Meet me at the foot of cross gene hodges

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meet me at the foot of cross gene hodges

At a meeting of directors of the Missouri Pacific R., the following officers were of the line near Palmer, 50 miles east of Tacoma from 65 to 42 feet to the mile. It would cross the Current River Railroad in the vicinity of Hutton Valley and the the cities of Comanche, Goldthwaite, Llano, with possibly a diver1 genes of route . Lyrics MEET ME AT THE CROSS WHERE I FIRST FOUND FORGIVENESS MEET ME AT THE CROSS WHERE I FIRST FOUND MY FREEDOM WHERE YOUR. This article lists songs about New York City, set there, or named after a location or feature of the .. Starang Wondah; "Brooklyn (If You See Something, Say Something)" by Taking Back Sunday; "Brooklyn in Da "Carnival in Harlem" by Tito Puente; "Carousel in the Park" from Up in Central Park (film); "Carry Me Back To Old.

So I was one of those people I wouldn't listen, I didn't care about him. But I had a dog at that time, from when I was in 7th grade I think that made me 13 or something like that, and this girl said, 'I want you to come over to my house'. So I went over there, and she said, 'What would you do if they had to put your dog to sleep, or if they wanted to shoot your dog? I said, 'They would have to kill me first'. She said, 'I want you to listen to something'. She sat me down on the couch and played 'Old Shep' and it really, it honestly changed my life.

Because it was the first time that I had ever been touched by a piece of music. I mean, really, I was crying. I made a conscious decision at the time, if that's what you can do with music, if you can really reach out and find something that really means something to somebody and reach inside and touch them with it where they are really emotionally moved by it, then I wanted to do that.

From that moment on, I was a huge Elvis-fan. As a young teenager I just loved him, absolutely loved him. So me being there in the first place was just almost surreal. Did he live up to your expectations? In many ways he did, yes. Unfortunately, in '74, physically and emotionally, he was already declining. You know, that year, '74, that was one of his all-time busiest touring years. When he went out that year, he started off in pretty good shape. It wasn't until '75 that he started having some trouble.

Were you able to connect with him on a personal level? I could tell that he was being reserved with me, because I was still on trial. But I wasn't really seeing him treating me much different than anybody else. We had not had any chance to communicate with eachother yet. I didn't feel like he had the desire to, and the opportunity certainly wasn't presenting itself. I hadn't gotten my TCB chain yet I was still on trial. So we did that first series of shows in Las Vegas, and then came home for about three weeks and then went on off on that tour that ended in Memphis.

In March of '74 we ended up doing a live album. I didn't care for the big orchestrated stuff. I thought quite honestly that it was boring compared to the energy that he would put into songs like 'That's All Right Mama', 'Burning Love', 'Big Hunk O' Love' and all that kind of stuff.

You know, 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and all of that kind of thing, even though they were beautiful songs and they went over real well in the big shows with the orchestras. I think that's why I enjoyed the '74 show at the Houston Astrodome so much, because it was just Elvis, the band and the singers, so we couldn't do all those songs. Elvis Presley - Houston livestock Show and Rodeo - Was he nervous about that show?

Oh, it spooked him. He told us that this was absolutely the biggest show that he'd ever done, with this many people. Because it was the livestock and rodeo show, and we went on right after the cattle. But that was a lot of fun, it really was.

meet me at the foot of cross gene hodges

I've heard that the sound was very problematic I mean, it really was because there was so much reverb, so much sound was coming back to us on the stage. Back then, monitor systems weren't nearly as sophisticated as they are now.

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It was still these long Shure columns that sounded like they had been used a lot. The sound was extremely challenged at that place. We couldn't do what we normally did. We were having to use the system that was in the Astrodome.

Oh no, there's been an error

The sound wasn't good You could hear what you were doing coming back to you with a delay. But you got used to it. My favourite part of the whole thing was when they rode Tom Parker to the front of the stage on a jackass, with a cowboy hat on. He stopped the show. That's exactly what that was for. A lot of people hadn't seen that used live before, but they did that to isolate Ronnie Tutt. He played so hard and so much, they really needed to make sure that the drumsound was gonna be contained and not get in all the microphones and stuff, so that's what that was for.

Boy, did he hit! He got those double kickdrums going and you'd feel it all around your butt!

meet me at the foot of cross gene hodges

How did you get along with the other musicians, like Glen D. James is so quiet I don't think I bothered him, but it was hard to tell really what he thought.

