How to meet jared padalecki

Supernatural Official Convention Tour Update, January,

how to meet jared padalecki

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) has a very talented sister, Megan Padalecki, who writes children's books and is wonderfully artistic. Megan. If you'd like to meet Jensen, attend a Supernatural convention. packages to meet Jensen Ackles along with actor Jared Padalecki and/or Misha Collins. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are late taking the stage. . Ten fans who paid extra bucks got a meet and greet with the actors who.

The stars were gracious beyond belief, and they treated the fans with kindness and appreciation. But everything else was tragic, and it soon became clear that this convention was about one thing and one thing only - taking money from fans. The convention, which is held in the basement of a Marriott next to LAX, has three areas: If you pay for the dollar Gold Pass you get an assigned seat in that ballroom. Most people were sitting in the assigned seats, so I imagine a lot of those passes were sold.

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  • I Went To A SUPERNATURAL Convention. It Was Sad.

Across the hall from that ballroom was the dealer room; I was excited to get in there, to see what was being sold. The dealer room ended up holding about six tables. Some were selling glossy 8x10s, which you would need to have should you pay the money up to a hundred dollars for an autograph opportunity with one of the stars.

Other tables held pre-autographed memorabilia.

how to meet jared padalecki

There was a guy who makes the convention circuit selling movie posters and overpriced soundtrack albums. There was a table selling rotten Supernatural t-shirts and not rotten mugs and shot glasses. Then there was a table selling faerie jewelry.

Jared Padalecki | Roster Con

There were Torchwood items for sale in the dealer room, and some Big Bang Theory stuff, but otherwise it was pretty much just Supernatural. For a price you could line up and take a picture with the stars in front of a school photo-esque backdrop. You could also get things signed, but there was a no-personalization policy - they just put their signature on it and you moved on.

What was amazing were the prices for some of the photo ops. It cost 60 to 70 bucks to get pictures with actors who I had never heard of before, and who, even after IMDBing them, I was shaky on.

how to meet jared padalecki

You could buy packages as well - photos with actors in groups - and that actually was a savings when you compared it to the cost of posing with the individual actors. Anyway, that was just about it. There was nothing else. No screening room showing episodes of the show or blooper reels. There was nothing to look at but actors standing on stage, and nothing to do but pay money to interact with them. If you paid the right money you could interact in interesting ways.

There was a karaoke party, where some of the actors hung out and sang with the fans. Anybody could practically feel the joy radiating off of him from miles away.

Jared Padalecki

In this room I felt good. But most importantly, I felt truly happy. My nerves turned into butterflies. My pained expression from trying to keep calm turned into the biggest smile I had smiled in months. My anxiety turned into the greatest excitement I had ever felt in my entire life.

I Went To A SUPERNATURAL Convention. It Was Sad. |

But this was real. As I got closer and closer to Jared I memorized whatever I could so that I could remember that moment for the rest of my life. I noted that he had a little bit of a beard growing in.

I remembered him wearing a nice watch on his left wrist as well as his wedding ring. I tried my best to fill my mind with these details and more so I could have a thorough memory to cherish forever. It was finally my turn to meet him.

how to meet jared padalecki

He turned to me and, well, me being me kind of panicked and blanked and spit out the first thing that I could think of: