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Did anyone do tri fort Worth either the half or full. OR does anyone know The Mayor was at the start of the swim and at the finish. The city of Ft. Mayor's Triathlon July 14th Downtown Fort Worth.  meter swim 15 mile bike mile run. Register Now · Results · Results · Results Jul 14, This is a meter pool swim, 15 mile bike throughout Fort.

It was an unsustainable situation that required action. With a close eye on the bottom line, Betsy led the effort to turn that tide and brought revenue and expenses back in line to ensure the city is stretching every dollar to deliver the essential services citizens expect and deserve. Thanks to this work, Betsy and the City Council was able to reduce the property tax rate for the city budget. Leading pension reform When Betsy was elected, the city was facing a debilitating public employee pension crisis.

As the pension plan stood, the tax payers would never be able to pay for the obligations to current and future retirees. Although these changes were unpopular with the public unions, Betsy stood strong on her principles to protect the taxpayers while ensuring the city kept it promises to pay pension benefits that had already been earned.

Mayor's Triathlon

This effort continues, and Betsy is committed to seeing the best outcome possible for employees and citizens. Doing public good with private funds Betsy believes in the power of doing public good with private investment.

Putting to good use her decades of experience building personal and professional bridges, Betsy matched generous benefactors with community needs to help the city with everything from health and fitness, to public engagement, to public pools, to animal adoptions and more.

Putting customer service back in government Betsy understands the importance of city ordinances that protect the public, but she also believes that a city should not stand in the way of progress.

Fostering an Engaged Public Betsy believes no Mayor can effectively represent citizens from behind a desk—you have to be active and engaged in the diverse communities that together make Fort Worth the place we are proud to call home.

We build trust in government by listening and shooting straight with people. An engaged city is a strong city! Betsy turned the tired Town Hall format on its head with the addition of wheels and tennis shoes. She gained national attention for her Rolling Town Halls and also instituted Walking Town Halls for those preferring to keep their feet on the ground.

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These events have broken the mold as a casual—and healthy—way for citizens to connect with their mayor. Moreover, leveraging the power of social technology, Price also brings communities together through Twitter Town Halls.

InBetsy led the charge to launch YourFortWorth. Over the course of several months, hundreds of ideas were submitted and rated by other citizens. At the end of the program, several ideas were adopted and have since made a lasting and positive impact on the city.

Giving a voice to younger citizens Shortly after being elected as mayor, Betsy sparked a movement to engage young people. She was dismayed by the low voter turnout in this particular demographic.

Mayor's Tri 7/9/2017

Knowing what they have to offer, she was determined to not only see more of them at the polls, but see more young residents driving local public policy. Within a matter of months, citizens under the age of 40 from across the city came together, set a charge and dubbed themselves SteerFW. The organization has grown to more than strong, with various task forces tackling some of the cities toughest challenges. Empowering faith communities Betsy understands that the heart and soul of a community is its faith-based congregations.

Together, faith congregations representing all religions have the power to put boots on the ground in order to affect real and positive change. Betsy established her Faith-Based Cabinet to do just that. Just one of the many positive outcomes has been the Compassionate Fort Worth initiative that is promoting Unity, Volunteerism and Abundance in communities across Fort Worth. Promoting Sustainable Growth Betsy believes that a city should grow.

But there must be a thoughtful strategy for responsible and economically sustainable growth. That means designing a city with safe neighborhoods, a strong urban core and robust infrastructure that promotes a wide variety transportation options. Our vision for a sustainable city touches every part of local government, business development and public education. Fort Worth can be a shining example of a successful and diverse city that is competitive on the national and global stage.

Protecting our homes and businesses Fort Worth remains one of the safest large cities in the United States.

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At the half cutoff, volunteers waved me through to the full course. I was looking for the turn but the bike course is not well marked understandable for such a small non-WTC race. But once they waived me through, I guess I stopped paying attention.

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I did about another 20 miles on the Obviously my fault for not knowing the course, I came in the day before and ran out of time navigating an expo and two transitions. I was specifically told to keep going on the I ended up doing 85 miles, my Strava friends were certainly baffled, so I just told them I needed some extra miles. I saw and then met post-race about other cyclists who did the same thing I did. The expo was also nuts.

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I checked in on Friday. Super empty, poorly supported and the volunteers at the check-in table had no idea what was going on IMO. Like, literally stopped speaking to the audience to take a call. And then did it again. It was frankly embarrassing. I was so shocked, I left. Probably contributed to my mistake.