Bob dylan meet me in the morning alternate routes

Bob Dylan: More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol. 14

bob dylan meet me in the morning alternate routes

But, hey, at least the guy got to meet Bob Dylan. .. used there, but the playing on the extant demo (augmented by many alternate takes on Big Lebowski, "The Man in Me" was a half-forgotten track on 's New Morning. .. "drain you down," "bring you down") en route to winning a woman's friendship. But Bob wasn't satisfied and with the help of his brother David he rerecorded several of the Meet Me In The Morning (Alternate Take) Also, here is an extract from Pete Hamill Symphonies died on crowded roads. Where a Bob Dylan track appears in a film but is not on its soundtrack album. . Acoustic Routes (UK, ) R Shelter From The Storm - alternate version with extra verse, out-take from the Blood On . Meet Me In The Morning from Blood On The Tracks also appears in the film, but is not on the soundtrack album.

Go shout at someone else. I tell about him learning multi-perspective dramatization under painter-mentor Norman Raeben, about the dissolution of his marriage, about the jaw-droppingly casual New York sessions of the songs and about their criminally tasteless re-recording several months later in Minnesota.

I remember my first impressions of the official release of the album. Five of the songs I recognized immediately as among his very finest, masterpieces from the git-go: Three were appealing but flawed: The tempo braked to fully elicit the passion and pain within.

The strident 7th notes raised one game-changing half-step to anguished, remorseful Major 7ths. God is indeed in the details. And crucially, the vocal, no longer sneering from behind the white-faced, basketball arena mask. Here is that rarest of Bob Dylans — exposed, vulnerable, introspective, self-critical.

Something very terrible happened to a close friend last week. Dylan circa revised lyrics more frequently than he had changed underwear a decade earlier. Evidently everyone was too awed by Dylan to ask him to take his jacket off. This writer dug out his old copy of the bootlegged New York acetate, and found it to be evidence of Ramone and Dylan's confusion about how the album should sound.

bob dylan meet me in the morning alternate routes

No wonder Dylan felt he had to revisit the material. The test pressing of these New York recordings was widely bootlegged almost simultaneously with the album itself and became a kind of phantom Blood on the Tracks.

bob dylan meet me in the morning alternate routes

The differences between the five songs initially recorded in New York and re-recorded in Minneapolis are significant. The narrator of the New York "Idiot Wind" wields intimacy like a rapier. In this quietly harrowing portrait of a failing marriage, backed only by his own guitar and harmonica, Brown's bass, and an unobtrusively swirling, spooky organ part overdubbed by Griffin, Dylan sings "sweet lady" as both a taunt and an endearment.

The song's quality of withheld but potent antipathy emerges in the last verse, which Dylan almost whispers with devastating tenderness: You close your eyes and part your lips, and slip your fingers from your glove You can have the best there is, but it's gonna cost you all your love You won't get it for money On December 27th in Minneapolis, however, the song morphs into a ferocious domestic jeremiad, with a full band anchored by Peterson and Berg supporting Dylan.

He sings with a newfound fierceness, almost in competition with a driving Hammond B-3 organ part that he overdubbed later in the session which explicitly connects "Idiot Wind" to his "truth attack" songs of the mids, such as "Positively Fourth Street," in which his narrators' invective rode on waves of organ played by Al Kooper and Garth Hudson. Despite its aural "ragin' glory," it's this second, more tempestuous rendition of the song that, in the final verse, implicates the narrator in the relationship's failure: You'll never know the hurt I suffered nor the pain I rise above And I'll never know the same about you, your holiness or your kind of love And it makes me feel so sorry Both three-line passages quoted above occupy the last three lines of the final verse in their respective songs.

The existence of two distinct but overlapping versions of the album has fostered a long-simmering debate about which is the "real" Blood on the Tracks.

"More Blood, More Tracks" from Bob Dylan in November - Goldmine Magazine

More Blood, More Tracks makes the debate pointless by providing a surfeit of alternate takes for every song on the album. Dylan performed his then-new songs with such fire, dedication, and invention that most of the alternates are not throwaways, but legitimate versions in their own right. Of course, jazz provides the model for this mode of composition and performance.

On concert stages, he has famously continued to refine and transform the song in the ensuing decades. Some of the songs on More Blood, More Tracks have three distinct incarnations, while many have two. There is no final version of Blood on the Tracks.

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You can create your own vision of the album out of More Blood, More Tracks's 87 tracks, with the second side of the live album Hard Rain thrown in for good measure. Over a few days, this writer sat down and listened to the whole boxed set sequentially and found that Dylan's obsessive return to the same twelve songs partakes of the songs' own obsessiveness.

Blood on the Tracks dramatizes the impulse to return to a mythologized but no less powerfully experienced past: To a certain extent, it did. In the New York version of "Idiot Wind," the narrator complains how "imitators steal [him] blind. The first was in New York, with just an acoustic guitar and a very simple rhythm. Until late in December, the record was ready and pressed with the New York Sessions. But Bob wasn't satisfied and with the help of his brother David he rerecorded several of the songs with a local band in Minneapolis for the holidays and released the album January 20th The album was a smash hit and became one of his most famous after the Electric 60's trilogy.

This video gathers all the allowed outtakes you can find, plus other cool stuffs.

“More Blood, More Tracks” from Bob Dylan in November

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bob dylan meet me in the morning alternate routes

Idiot Wind First Pressing Idiot Wind New York, 16th September