But I always travelled with my bass and my guitar, because I was always working on songs. So as soon as we got to the hotel, John Wilkinson would go to the ice machine so that he could start making his coctails.

I'd bring my guitar out because I loved the way it sounded in the hotel rooms, and I'd start working on my songs. Before long James would just bust through the door and come in, and sit on the other bed, and take my guitar and not say anything.

And he would just have me with my mouth open with the stuff that he could do. He would take that acoustic guitar and just play the hell out of it. He'd just take it, give it back to me, walk out and not say a word. He would just leave me there, you know, like, 'God So I really enjoyed being with James.

People would come with requests. The band knew 'em, Joe Guercio had the sheet music for everybody, and everybody knew them — but the bassplayer.

meet me at the foot of cross gene hodges

And Elvis didn't like mistakes. So it was a lot of stress for me to be there. Would he comment on the mistakes? He had some negative things to say if you screwed up.

But the chorus could be like E — B — D, but you couldn't tell what he was saying so I'd go into the wrong note. I wasn't listening to the music, I was watching Glen D.

I hadn't rehearsed it. I really butchered that one I didn't do it well. The way they told me, Elvis made him start it four times live, stop it and, 'Start it again, Tony'.

He was not going to be made a fool of — not by you not doing your job. He wanted you to be a professional and do what he expected. Were you affected by those comments? Arjan, it was embarrassing. It certainly didn't do anything to improve my playing, you know. If you are to humiliate somebody instead of encourage them I don't care if it's our children or somebody you work with It has a negative effect.

That's really all I'm going to say about that. I never stopped loving him. To me, he was the Elvis of the 50s and I was always looking for that in him. That energy, that mysticism and all of that. I was crazy about him. I'm sorry that I did not please him always How did that live album come about?

They were pretty smart about that. They didn't say anything to us about it. I was really nervous going into that, because he hadn't played in his own hometown in 13 years if I remember correctly. We all really wanted it to go well for him. And he was nervous, he really was. And when we were going up on the stage with our instruments, Tom Diskin, the Colonel's assistant was standing there and we all had to sign a release. And we said, 'What's this for? But it went very well. The energy was good.

And you got immortalized on the album Yeah, 'I'm not really talking to you, Duke, just drinking water I remember thinking, 'If you're going to talk to me, talk to me, but don't say: But that was a great show And we went to Graceland afterwards. That's when I got my TCB. I remember being in the back of the trophy room I was nervous just being there.

I went out to the living room, and there was this long gold-plated grand piano They painted that thing gold laughs.

meet me at the foot of cross gene hodges

And I sat down and I was just playing some chords and all that stuff. He was with Linda Thompson, and they came down. And he came up in my field of vision, I'd seen him come up. He said, 'Stand up from that piano, boy'. I thought that I was in trouble for playing his piano.

I didn't know what to expect. I said, 'Oh man, I'm sorry' and he said, 'No, stand up and turn around'. Here coming down my face is this TCB chain, and he put it on me.

That was a big deal for me. It really meant a lot to me, I didn't expect for that to happen. I was amused by the way he did it. I thought that my ass was in serious trouble for playing his piano and going down to his house when I hadn't been invited. You know, I've wondered for years what in the world the Lord had in mind to put me in that situation. I just couldn't figure it out why.

If I was ever curious in my musical career about what it would be like to be exposed to thousands of fans and to have attention just riveted to you like that If I had ever in my heart wanted to experience that I never really expected anything like that to happen for myself I wanted to have my place in the music business, but I never considered myself driven to the point where I was going to be some kind of a star.

But I was curious. I got to see it with one of the best, one of the biggest draws in the world and it was terrifying Do you have any special memories from life on the road? You know, after a while, it really is true what you're hearing about when you're doing a lot of road work and touring, because you sit inside of a plane, inside of a bus We stayed in nothing but Hilton hotels, so they all looked alike, then the inside of a theatre or a coliseum, then back inside of a bus, the hotel, back in the plane One time, they had us up on a stage that was built up on a scaffold.

It was this large stadium. When the women all came down to get the scarves and stuff like that, I was seeing one woman actually climbing up the scaffold trying to get to him. Because of the press of the people behind her, she lost her balance and she fell back while her body and legs were still into the scaffold, and she broke both of her legs To me the concerts were great if he would just let me play and not make a fool of me.

