forceful, or even controlling ways that could alienate others.

Another very important point about this chart is that there are no planets in earth. One way to interpret a lack of earth is that financial and security matters are of great concern.

This supports the theme already identified elsewhere. Another interpretation could be that this couple is working on levels beyond the material plane of existence — hence, the spiritual emphasis, which has been one of the strongest links between these two people from the beginning. More on that later. A Word about Relocation: The location of a Davison Relationship Chart is often very different from where the two people actually live.

In the case of our couple, one partner was born in Europe and the other on the East Coast of the U. It is important to consider relocating the Davison chart to where the relationship is taking place; however, as with the relocation of natal charts, the natal chart for the Davison location is still the strongest and is, therefore, the one used for progressions. Untilthe couple resided in Los Angeles.

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However, for this delineation, I will speak only about their relocation to Waltham, Massachusetts, just west of Boston.

In the Boston area, the powerful natal Davison Mars—Pluto conjunction in Leo moves to the Midheaven; and the Sagittarius stellium, to the 2nd house chart not shown. The net result has been an increase in art sales and teaching opportunities for the husband, so he now brings in a greater share of the income.

A Relationship Story Now, it's time to tell you the relationship story and how it is described by the Davison chart. This is a marriage that has just passed its 30th anniversary. Both people have a strong spiritual practice with the Vedanta community, both were previously in religious life as a monk and a nunand both left the celibate life before they became a couple. The man — we'll call him "Jim" — is an artist and painter; the woman, "Iris," is the primary breadwinner. They agreed early in the marriage that Jim would never be forced to give up his painting to take a job, and Iris agreed to hold down the principal outside jobs.

They decided against having children.

Davison Relationship Chart

The couple traveled extensively especially in the first ten years of the marriagetaking their first trip immediately after getting together. A year and a half after their wedding, they traveled continuously for 50 weeks to Europe, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and other parts of the Middle East.

Subsequently, they went on annual camping trips to national parks in the United States and eventually to Japan, Sweden, and Germany. The last several years have been particularly difficult. In AugustJim fell in love with one of his art students, and although the relationship was never sexually consummated, there was a strong physical and emotional bond, including mutually exchanged love letters and poetry. Iris found out about the affair in the summer ofwhen she stumbled across some e-mails between her husband and the student.

Also, this was the second time that Jim had fallen in love with someone else during the course of the marriage. The first time was 20 years earlier. Iris was deeply stung by this second infidelity, and they were very close to divorce. However, their core religious beliefs, the strong theme of faith indicated in the Davison chart, and the consistent and primary values that they share have brought them through this difficult situation.

This new crisis has allowed them to reopen dialogue and discuss issues that have been neglected and had been festering for years.

The Beginning Jim and Iris became a couple on February 26, Once two people are in relationship, we can look back at the relevant Davison SR and progressed charts that energetically stimulated the relationship.

When the Composite and Davison Chart Differ

In the Davison solar return, SR Mercury was partile conjunct the SR Sun, emphasizing the strong Mercury—Ascendant conjunction of the "natal" Davison and marking this as a year of greater mental awareness, restlessness, curiosity, connections, and communication. Progressed Venus in Capricorn was at the far midpoint of the natal Davison Saturn—Moon in Cancer, triggering the emotional engagement and subsequent commitment of marriage. It was definitely a Moon moment!

Iris clearly remembers sitting with Jim on a Full Moon night when the sparks of love were first ignited. If we add transits to the mix, then it will not be surprising at all that transiting Mars was in late Capricorn in late February and early Marchopposing the Davison Saturn—Moon conjunction! Solar Return Jim had his first affair inabout ten years into their marriage.

All of this indicated that partnership issues would be in high focus that year, combined with the need to face idealism, illusion, or deception. Jupiter in Aquarius, dispositor of the SR Sun, was strongly placed in the 9th house, which it rules naturally, producing a major disruptive condition that required truth-telling and the philosophical regrouping of the couple. Below, you will see that in the solar return, which was in effect when Iris discovered Jim's second affair, the SR Moon was also in Aries!

Solar Return Fast forward to the Davison SR forthe relevant chart for the time when Jim's second extramarital love affair and the recent marital crisis began: Remember that a solar return chart is effective from birthday to birthday — in this case, from December to December Mercury retrograde, dispositing the elevated Jupiter in Virgo dispositor of the Sunsymbolized that this issue Jim's love affair and the need for better emotional communication was being repeated.

A retrograde planet in the solar return chart shows that something is unfinished. In JuneIris accidentally found out about Jim's romantic involvement with a student. Jim and Iris had a Venus and a Mercury return to the same sign in the natal Davison chart as well, although this is not as unusual in a SR chart as it is with other placements. The SR Moon in Aries also made an inconjunct to Mars in Scorpio, mimicking the strong aspect of these two planets in the natal Davison chart; this reinforced the natal pattern and indicated a year when a major natal theme must be addressed.

Neptune was powerful in its own house the 12thexpressing the lies and the secrets. Another telling aspect was the square from Venus in Sagittarius in the 9th house to Uranus in Pisces in the 1st — denoting an unusual, unexpected, and potentially disruptive relationship situation. Mercury conjoining the MC spoke loudly in sextile to Neptune in Aquarius in the 12th house: Hidden situations Jim's affair were likely to be uncovered. Although I haven't focused on transits, it is crucial to mention how the transits of when Jim's affair came to light played into the crisis in the marriage.

In the early summer ofSaturn was in late Cancer and conjoined Saturn and the Moon in the Davison chart of this couple. It was, in fact, the Saturn return of their relationship chart and, therefore, a major test of the durability of the relationship. Solar Return Each solar return chart has unique features and presents a particular mission for the year, expressed in a series of themes.

The SR Chart 5 gives us a prognosis of where this relationship is going. Is it heading for the rocks or will it continue to endure? Both the alpha and omega degrees have a quality of instability, and the 29th degree perhaps needs some resolution.

SR Pluto is approaching the Sun but is still about 5 degrees away.