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Find images and videos about alexz johnson, instant star and jude harrison on We Heart It - the app to tommy quincy | Tumblr couple, love, and goals image . On Jude's sixteenth birthday, after Shay dumped her, she asked Tommy what was by Tim Rozon) is a fictional character from the Canadian TV show Instant Star. to Jude pushing Tommy into a hot tub, their relationship is strained until Jude. Chit Chatting with Actress, Singer and Song-writer Alexz Johnson. July 30, By mary Alexz Johnson. Recently I have A: On the career end, a goal of mine is to go on tour. One day I A: They're usually Jude and Tommy questions. R: Are you on ****Click on the link below to hear a couple of Alexz's songs****.

What is your favorite song that you have written and why? What is your song writing process? Do you start with the words? How do you come up with the ideas for your songs?

Chit Chatting with Actress, Singer and Song-writer Alexz Johnson

Every session is different. Where can people get your music? Hopefully they get it on itunes. Live stuff is heard on my youtube page www.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten and by who? What advice would you give teenage girls in general? Be kind to you! Some of the toughest years are your teen years. In the process, just remember to always be healthy and take care of yourself. Life is so long…and so good! What are some of your future goals? On the career end, a goal of mine is to go on tour.

One day I would love to write music for feature films. What are five things people may not know about you? I love hot yoga. I dislike raw tomatoes but I like salsa. In elementary school I loved TLC. Black licorice is my favorite. My go-to movie is the Labyrinth. Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are their addresses? This story follows the episodes in season one with a slight twist and will change as it goes along. She rolled her eyes and felt a twinge of jealousy.

This was the one thing Jude could do well and she could not. In fact Jude had somehow made it into the finals for the Instant Star competition that was actually on T. Tomorrow night the winner would be decided. Jude had already taken too much of the attention from Sadie, from their parents, to the kids at school who actually noticed her slightly different sister.

She could not imagine how much worse it would be if Jude actually won the recording contract. Life would be unbearable, because Sadie always had to be the best at everything. Jude continued to sing the song she had written, and would be using, strumming her guitar and then stopping to start again, trying to perfect it.

Sadie wondered if there was any way to distract Jude from her goal and a subconscious plan started to form. Sadie remembered the first time she had gotten plastered and how awful she had felt the next day. She had been lost in her own world of music and had not even noticed her sister's presence. Jude frowned to herself. Sadie rarely spoke to her, in fact at school she usually chose to ignore her existence. Jude's freshman year Sadie had claimed she was a distant cousin to her snobby Barbie friends.

In fact since Jude had entered this competition Sadie had been even bitchier if that was possible. The girls and I are going out and then sleeping over Diana's. She couldn't understand why Sadie was suddenly being so nice. Tommy Quincy shrugged on his jacket and grabbed his house keys before heading out the door for the evening. He checked his purposefully messy gelled hair in the hallway mirror once more before opening the door to leave. He had just gotten back yesterday from an extended vacation in L.

Chit Chatting with Actress, Singer and Song-writer Alexz Johnson

He was of two minds as to whether or not he was happy to be back. His old friend Georgia Bevans owned a small record company and had run a singing contest to find a new artist and to garner more publicity.

Instant Star Mini Jude and Tommy's Wedding

She had called in a favor a few months back and asked him to produce the new 'Instant Star'. With the finale about to take place she had told him it was time to return to Toronto to start work. That was how he found himself back in Toronto on a Friday night, searching for a girl to amuse himself with before he got down to business on Monday.

He had no illusions that he would find producing the winner of some television singing contest to be a pleasurable experience. Jude and Sadie stood in front of Balthazar's and Jude looked over at her sister in shock. Where do you think we go every weekend? Underneath she was wearing a very small black silk camisole, courtesy of Sadie, and her one good pair of non-holey skin tight jeans, that her good friend Kat had once insisted she buy.

On her feet were high heeled leather boots that brought attention to her slender legs. Sadie had done her makeup and her hair, so a few strategic curls hung down by her cheeks, but the rest was gathered in a kind of ponytail, but fancier, with her natural curls tumbling down her back.

Jude felt ridiculous, but Sadie said it looked great and made her look older. They went inside and straight to the bar where Zoe's cousin Ray greeted Sadie by name.