You know, entertain those people, but not at my expense. That was near the ending. What was the difference between playing on the road and playing in Vegas? Well, you were more rested in Vegas.

You know, the road was tiring, because you're in a different place every night. Back then, there were some drugs being passed around and used. The usual, nothing exotic. Nobody was tripping on anything, you know. The only thing that there was, was alcohol and speed. We would drink some and take some speed, so that we could get to the next town and do our job.

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Then you couldn't sleep, so you had to drink some more. Where he blew his cool on stage and blasted those that spead rumours about him? That was an unusual night.

We all knew that he had not been feeling well. His performances had gotten a little bit sluggish. We knew that he didn't feel well. I think he had a little fever on top of his fatigue, and he wasn't sleeping well When he started those monologues, we knew that something was really wrong and we were very surprised by how badly it went.

It was very painful for everyone to hear him actually lose control like that, because basically that's what he did. The thing that's so odd about it, was that the audience admired him so much that when he would be making those explanations about ripping a guy's tongue out by the roots and that kind of stuff, they would laugh and applaud a little bit. It's like they didn't know what to do. Were you aware at the time that he was on medication? Oh sure, everybody knew that he was medicated.

That whole misconception of, 'Well, it's okay because it's a prescription Well, I think a lot of the stuff he actually did need because of physical problems that he had. But I know that he was taking some stuff I'll be a fool or a wise man, My darling you hold the key, Yes, anyway you want me, That's how I will be, I will be. Are You Lonesome Tonight? Are you sorry we drifted apart? Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day When I kissed you and called you sweetheart?

Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare? Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there? Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again? Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight? I wonder if you're lonesome tonight You know someone said that the world's a stage And each must play a part.

Fate had me playing in love you as my sweet heart. Act one was when we met, I loved you at first glance You read your line so cleverly and never missed a cue Then came act two, you seemed to change and you acted strange And why I'll never know. Honey, you lied when you said you loved me And I had no cause to doubt you.

But I'd rather go on hearing your lies Than go on living without you. Now the stage is bare and I'm standing there With emptiness all around And if you won't come back to me Then make them bring the curtain down. Baby, baby baby, b-b-b-b-b-b baby baby, baby.

Baby baby baby Come back, baby, I wanna play house with you. Well, you may go to college, You may go to school. You may have a pink cadillac, But don't you be nobody's fool. Now baby, Come back, baby, come. Come back, baby, come. Come back, baby, I wanna play house with you. Now listen and I'll tell you baby What I'm talking about. Come on back to me, little girl, So we can play some house. Oh let's play house, baby.

Now this is one thing, baby That I want you to know. Come on back and let's play a little house, And we can act like we did before. Well, baby, Come back, baby, come. Now listen to me, baby Try to understand. I'd rather see you dead, little girl, Than to be with another man. Oh, baby baby baby. Baby baby baby b-b-b-b-b-b baby baby baby. Big boss man, can't you hear me when I call? Can't you hear me when I call? Well you ain't so big, you know you're just tall that's all, Alright Well you got me workin' boss man Workin' round the clock I wanna little drink of water But you won't let big Al stop Big boss man now can't you hear me when I call?

meet me at the foot of cross gene hodges

Alright I said you ain't so big, you know you're just tall that's all Big boss man, why can't you hear me when I call? Alright You know you ain't so big, I said you're just tall that's all, Alright I'm gonna get me a boss man One who's gonna treat me right I work hard in the day time Rest easy at night Big boss man, can't you hear me when I call? I said you ain't so big, you're just tall that's all I'm gonna get me a boss man One that's gonna treat me right I work hard in the evenin' Rest easy at night Big boss man, big boss man, can't you hear me when I call?

Blessed Jesus, hold my hand Oh, yes, I need Thee every hour Through the this pilgrims land Protect me by thy saving power Please, hear my feeble plea Oh, hoh, Lord, please, tell me I kneel in prayer, I try to meet you there Blessed Jesus, hold my hand, hold my hand.

Yes and how many seas must a white dove sail, Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes and how many times must cannonballs fly, Before they're forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind How many times must a man look up, Before he can see the sky? How many ears must one man have, Before he can hear people cry?

How many deaths will it take till he knows That too many people have died? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind How many years can a mountain exist, Before it's washed to the seas sea HOw many years can some people exist, Before they're allowed to be free?

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How many times can a man turn his head, Pretend that he just doesn't see? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Hart Blue moon, You saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my own. Blue moon, You knew just what I was there for.