Relationship between diversity consciousness and communication

What Is Diversity Consciousness? | Your Business

relationship between diversity consciousness and communication

View Notes - The Importance of Diversity Consciousness from EDUC at network Making contacts and developing your relationships with people from a. 4: Developing diversity consciousness: The importance of diversity -- Consciousness Communication matters -- Barriers to effective communication -- Hot buttons -- Difficult Link: Diversity consciousness generally boils down to being aware of what's going on and evaluate them on their communication and acceptance of diversity.

Communication in a Diverse World

Mutual respect - Respecting the ideas and feelings of other team members first creates an open, supportive work environment and enables team members to feel comfortable enough to express themselves openly. Managing conflict effectively through communication, circumvention, confrontation, conformity, compromising, or collaboration.

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Continuing to build relations with other team members by utilizing the respective strength of each member; this requires hard work, mutual respect, and continual learning about each other and ourSelves. Decentering and recentering perspectives by shifting from person-centered perspectives to multiple points of view that allow each member to identify and construct a common vision.

Being flexible by exercising the ability and willingness to give and receive help when necessary. This means being able to give and take directions and criticism from someone with differing opinions and being a good leader as well as a good follower. Managing conflicts in the early stages, rather than waiting for it to build up and explode.

Diversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities

Thinking through what the conflict is about, why it concerns you, and a satisfactory solution that benefits everyone. Never acting in anger. Taking the time to control emotions and gather thoughts before dealing with the conflict. Listening actively to what everyone is communicating verbally and nonverbally.

relationship between diversity consciousness and communication

Use constructive criticism to evaluate ideas rather than people and offer viable, realistic alternatives. Asking questions rather than assuming.

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Being willing and open to change if it will benefit the group. Developing and refining diversity consciousness obviates these obstacles and builds a vast repertoire of skills to prevent, minimize, and overcome these obstacles Buchner, At work and in teams, my level of self-confidence and self-efficacy allows me to put the goals of the group ahead of my personal goals without compromising my personal integrity.

When organizational or group goals have conflicted with my personal values, my sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence have enabled me to feel comfortable enough to tactfully speak up against them, offering positive alternatives, instead.

Even when I thought that speaking up might mean losing my job of position on the team, I have resisted groupthink with the surprising results of respect from my supervisors and peers or in one case being awarded the position because I was the only one who challenged the organization.

For instance, take the concept of racism and the discriminatory practices that it engenders. The generations are traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and members of the Millennials generation.

relationship between diversity consciousness and communication

Diversity in the workplace also includes workers with physical limitations or developmental disabilities and employees who represent various cultures and backgrounds. The demographics of the workplace make diversity a term with an ever-changing definition. Communication for a Diverse Workforce Communication for a diverse workforce requires understanding how diverse employee populations perceive business communication. Some employees believe constant memoranda and employee meetings are time wasters and, as such, might simply tune out both the message and the messenger.

Communication & Diversity in the Workplace

Other employees want to be informed of every company move, and if they believe transparency is missing from communication with employees, they begin to feel undervalued and unappreciated. Employee communication is critical to maintaining the employer-employee relationship.

relationship between diversity consciousness and communication

It's difficult to modify the communication method in a workplace of several different communication preferences. Nevertheless, employers should consider preparing their business communication in a variety of formats to suit employee preferences.

For example, give employees the option of attending a face-to-face meeting on the state of the company or signing up for a webinar broadcast of the company president's message.

relationship between diversity consciousness and communication

Another option is to release the meeting transcript, complete with attendees' questions and answers.