Disney character meet and greet schedule

Meeting Disney Characters | Walt Disney World Resort

disney character meet and greet schedule

Ready to give your favorite Disney character a huge hug? Character meet-and- greets give guests a few moments of individual attention. Some Disney characters are more fun to meet than others. Here are some of the best meet and greets I have had in my adult life that are fun. One of the best ways to see Disney Characters is to make reservations at a restaurant with Character Dining. Character Dining meals are very popular, so book.

Not surprisingly, Lightning and Mater are in the non-autograph-signers club. How much do autograph books cost? Where can I buy them?

There are several styles of Disney autograph books for sale in the parks and resorts. Several versions of Disney autograph books are also sold on DisneyStore. That being said, there is absolutely no requirement that you use a Disney branded autograph book when you get signatures.

Do I have to get autographs in an autograph book? The characters will sign almost anything. You should know that characters will not sign any clothing while you are wearing it. Nor will they sign any part of a human body. If you will be asking characters to sign something non-traditional, be sure to give them a mechanism so they can do this easily. For example, if you want a character to sign a tee shirt, bring a clipboard or piece of sturdy cardboard to provide a backing surface for them to lean on.

Well, even Mickey needs a potty break from time to time. Look for semi-official looking people with blue shirts and walkie-talkies or headsets. Be aware that characters appearing outdoors on hot days will take much more frequent breaks than those hanging out in air-conditioned digs. Are there PhotoPass photographers at the character greeting stations? Some, but by no means all, character greetings have a nearby PhotoPass photographer to capture your memories.

They are totally used to doing this and are happy to help. Do you have any tips for getting a good photo with a character? Touring Plans contributor and all around photo god Tom Bricker has some great tips for getting better family photos in the Disney parks.

Watch the position of the sun. Perhaps you can ask the character to pivot a bit for less glare. Or maybe save character photography or any human photography for times other than mid-day. Your flash will wash out your subject.

Figure out your camera settings and learn how to take a decent indoor picture without using the flash.

Walt Disney World Character Meet and Greets: Ultimate Guide to Characters

It matters what you wear. Take a quick glance at the background of your shot. Is there a tree behind little Katie that makes her look like she has horns? Can this be fixed quickly to make your overall photo more attractive? Can I take more than one photo with a character? Sure, but try to be as efficient as possible.

However, there are some particular favorites that require the group pose plus an individual shot of just one of the girls with the character. Or imagine any other of a thousand unpleasant scenarios that might occur if characters held children. It depends on what the sign says. Can I take video of my child with a character?

But please be aware of the other guests and their desire for character interaction.

Advice and tips for making the most of your holiday to Florida!

A few seconds of video is fine, enough footage for an hour-long documentary is not. Are there age limits for meeting characters? This is not even a little bit weird at all. In fact, I absolutely insist that every grown-up get at least one photo with Mickey without a child in the frame. Is there anything I can do to increase the quality of my interaction with a character? If the characters are super busy, you might not be able to get more than a quick hug or hello.

But there are many times when you can get a more substantial or personal interaction with a character. The trick to get characters to engage with you, is to give them an opening or hook they can latch on to. One of my personal favorite character interaction stories happened this past Christmas, which we celebrated at Walt Disney World. You could tell that Duffy himself was reeeeeally ready for a vacation himself.

He insisted on putting on one of the hats and posing for photos in it. This bit was simultaneously funny and ironic, as well as completely personal for our family. Is it possible to get a photo of my child with more than one character at a time? Sometimes, but not often. Lilo and Stitch are also somewhat easy to find as a set. But most other characters only greet alone. Are character greetings ever impacted by the weather? Any outdoor character greeting will be either cancelled or moved during rain and possibly even during extreme heat or cold.

Is it possible to have a character at a private event at Walt Disney World? You can get Mickey or almost any other character to appear at your wedding reception or other private event. Be aware that this level of character interaction does not come cheap. Speak with your Disney event planner for details and pricing.

Can Mickey Mouse or another character give my child his birthday present?

disney character meet and greet schedule

Maybe, but this would really be a spur of the moment thing handled on a case by case basis. The themeing of the Sommerhus is great and small details will really jump out at Frozen mega-fans! For a time saving character experience, go to the Character Spot in the Future World breezeway. Is someone in your travel party is dead set on meeting as many characters as possible? Is the rest of your party more interested in attractions?

To minimize your time meeting characters while maximizing the amount of characters you meet, the Epcot Character Spot is the place to go! Waiting in just one line will culminate in meeting not one but three of the classic Disney characters: Goofy, Minnie, and Mickey!

The characters here are dressed in their classic attire. Knock one meet-and-greet off your list right when you enter the park by taking a right towards Town Square Theater.

disney character meet and greet schedule

Giant berries, leaves, and greenery make up the surroundings, creating the perfect environment to meet Tink before she takes her nightly flight around the park during the fireworks!

In my opinion, the best of the princess meet-and-greets will require a little swim through the mysterious fathoms of Fantasyland. He is the Disney character you love to hate. Just look for the crowds of people laughing and you will find him.

disney character meet and greet schedule

This meet-and-greet is a full attraction. Another great two for one meet-and-greet. Depending on the time of year, I have seen numerous families just walk up and get their photos taken.

You have finally arrived home. At the center of the Town Square is a flagpole. Under the flag, guests will be able to find numerous characters.


Since these are the first characters most guests will see, the lines can be long. During the holidays, special characters can be found there like Mr.

Disney Character Meet and Greet Tips | Walt Disney World

Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse are there all day long. They are separate and the wait times are posted outside the building for both. Tinker Bell is fantastic, but her wait is never super crazy. Mickey, on the other hand, can get pretty long. The neat factor is Mickey Mouse talks to the guests in this location.

Right outside the exit of the Mickey and Tinker Bell meet-and-greets, you will find another iconic character on the porch; Snow White. She is not there all day so make sure to check the Times Guide. That goes for all the characters.

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There are a lot of unbirthdays going on. Wendy is sometimes there with him too. Maybe she can make your dreams come true too. If you are lucky, you will get to meet her Prince Naveen too.