2012 tmnt meet mondo gecko

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2012 tmnt meet mondo gecko

"Meet Mondo Gecko" is the 17th episode of season 3 and 69th overall. "One heck of a gecko ". Michelangelo meets Mondo Gecko, a skateboarding mutant, and tries to save him from being condemned to a life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (– ). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV series) episode. "Meet Mondo Gecko" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV series), and is the sixty-ninth episode overall in the series. Michelangelo and Casey are befriended by Mondo Gecko, a.

Leo starts to get a bit worried, but was reassured that both Mikey and Casey wouldn't get into trouble. At the surface, Casey, Mikey and Mondo are skating on the rooftops while arguing on who's catchphrase is the best of them all.

Meet Mondo Gecko

That's when the Purple Dragons show up, along with Hun, and they, mostly Mikey and Casey, took care of them. Mondo then starts to "borrow" some money from the Purple Dragons, making Casey accusing him as a criminal. He then leaves, saying he doesn't hang out with criminals. As Casey jumps into the alley, he was suddenly knocked out from behind. In the lair, Raph beats Donnie in a hockey video game and was about to challenge Casey, only to remember he's not back yet.

Leo then points out Casey and Mikey are gone all night, but Raph reassures they're fine. But after seeing the look on Leo's face, Raph gives in and calls Casey, only to discover Casey's signal is lost.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S3 ep. 16 - Meet Mondo Gecko Review

April said Mikey's not picking up either, but Donnie reassures they can still track his signal. Mondo takes Mikey to the sewers where he now live to meet up with someone name Mr. X, only to discover too late that it's a trap and Mr.

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X stands for Xever, as in Xever Montes; Fishface 's human name. Mikey was thrown into a cage where Casey is also held captive. As for the others, they were closing in on Mikey's signal, only to lose it afterwards. A Day in the Limelight: For Mikey and Casey. Averted, Xever considers the moniker "Fishface" an insult. Mondo similarly isn't fond of his name at first, but later accepts it. Xever ends up being the main antagonist of the episode. Invoked at the end, but fully adopted from that point.

2012 tmnt meet mondo gecko

Pretty much everyone except the Purple Dragons appear to be having some down time. This episode also comes in between the action heavy, dramatic "Clash of the Mutanimals" and "The Deadly Venom", both of which make an effort to advance the plot. The Bus Came Back: Among the Rogues Gallery present at Xever's race, Spiderbytez notably makes his third appearance in the show and his first in over a year.

Snakeweed also appears for the first time since "Metalhead Rewired", and Pizza Face of all people shows up attending the race.

Casey describes the Face Doodling he leaves on the unconscious Purple Dragons as this.

Fishface calls Casey " the obligatory human ally ". Casey shoots back that he's not "oblidary". The rest of the gang show up just in time to take down Xever in the Shellraiser after he jinxes himself by asking " Is that all you got?

2012 tmnt meet mondo gecko

Mondo was mutated into a humanoid gecko when the Kraang's mutagen rained from the sky waaaay back in the season two opener. Mondo Gecko was kicked out by his parents after he became a mutant, Xever took him in and made him an errand boy. So Mondo was working for The Foot and didn't know it.