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meet the female team tf2 soldier

Meet the Scout. Meet the Soldier. Meet the Pyro. Meet the Demoman. Meet the Heavy. Meet the Engineer. Meet the Medic. Meet the Sniper. Meet the Spy. This ability allows the Soldier to appear from unexpected places and reach areas off-limits even to the Scout's double jump and Hype jumps. A small easter egg during one of the Pyro-Perspective parts was spotted by someone, and a friend of mine.

After the sudden arrival of Old NickMiss Pauling orders the Spy to quickly eliminate him, but is horrified to find the Spy's plan involves the help of a young boy instead of simply getting him to safety. Death of Poopy Joe and Loss of Australium Miss Pauling, along with Helen and Saxton Halewere all questioned by several senators about the death of Poopy Joe who they launched into space for one dollarand the disappearance of all the Australium in the world.

The Administrator gave them the undisclosed info, which included talk of her stockpiling Australium for years, and eighteen idiots to help her with it.

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The senators all were shocked by the story, and decided to end their questioning quickly afterwards. Miss Pauling shows a prerecorded tape of Hale to the mercenaries that informs them that with the death of the Mann brothers, they are now unemployed.

However, with attack of the robots on Mann Co. Although they are not being paid for their work, to their dismay, Pauling reveals that the robots somehow run on piles of moneyand that any money left after destroying them belongs to the mercenaries.

Miss Pauling emphasizes to them that it is not just a fight for Mann Co. She tries to figure out which of the many Mann Co. The Soldier claims that he knows the exact time and location, since he supposedly infiltrated Gray Mann's robot base the day before, but no one believes him. After some shenanigans which involve keeping the Soldier thinking that all of his teammates are American, he mentions the eagles that raised Gray Mann, something that only Miss Pauling and the Administrator should know, thus cluing to Miss Pauling that he may be telling the truth.

meet the female team tf2 soldier

The Soldier reveals that he used his cardboard robot costume to sneak into Gray's facility and eavesdrop on their plans. Miss Pauling asks him to make a disguise for the Heavy and herself so that they can infiltrate Gray's facility once more. In Gray Mann's facility, the three discover that he is frustrated at his robots' stupidity, as well as how they have a problem with security leaks due to a "tactical mastermind" in their base.

Gray states the he has found a solution to the problem and unveils his newly-built Mecha-Engineer. The new robot activates and quickly identifies the trespassers.

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Six months later, she received orders from the Administrator to assemble the mercenaries back together. Miss Pauling first finds Soldier in the middle of giving celebrity house tours and murdering Tom Jones.

By impersonating a police officer, Pauling is able to keep Soldier out of legal trouble while simultaneously recruiting him.

Demomanhaving become overweight and even more of a slovenly alcoholic, readily joins her crew for a chance at his old job.

meet the female team tf2 soldier

While preparing to fly to Siberia to pick up Heavy, she finds out that Scout and Spy have both been arrested and are set to be hanged for their crimes of vandalism against Teufort.

While Demoman and Soldier are assigned to delay the trial and Execution, Miss Pauling visits the library to destroy the Administrator's birth records with Pyro's assistance. She stops the Execution of the Scout, Spy, Demoman and Soldier, citing that the mercenaries could not have been responsible for the various zoning errors in Teufort, for which they are being executed.

Fooling the mayor with a pamphlet, she directs him to the library, followed by all the townspeople, effectively calling off the Execution and angry mob.

Privately, she admits that the entire population of Teufort suffers from madness induced by lead poisoning, and so the mercenaries were not charged with the murder and property damage they actually caused.

It is later revealed that Miss Pauling also met with a heavily concealed Administrator, who gave her new orders to obtain the last cache of Australium. To Australia Having assigned the mercenaries to various duties, Miss Pauling searches for Sniper's home in Australia along with Demoman, finding it apparently abandoned. They are quickly ambushed by Sniper, who had discovered that Mr.

Mundy were not his birth parents, and threatens Miss Pauling for information on his actual parentage. Miss Pauling placates Sniper, telling him they are headed to meet his true parents, convincing him to join.

meet the female team tf2 soldier

Piloting a submarine obtained by Spy and Soldier, Miss Pauling leads the team sans Scout and Heavy to the sunken city of New Zealand, where the last cache of Australium lies.

However, Miss Pauling discovers that the cache was depleted by Sniper's real father, Bill-Bel; unaware of the metal's potential, he exhausted the supply painting his prototype rockets which have long since exploded.

meet the female team tf2 soldier

Sniper's mother steals away with the only functioning rocket, prompting Miss Pauling to despair that she has failed in her mission. It's probably not a misspell. Also, number on transcript might mean something, like seen in ARG.

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I also thought they looked similar to IP addresses. I think they already fixed that, too! Did anyone else notice that the video on adultswim's page? That is here http: Spy's cigarette in that video isn't light up, while in the official one on teamfortress' channel is: Kind of odd considering both videos are uploaded to the same channel.

The one on adultswim is unlisted [ [1] ] Fresh I wonder what the point of doing that was if there WAS a point. Well throughout the Meet the Pyro video if you look in the sky during scenes when it's "all sun shine and lolipops" there are symbols representing the female sex?

Stop the video at about 55 seconds and look in the upper right hand corner. The symbol is flipped to the side and the symbols in a lighter blue color than the surrounding sky. It's visible through out the video if you look for it.

Another note I would like to point out is the lyrics to the song, "Do you believe in magic, in a young girl's heart? I thought it was quite interesting! People should just learn to chuckle and let things go Wow, someone posted it minutes before me while I was writing. If so, that would make a great note. Anyone notice that around 1: A real flame wouldn't do that. I'm new so I'm not sure if that matters enough to be put on the Meet the Pyro page.

Let me know what you think! Just to clarify, I meant that flame goes up, never sideways, unless blown extremely hard by wind or something of that sort. Can anyone put in a link to both soundtracks? I found the soundtrack page on the wiki, but I don't know how to make a hyperlink.