Customer relationship management exam questions

customer relationship management exam questions

Looking for Exam questions in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Download now thousands of Exam questions in Customer. (CRM)Customer Relationship Management. Multiple Choice Questions with Answers: 1. Customer Relationship Management is about a) Acquiring the right . View Essay - Examination Paper of Customer Relationship Management from HUMAN RESO at IIBM Institute of Business Management. Examination Paper.

When an individual becomes attached to a marketing campaign. The relationship between goods and services.

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When expensive products deliver satisfaction. Which of the following is an example of CRM? Making sure your company is well-known for your return and exchange policy.

A barista adding whipped cream to a customer's drink around holiday time as a nice gesture. Offering a no-questions-asked return policy. Free chips and salsa at a Mexican food restaurant. A hotel and casino keeping a log of hours played and money gambled and offering free rooms in exchange for higher levels of play. Page 2 Question 6 6.

customer relationship management exam questions

What is the main difference between a sales-oriented company and a marketing-oriented company? It has to do with their overall view of the marketplace. It has to do with how they make their products. The difference is that one gives away product while the other company makes the customer pay.

It is the amount of money invested in the company. Assess an element of customer value.

customer relationship management exam questions

When companies price their products realistically. All answers are correct. When a company offers corporate-wide commitment to their marketing strategy. When a company offers products that meet customer expectations. According to the lesson, what type of interaction do customers get at a customer service station? Normalize the data — names, mails, telephones should be stored in a unified manner; Create. What integrations with CRM are needed?

Before you start any integration, make sure your CRM has an architecture that allows robust integration with vital customer information. Some integrations might be read-only, while others may require a one-way or two-way data synchronization.

Then examine how you are going to use CRM and find the appropriate solution to integrate with. Below are the possible options: How can CRM be integrated with any payment gateways? Integrating with a payment processor is an easy process. You get some payment information, pass it over to a vendor to verify, parse the results and do your operations within CRM. You can make an integration to multiple gateways and processors, such as PayPal, Authoroze.

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How does CRM help sales? CRM can support your sales team at every stage of the sales cycle, from leads to customer management. Below are a few use cases: View and manage account activity and communications; Use reports to forecast sales, measure business activity, identify trends; Qualify leads and track prospective customers; Centralize customer data; Access, update, and share information across teams and departments. Marketing Automation can be described as event-based trigger marketing that is used to launch messaging and offer presentations to customers at particular points in time.

CRM helps not only trigger the communications, but also measure the results across various touchpoints. Below are several examples of automated messages: How does CRM work with customer mails? CRM capabilities allow for integration with various mailing solutions from Microsoft Outlook to Google Gmail making it possible to: Retrieve emails sent from your customers; Automatically direct emails to appropriate users based on workflow rules; Send auto replies back to your customers; Automatically associate emails with incidents and customers.

Integration with external analytical services such as Google Analytics, or Talend is also available. Can CRM be integrated with social media services? CRM and social media data can serve you perfectly for running marketing campaigns. The data between two sources can be interchanged, so that CRM will benefit from using new audience and social media marketing will form better targeting parameters for advertising.

What customizations can be done to CRM? Depending on the type of CRM, there are several options available: Custom modules sections and fields. You can create a new section in CRM or remove default unnecessary ones and pick the fields to feature the module. You can add or reorder the sections and fields on each layout, set up the navigation, add quicklinks.

You can map your processes across the CRM ecosystem, set alerts, data compliance checks, verifications, etc.

How to keep my data safe in CRM? To keep your data safe and sound just follow these basics: Let the specialist conduct security health check before CRM deployment to find vulnerabilities and prevent possible hacker attacks.

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Define access levels within your organization: Set up password defaults to make CRM users create a complex password and change it every months. Regularly audit the system against the security regulations.

We hope our question list will help you understand CRM basics and move you a step closer to implementing CRM into your organization or enhancing an old one.

Get your team on board CRM and save their time and effort spent on the tasks that can be automated.