The more people i meet love animals book

Meet 3 animals who saved human children

the more people i meet love animals book

I know all this because I love my animals like this too. But if I talked I've been working professionally since , and become the UK's most highly regarded animal communicator. My third book is due to be published by Hay House UK in September I started simply as someone who couldn't understand her dog. Read National Geographic's latest stories about animals. Meet Australia's urban flying foxes—and the people trying to help them. Meet Australia's urban flying. Life after Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather: a locum Book Doctor has some top me feel I am in someone else's mind and story like I do when I read Jacqueline Wilson? If you love animals you may like to get into the head of a dog. If cats are more your thing try Anne Fine's classic Diary of a Killer Cat.

But, you can still click to see her stats! Please do check back for more information. Tara Please meet wide-eyed Tara to Bideawee! This little lady came to us when her owner had to move into a nursing home and could not take Tara along.

Tara is a little shaken up by the stress, but we know this sweetheart will come around. Tara is just a year and a half old with a beautiful grey coat and huge blue eyes.

  • What can I read after reading all of Jacqueline Wilson's books?

She's a little shy but she's enjoying some pets and loves her food and treats! Tara would love to find a home where she can enjoy being her old self and live her best kitty life, with toys and maybe a window to sleep by. She's a sweet girl and would love to meet you! Kai Say hello to sweet Kai!

the more people i meet love animals book

This two year old boy sure looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Kai came to Bideawee when his best friend and owner went to live in a nursing home.

Kai is not too thrilled with the adjustment and would love to find a home of his own again. Kai is a sweet boy who likes affection and needs some time to decompress and learn to enjoy all of the things he once did, aside from catnip, which we know he LOVES. We know Kai has so much to give and can't wait for him to have a new beginning!

Come meet this sweet boy at Bideawee! Electra Say hello to this beautiful girl named Electra! This poor gal was abandoned in outside of our doors, and thankfully she was found quickly and brought in to safety. Electra is just about a year and a half old and is simply gorgeous, with a signature stripe on her nose. She's a tiny girl at only six pounds, but she's full of spunk!

the more people i meet love animals book

She's taking some time to get used to her new surroundings, but she is adjusting and learning to like gentle affection and delicious treats. She loves baby talk and asked if she's a "good girl" as well, although she's not given us a definitive answer yet. We can't wait for this girl to find a loving home, and she requests that she keep her awesome name. Come meet Electra today! Ethan Say hello to our charming boy Ethan! When Ethan first arrived he was a bit shy, but now he's sure showing his true colors and has become the leader of the pack!

Ethan loves to play and get attention, in fact, he demands it! He gets along with the other kitties he lives with, but he gets a little jealous if he's not the one getting all of the TLC. This boy loves getting pets, scratches, and play time with his human friends, and has no problem letting you know when he would like some of your time or adoration! Ethan is hilarious, beautiful, and quite a character!

Come meet him today! Sonic Please help us welcome Sonic! Sonic is a two year old beautiful orange tabby cat. Sonic is a shy boy who likes to hang out in his cat house and snuggle with his toys. He seems to enjoy some gentle pets and we are hoping that he comes around once he gets settled in and isn't so stressed.

Sonic would do great in a calm household where he could relax and live a lazy cat's life, full of naps, snacks, toys, the occasional luck of watching some birds outside, and last but definitely not least, a cardboard box to sleep in.

Come meet sweet Sonic today! Frankie Everyone say hello to Stevie! This little boy is just six months old and a petite five pounds.

Stevie is a stunning boy with tuxedo coloring and amazing green eyes! This little guy was really shy when he first arrived just a few days ago, but he's already starting to warm up to us and enjoy some nice pets and kitty head butts! Stevie would love a home where he could get some TLC, kitty toys, and soft blankets to ignore while he snoozes in the luxurious cardboard boxes you've provided.

Come meet this handsome boy today! Jag This beautiful boy named Jag was found outside, but we have a strong hunch that he's been living with people for most of his life. Jag is a sweet boy with a calm demeanor. At just two years old, he loves affection and is easy to pick up and didn't mind being held one bit. As you'd imagine, most outdoor cats would take to you like Freddy Krueger if you attempted to pick them up at a stressful time, so Jag seems as if he's one laid back ex housecat.

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He's sweet and beautiful with a silky black coat and stunning green eyes. We can't wait to see this guy get a new home, so come meet him today! Dan Please help us welcome Dan to Bideawee! This little shy kitty came to us after his mom was hit by a car. Luckily we are committee to spoiling this sweet boy and finding him a great home. Dan is still feeling a bit shy and nervous, but he's still very young and will just need a slow introduction to a nice calm home to help him come out of his shell.

He's already enjoys being held and getting some pets, so we have suspicions that there's a real cuddle bug hiding in there! We would like Dan to go to a home with lots of patience and TLC, and he would like a home with extra sunbeams for napping.

