Relationship between napoleon and snowball in animal farm

Animal Farm: The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon

relationship between napoleon and snowball in animal farm

The relationship surrounding Snowball and Napoleon in George Orwell s Animal Farm tends to be on rocky grounds. Snowball, a clever pig, tends to be loyal. As George Orwell's Animal Farm progresses, two boars named Napoleon and Snowball emerge as the leaders of the animals' rebellion. Both animals have very. The Animal Farm characters covered include: Napoleon, Snowball, Boxer, Squealer - The pig who spreads Napoleon's propaganda among the other animals.

When it seems Snowball will win the election for his plans, Napoleon calls in the dogs he has raised to chase Snowball from the farm.

This is the first time the dogs have been seen since Napoleon took them in and raised them to act as his secret police.

  • Relationship between two major forces of Animal Farm who are Snowball and Napoleon

Later on, after ostracizing Snowball, Napoleon ordered the construction of the windmillwhich had been designed by Snowball and which he had opposed vigorously just as Stalin opposed Trotsky's push for large scale industrializationthen adopted it as a policy when Trotsky was in exileso as to show the animals that he could be just as inventive as Snowball. The other animals are told it was Napoleon's idea and that Snowball had stolen it.

relationship between napoleon and snowball in animal farm

When the primitive windmill collapses after a storm, due to Napoleon's poor planning a reference to Stalin's backward approach to the Five-Year PlansNapoleon blames Snowball and starts a wave of terror a reference to the Great Purge. During this period, he orders the execution of several of the animals after coercing their "confessions" of wrongdoing.

Compare and contrast the characters of Snowball and Napoleon in Animal Farm.

He then commands the building of a second, stronger windmill, while severely cutting rations of the animals, except those of the pigs and dogs. Frederick tricks Napoleon by paying him for a load of timber with counterfeit money and then invading the farm much as Germany broke its pact and invaded the Soviet Union.

During the Battle of the Windmillthe windmill is destroyed; although the animals win, they pay a high price. Napoleon attempts to cover the losses by stating it was a grand victory for the animals.

Although Napoleon exhorts the other animals to fight and die for the good of the farm, he himself is a coward and a lazy one at that, in contrast to Snowball, who was more concerned with the welfare of his animal friends than his power. Napoleon uses corrupt historical revisionism to portray himself as a hero, claiming responsibility for the animals' victory in the Battle of the Cowshedwhen in reality it was Snowball who had performed heroic acts in this battle.

Relationship between two major forces of Animal Farm who are Snowball and Napoleon | muskaanarora13

Snowball's acts are denigrated through baldfaced lies about him collaborating with Jones all along and openly supporting Jones during the battle. Snowball was wounded in the back by buckshot, but it is claimed Napoleon inflicted the wounds with his teeth. Napoleon spends most of his time inside, giving his orders through other pigs, like the cunning orator Squealerwho helps spread support for him and changes the commandments.

Napoleon declares the farm a republic, and a president is elected; as the only candidate, Napoleon is elected unanimously. During his time in power he also, through Squealer, secretly changes the Seven Commandments' prohibition against killing, drinking, and sleeping in beds, allowing his followers and him to break the original commandments, because the other animals except for Benjaminthe cynical donkey are not clever enough to notice, or they blame their own memories if they think they have noticed.

Ultimately, Napoleon becomes an oppressive dictator and begins to adopt many aspects of human behavior. But quickly, the two distance themselves to the point that they will become enemies. The main differences between them are the following. Snowball has actively participated in the battles, endangering his life. He believes in the continuous revolution, so he does not consider that the objectives of Old Major have been fulfilled already.

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He is the author of the first version of the Seven Commandments, which summarize the revolutionary ideal. He is an idealistic, charismatic character, admired by other animals for his courage and the purity of his ideology.

relationship between napoleon and snowball in animal farm

Napoleon is more pragmatic. He has not actively participated in battles, but he manages to pass himself off as a hero.

relationship between napoleon and snowball in animal farm

His revolutionary ideas soon change direction, and he no longer wants equality between animals or the liberation of tyranny, but to establish a regime as dictatorial as the previous owner of the farm, Mr Jones. For this, he will be surrounded by a paramilitary force of animals specially trained by him.

relationship between napoleon and snowball in animal farm

He orders the change of the Seven Commandments that will become unequal norms and that favor only one caste, that of the pigs loyal to Napoleon. He manages to take power and exercises it in an absolute way thanks to terror. He condemns Snowball who has to flee to save his life.

relationship between napoleon and snowball in animal farm