Relationship between hank jr and iii

Hank Williams' grandson is the spitting image of the late legend - AOL Entertainment

relationship between hank jr and iii

Hank III also talks about his feuds with Shooter Jennings and Kid Rock, and his long contentious relationship with his father, Hank Jr. The story. RELATED: This new Eric Church and Hank Williams Jr. video proves that Though Hank III is the child of the burly bearded "Family Tradition". 1st off The real name on My Birth certificate is Shelton Hank Williams III, Since I have nothing to gain or loose, All that money is for Hank Jr and Jett Williams.

It helped me forge a unique career, helped me carve my hillbilly sound and it made it a little more special. Getting back to the point however, the reason I signed with Curb was to take care of my son, and get the monies straightened out with the mother. How has that worked out over the years with your son? We have a great relationship. Congratulations on doing what you had to do. Then I started being a rebel.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Hank Williams III – Doing the family name proud - ON TOUR MONTHLY

The thing is, those kinds of issues are always there. Your family history — have you ever felt it was an albatross around your neck? Obviously I never met my grandfather. I only know him like any other Hank Williams fan knows him, through his music.

As for Hank Jr. I just was never that close to him. I was raised more by my mama and her father up in Missouri. I am proud of where I come from. You seemed to have handled the burden of the family name quite well. There is a guy named Don Kelly who has been playing lower Broadway for over 28 years here in Nashville.

He told me recently that I was the same guy he met when I was 15 years old playing around town. Little things like that give you the confidence to keep going. I have had my heroes jerk me around, snub me, and I never wanted to be like that to my fans, or my friends. I feel fortunate to still be in a line of work I truly love doing.

I am sure that scenario is a double whammy when you carry the weight of two historic names on your shoulders.

relationship between hank jr and iii

You met with the hard rock label Megaforce Records and explained your vision to them. Can you tell me what it is you said to them that they fully understood? I do all kinds of work and I am going to make quite a few different records.

Hank Williams' grandson is the spitting image of the late legend

If I wanted to make sci-fi records then let me. If I went country with one, then respect me enough to allow that to happen. I want to work with people that are proud to work with me. I liked Megaforce because they were small and it felt more grassroots to me. I play music because I love it. I march to my own beat and they identified with that. It is one thing to be different Hank, but you can take the vision too far.

They ended up suing him and fans stayed away from Neil in droves because he had taken his vision to the extreme. There are no rules with what I do. At the end of the day, I make music for myself. People know I am a fan of way too many styles of music to ever worry about that — especially in this day and time. There are too many types of extreme music out there, and to be honest, my fans are pretty extreme. On this last record I put out, there are about five country songs on it. The rest are different, outside of the box tunes than a majority of my fans are used to.

I have always played for the outsiders, the rebels. I am not playing for the masses. What is real country? Real country is being pure with the sound and keeping the words simple. They lyrics are raw, deep and emotional. It is music you can actually eat, sleep and breathe. Are you ahead of the curve with your brand of country music?

Most of my fans are rock oriented.

relationship between hank jr and iii

I try to put on a high energy show. A lot of my songs have a bluegrass kind of feel to them with a really fast rhythm. The way I look at it. I am not a purist. I deal with both sides. I can do a little bit of everything. I always tell ladies coming to my shows to not wear open-toe shoes. The environment can get a little rough out there when I am performing. Do you adapt your set lists to the venues you are playing in?

A lot of the music we play depends upon my voice. Really, it all goes down to respect for the audience and the venue that has booked me. Most of the time, places that book Hank III know exactly what they are getting. Is there any routine you conduct to keep your voice in shape for the road warrior treks you undertake? Honestly, I save my voice for the stage.

Hank Williams III

My voice coach tells me to not talk. During a set, I try to deliver three or four voices to cover the different styles of music that I perform. The worse feeling in the world, for me, is not being able to deliver the show I want to for an audience. Never have I done that. The lineup for Assjack includes the addition of supplemental vocalist Gary Lindsey and the departure of his fiddle and steel guitar players.

McElfresh's predecessor was fellow-fiddle-player Michael "Fiddleboy" McCanless, who would play all three sets, adding traditional violin for the country set of the concert before turning on different effect pedals for later sets. Fiddleboy died on February 1, Williams has had significant contractual conflicts with Curb Records. He expressed dissatisfaction with his debut, and reportedly the label was unwilling to release his appropriately named This Ain't Country LP, nor to allow him to issue it on another record label.

In response, Williams began making T-shirts stating "Fuck Curb. Williams and label executive Mike Curb would be in and out of court for the next year before a judge ruled in favor of Williams in the spring ofdemanding that Curb release the album.

relationship between hank jr and iii

Battles with Wal-Mart delayed the appearance of this album, which was released on February 28, as a two-disc set in two formats: His next album, Rebel Withinwas released in May Williams' former label Curb Records released This Ain't Country under the title Hillbilly Joker on May 17, without the consent or input from Williams after his contract with the label had been terminated. It said to expect country, doom-rock, and speed metal with cattle callin' on the releases. On March 4,On Williams's web site, it was announced that he is working on two new albums.