If you're looking for the perfect kitty to spoil with love, Dan is your man! Berry Please help us welcome sweet little Berry to Bideawee! Berry and her sister Holly came all the way from down south to New York City to stay with us while they look for their forever homes. Berry is a sweet three year old girl with a beautiful brindle coat and big brown eyes.

She's a bit shy and is especially nervous on her walks, but feels better when her sister is around to show her that the big city isn't so scary. Berry is a gentle and loving girl who will need a little time and help to boost her confidence, but it will be worth it to see this girl flourish and be such a special addition to your family.

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life by Samantha Irby

Come meet this adorable girl today! Holly Say hello to sweet Holly! Holly is a three year old brindle beauty who came to Bideawee with her sister Berry. Holly is the braver gal of the two, and loves to get out and explore the neighborhood.

Everything is still a bit new to this southern girl, but she's embracing it all with a great attitude. Holly is a happy girl who loves people, playing and snuggling with her sister, and most of all she loves her treats. We think Holly will be great at learning all kinds of things if she gets a treat in return, as we've definitely found that this is her soft spot! Holly is sweet and gentle and will be a great best friend, so come meet her today!

Carlos This handsome young man is named Carlos. He is a spirited and sweet-natured pooch, who loves to explore and play! Always on the trail for adventure and the next fun quest, Carlos can be counted upon for any expedition. Not to mention, he is too adorable for words! Donning a fantastic tricolor coat, long ears, and short legs, he is an adorable man! He's also the perfect medium-sized pooch for anyone seeking a new family member that is neither too large, nor too small.

All he needs is a loving home that shares in his active lifestyle! Anyone who hikes, jogs, or likes long walks in town has found their ideal match! If it sounds like Carlos is the perfect match for you, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center today!

Migo Please say hello to the big and beautiful Migo! This boy is a silly and loving pup who has a soft spot for stuffed animals.

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”

When we peered into the large basket full of toys, he was handed one, and then another, and then he started to help himself. If Migo could speak he would have simply said "Silly, hooman, I can reach dis all bah mahself! Migo loves to pounce and play like a wee little puppy, and then sit on your lap, because again, he thinks he's a wee little puppy, and it's nothing short of adorable.

If you love animals you may like to get into the head of a dog. It's told from the point of view of Ralph, a good and lovely dog who has been living unwanted in a dogs' home for the past five years because of his appearance. After bravely defending a puppy from a vicious attack Ralph's face is horribly disfigured and he's so "ugly" that noone wants to give him a home until he meets a young girl called Claire.

Michael Morpurgo's Running Wild is another book you just have to read if you like being catapulted straight into someone else's shoes. It's told from point of view of Will who has gone on a dream holiday to Indonesia with his mum as a chance to put some difficult times behind them and have some fun.

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life

But then the elephant Will is riding on the beach begins to act really strangely — the tsunami hits and the elephant starts running and keeps running until she stampedes into the wilds of the rainforest. It's a totally gripping, thrilling and highly emotional read from start to finish.

Michael Morpurgo's Cooltold from the point of view of a boy in a coma is another must read for everyone. Get your tissues ready when you read it, but if you love Jacqueline Wilson books you are no stranger to sobbing into them. Gill Lewis is another author you need to check out, all her books so far are written in first person which makes it easy to immediately fall into the story. Try White Dolphinwhich is Kara's story of what happened when she discovered an injured dolphin calf near her home in Cornwall.

Moon Bear is told from year-old Tam's point of you, a boy who is sent to work on a bear farm, it's a book that will really make you think and probably get pretty angry too. Sky Hawk tells Callum's story — and is particularly recommended in this review from site member year-old Lottie Longshanks with the warning that you shouldn't even think about starting this book unless you know you have a few hours to devote to it, that's how gripping it is.

It's the kind of book that you think about long after putting it down. Willie was indeed funny and a terrific talker. One day inwith Samantha at school, Hannah had perched herself in front of morning cartoons while Meagan fussed in the kitchen, preparing the little girl her favorite breakfast treat, a Pop-Tart.

When the toaster spit out the pastry, Meagan placed it at the center of the kitchen table to cool. She peeked at Hannah and, confident the child was fully engaged with the TV, slipped out quickly to use the bathroom.

Repeated over and over again. And Willie still shrieking his refrain. It was Willie who was the hero! He lost his footing and somersaulted over the barrier, falling some 20 feet down into the gorilla habitat. Craig Demitros, then a lead zookeeper and now curator of primates, was having lunch just outside the exhibit.

the more people i meet love animals book

He knew something bad had happened when he heard people yelling and saw frantic families pushing through the emergency exit. Meanwhile, Binti carried the child about 75 feet, across a stream and to a log away from the other animals.