How to impress anyone you meet

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how to impress anyone you meet

Give up your desire to impress everyone you meet. But never give up your desire to inspire everyone you meet. Of course, the greatest thing about this list is that. A good first impression goes a long way, whether you're trying to broaden your network of contacts, nail a job interview, or persuade investors. There are some ways to impress anyone in the first meeting. They are: Check closely how fast you have been talking; Make sure to maintain eye contact.

how to impress anyone you meet

Getty Images Some experts estimate that 85 percent of your financial success comes not from your skills or knowledge but from your ability to connect with other people and engender their trust and respect.

Within seconds, everyone you meet forms an impression that largely determines whether they'll like, trust, and respect you.

how to impress anyone you meet

Whether you're job-hunting or fundraising or leading an organization, making a good impression is absolutely critical. So whether you are looking to raise money for your company, or you are managing your team or leading your business, connecting to people and making a great impression is very important.

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Here are some tips to help you win hearts and minds in 30 seconds: Neutralize the fight-or-flight response. Each person makes unconscious immediate appraisals that center around how safe they feel. Be mindful of personal space and respect the boundaries of others.

If in doubt, follow the other person's cues: Remember that concepts of appropriate personal space vary by culture.

how to impress anyone you meet

In business, first impressions are frequently colored by expectations. We expect people to live up to the image we have created in our minds from their reputation, phone calls, emails, or texts. We expect consistency with that general image -- and without it, we feel some degree of disappointment and confusion. It's not the time to surprise others with a new side of your personality. Be mindful of body language. While there is nothing wrong with being dogmatic in your beliefs, a healthy appreciation of how others came to theirs is definitely an impressive quality.

how to impress anyone you meet

Avoid television and consumerism. Embrace your passions and find enjoyment in your life. The people around you will be impressed… and jealous.

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Living your life in competition with those around you will never impress. After all, everyone else is already doing that.

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Change the world by being different. Seek to encourage and lift up others. And the person who benefits the most just may be you. People who exhibit care for the physical world around us exhibit care for all humanity.

how to impress anyone you meet

You are special, unique, and gifted. And the less you make an effort to tell everyone that, the more they will notice. A contented life is enjoyabledesirable, and admirable. And are impressed with those who have. Stay away from any monologues! For one, eye contact is good, and needed. Too much eye contact can make some people uncomfortable and that can be a huge deal breaker. The key is to find a happy medium and look at them in the eyes when you are saying a particular point that you want them to remember and pay attention to.

You also do not want to look like you are avoiding eye contact with them.

8 Simple Ways To Impress Anyone You Meet

So make sure that you do have some eye contact. A good trick is to look away while you move your hands or arms or shift your body position. Too much transparency can be seen as a little desperate and no one is impressed by desperation. What you want is for that person to know that there is much more to you than what you have showed them so far.