How important is physical affection in a relationship

Why Physical Touch Is So Important in Relationships

how important is physical affection in a relationship

Physical intimacy in a relationship is an important touchstone for many couples — and it's not just about sex. There's also activities that involve. Do you believe that getting intimate is important in your relationship? If not, then take a look at these reasons why Physical Intimacy Is Important. Whether you're a touchy-feely person or not, there are multiple reasons to be more physically affectionate in your close relationships.

how important is physical affection in a relationship

Couples counselling can provide support during these very difficult times. Physical and emotional intimacy Physical and emotional intimacy go hand in hand: Lacking emotional intimacy whilst the physical connection is thriving can develop complications with trust, angerfrustration and confusion for couples.

how important is physical affection in a relationship

In a similar breath, possessing a fiercely unique emotional intimacy without having physical intimacy, is incredibly difficult to maintain a relationship that has both individual and collective needs. In the early days of the relationship, lust can often carry you through, but over time, sexual relationships can change.

In healthy relationships, although the level of passion may decrease, the emotional connection gets deeper and more fulfilling; partners who are able to talk openly feel no inhibitions about sharing any concerns and expressing their needs and responses. However, some couples, especially those who have never really discussed their sexual behaviour, struggle to accept and embrace change and may harbour feelings of disappointment or loss.

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Rather than talking about issues which they find uncomfortable or embarrassing, they can get into a routine in which lovemaking is in danger of becoming a routine chore and thus less rewarding for one or both partners.

It's very common for one type of intimacy to be more important to one partner than the other or one partner more comfortable with intimacy. In this instance, couples often find themselves thinking all is well until one partner finally speaks up and lets them know that the intimacy levels are not what they should be. Or, even more tragic, neither partner says anything and they find themselves ending the relationship without really knowing the true cause.

Can a relationship survive without intimacy?

If you can't be intimate with your partner, whether physically or emotionally or bothit will make having a lasting relationship with your partner difficult. These are 10 benefits of physical intimacy in a relationship 1.

When a relationship lacks sexual chemistry and physical affection it is likely to fail.

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  • Why Physical Touch Is So Important in Relationships

This intimate time you spend together is romantic, thrilling, and releases oxytocin and dopamine. This hormone and neurotransmitter are responsible for feeling closer to your partner, trust, happinessand even addiction.

Physical intimacy reduces stress Being physically intimacy in a relationship helps lower blood pressure and reduce stress responses in the brain.

20 Reasons Why Physical Intimacy Is Important

Studies show that other forms of physical intimacy, such as hugging or hand-holding, can trigger the release of oxytocin. One study had participants regularly engaging in intercourse for two weeks to see the effect it would have on stress and anxiety.

The results revealed cell growth in the hippocampus, which is the same area of the brain that helps regulate stress. But in the heart, or should we say brain, trust is often triggered by the release of oxytocin. Trust is a huge part of relationships. When two people are physically intimate, whether having sex or cuddling close on the couch, the brain releases oxytocin, a hormone which makes people more trusting and open to social interactions.

Improved intimacy outside the bedroom The closer you are in the bedroom, the more connected you will feel outside of it.

how important is physical affection in a relationship

Being physically intimate with your spouse is one of the biggest ways you, quite literally, connect. Holding hands, cuddling, walking arm and arm, and being more physically playful are some loving expressions that come after sex. Physical intimacy boosts your immune system Physical intimacy in a relationship creates benefits both mentally and physically. Being intimate with your spouse can actually have a direct effect on your immune system.

Studies show that the immune system receives a boost during sexual arousal and orgasm.

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Sexual health expert Yvonne K. When you are regularly sexually active with your partner, you will raise the antibodies in your system that are responsible for fighting against viruses and germs that make you sick. Physical intimacy raises morale Research abounds revealing how sex can boosts morale. Because physical intimacy in a relationship boosts dopamine, it makes you feel happier.

how important is physical affection in a relationship

Orgasm aside, one Swedish study suggests that it is actually the affection that comes before and after sex that offers the boost in morale. It promotes chemistry Being physically intimate means not only having intercourse with one another but also sharing personal moments of closeness.

These can range from a sweet caress, a lingering kiss the lips, or suggestive proximity. This behavior promotes chemistry and sexual anticipation.