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Apr 12, Updated -- Bam's Girlfriends & Wives The old one is probably one of my most viewed posts of all time. Each name Jenn Rivell. image Jenn and Bam met as children, Jenn is about 6 years older than Bam. Missy Margera. Jennifer Rivell was born on June 5, in Florence, Alabama, USA as Jenn met former fiancé Bam Margera at the age of 15 at a skate park while Bam was 9 . Jun 9, Bam, real name Brandon Margera, attended East High School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he met Ryan Dunn, Brandon DiCamillo, Chris Raab as a sex tape of him and then girlfriend Jenn Rivell was made public.

Palumbo, who was with Margera when the attack reportedly took place, claims he walked away from the argument thinking it was over when Ray cracked him over the back of the head with a pipe-like object. Ray is said to have continued her attack verbally as Palumbo cradled Margera's gashed and bloodied head, supposedly yelling "I'll hit him again and I'll make sure I kill him next time.

Ray claims Margera used racial slurs Getty Images Elizabeth Ray's version of the events that took place outside the Note that night differed somewhat from the report that Margera and Palumbo gave to the West Chester police.

According to Ray, she asked Margera to move away from the front of her home while he was smoking and a shouting match then ensued—a pretty nasty one in which she claims Margera used the n-word. Margera flat out denied using a racial slur of any kind when he took the stand in court, and in the end Ray was found guilty of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. She was spared prison time, however, with Margera himself urging the district attorney to allow Ray to serve her time on probation after learning that she was a caregiver for her housebound mother.

The Latest and Greatest, Margera decided to go one step further in and make an appearance in the full-length pornographic movie The Fantasstic Whores 4 yes, that extra 's' is supposed to be there.

The film starred the now retired Gina Lynn, a decorated porn star who began life as a stripper on the Jersey Shore before making a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry, first as a performer and then a director. Of course, Bam Margera being Bam Margera meant he wouldn't do it without one of his band of brothers by his side. Longtime CKY collaborator Brandon Novak accepted Margera's invitation and both appeared in the film, though neither took part in any of the sex scenes.

He had a public spat with Roger Ebert Getty Images Margera was thrown back into the limelight for all the wrong reasons in June after his best friend and longtime colleague Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident, plowing his Porsche GT3 into a tree in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The car burst into flames with Dunn and Zachary Hartwell a production assistant on Jackass Number Two still inside, killing them both, though reaction was mixed when photos of Dunn drinking alcohol at a bar earlier that evening surfaced online.

One of the less sympathetic comments came from the late, great film critic Roger Ebert, who tweeted that "friends don't let jackasses drink and drive" in response to Dunn's death. Margera, who appeared heartbroken in a number of TV interviews in the days following the crash, was no less emotional in his reply to Ebert, calling him a "piece of s—" and telling him to "shut his f—ing mouth. He got married at a music festival Getty Images Margera and Missy Rothstein ended their so-called unholy union infive years after getting hitched in front of millions of viewers on their MTV show.

Margera didn't have to wait too long to give marriage a second shot, tying the knot with Nicole Boyd in during the Random Hero Festival, an event he held in Reykjavik, Iceland in honor of his late friend Ryan Dunn. It was far from a fairytale Icelandic wedding, however, with the former Jackass star spending the evening performing with his band F—face Unstoppable.

Margera's wedding attire was equally unorthodox: He was beaten up by Icelandic rappers Getty Images From one memorable experience at an Icelandic music festival to another Margera would sooner forget.

According to a video that Margera recorded shortly after the assault, the musicians set about him at the behest of Leon Hill, Margera's former head of digital marketing and the current Secret Solstice marketing director. Margera claimed Hill owed him money and accused him of fudging the numbers on his YouTube channel.

Hill, however, responded to the allegations with a statement of his own that detailed the series of events leading to the fight, which he claims Margera instigated. He also stated she cheated on him constantly, which is why he cheated on her. He met her in LA and mentioned her on Radio Bam once, jus saying that he really liked her.

Missy was often the girl Bam would go to when he was cheating on Jenn.

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Missy and Bam flirted and fooled around with each other for years until actually starting to date in The pair later divorced in They tried to open their relationship and see other people while still seeing each other but decided to end things instead. Missy moved to Hawaii and kept out of the public eye since. There are numerous fake accounts of her, please do not believe them. Nikki Margera Nikki and Bam met in at a cky show. Bam saw her in the crowd and insisted on meeting her.

Bam later cast her in one of his music videos and the pair started hanging out whenever he was in the San Fransisco area. The pair married in and own several pet cats together. Nikki currently works at a shop in West Chester and sells her artwork and jewelry on the side.

Tammy Palumbo Tammy and Bam probably met at a bar or via mutual friends. Tammy is from a town close to West Chester. Each 'crew member' had their own speciality, Chris Raab being an expert in poo and Brandon DiCamillo being somewhat of an ad-lib hero; but Bam was always the leader. Following Bam's success as a professional skateboarder, gaining attention from Big Brother magazine, he took his friends with him on his rise to fame. Jeff Tremaine, who was the editor at Big Brother, liked Bam's work on the CKY films, and then drafted him in to be a part of a group of men that later went on to become the cast of Jackass, which Tremaine later directed.

After some convincing from Bam, Ryan Dunn also became part of the main cast after diving into a sewage plant. The other CKY members also appeared in various Jackass episodes and films, thanks to their connections with Bam. The year-old's fearlessness and 'fuck it' approach to everything came across well, making him a popular character.

His stunts seemed to stem from when he was a kid, when his grandfather nicknamed him 'Bam' at the age of three after his habit of running into walls. Bam at a fans' convention in London Off the back of three seasons of Jackass on MTV, the scene was set for Bam and the rest of the cast to hit the big screen in their first official movie.

Again, he was on form.

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He did however pass on what was considered the best part of the movie, leaving Ryan Dunn to shove a toy car up his arse and get an X-ray. The Movie and Bam's own series Viva La Bam, he was involved in some controversy as a sex tape of him and then girlfriend Jenn Rivell was made public. Despite the tape Viva La Bam continued to be successful, going on for five seasons, showing him and his friends' activities in and around his home with his family.

The show ended inbut there wasn't much time for Bam to stay quiet, as Jeff Tremaine reassembled the Jackass crew for another film, with Bam and Ryan Dunn returning to the line-up. Once again, Bam completely smashed it. In between all these various projects, Bam was working on independent music videos, documentaries and films.

He independently released the films Haggard and Minghags. One person who was prominent in all of these projects was another of his best friends, Brandon Novak.