Exponential expressions with different bases of a relationship

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Sections: Introduction to logs, Simplifying log expressions, Common and natural logs to be able to work intelligently with logs, you need to be pretty good with your exponents. This is always true: logb(b) = 1 for any base b, not just for b = 6 . Looking at it another way, "2log2(9) = y" means "log2(y) = log2(9)" (which is the. Logarithmic functions and exponential functions are inverses of each other. Explain the relationship between logarithmic functions and exponential functions .. exponent by which another fixed value, the base, has to be raised to produce . Explains how logarithms relate to exponentials, stressing 'the relationship' Note that the base in both the exponential equation and the log equation (above) is "b" , but that the x and y switch sides when you switch between the two equations.

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