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Sookie Stackhouse is a fictional character and protagonist of The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series, written by Charlaine Harris. In HBO's television adaptation, True Blood, Sookie is portrayed by Anna . Eric and Sookie are attacked by several werewolves who are then killed. Sookie ends her relationship with Bill. The final season of True Blood ended Sunday with a three-year time jump, but a relationship between her and any of them would destroy her. Sookie and Bill have been the core of this show, despite the fact the writers ( wisely) opted to end their relationship because it was getting very.

In addition, there was Sarah reappearing in his life and telling him they should be together because god wanted it. He actually fell for that before falling back into bed with her. Their relationship was never about them. Instead, it was about other characters. First, it was about Steve, and later, it was about Jessica. It was just a complete mess of a relationship. However, by then, fans had been itching to see the series take advantage of their chemistry for years.

It was just too bad that their relationship started when he didn't have his memories. With Sookie's feelings for Bill pretty much always a factor, they sadly didn't stand a chance to last any longer than they did. Even after their relationship ended, he still looked out for her.

He went to see her when he expected his life to end. Even as the series came to an end, he was still her protector. This happened while he was dating and then engaged to Arlene, who deserved so much better. True, Arlene's relationship with Rene resulted in a baby, Mikey. However, because of Rene's violent past, Arlene was worried about their child taking after his father. She even lied and told Terry that the baby was his for a while before admitting the truth.

Lying about paternity is never a good storyline for a show. This only happened because of her relationship with Rene. That is, they could have been if True Blood had ever devoted enough time to and explored the relationship.

Pam saved Tara by turning her into a vampire at the beginning of season 5. Tara then proceeded to work at Fangtasia and learn from her maker for the rest of the year. They didn't get off to the best start, but after Tara helped rescue Pam from the Authority, the two kissed. After that, Tara took a silver bullet with U.

Tara was a final season casualty, and there was no time to ever see the two of them together. Still, the tease of their relationship was a smart move. What wasn't good for True Blood is that they got back together in season 4. They were never good together. In fact, their relationship hurt both of their characters. Debbie's jealousy of Sookie was the least of their issues. I was converting friends and family members and making sure they tuned in, proposing to host my own True Blood parties.

Yours truly was a devoted True Blood fang banger. When Season 2 premiered, I was ready to see all I had read in Living Dead in Dallas the second book of the series brought to the screen — albeit, with its few creative changes. For the most part, I was pleased with how the show stayed relatively close to the book, and when the show was renewed for Season 3, I was still a devotee hoping for more of the same. However, when Season 3 premiered, I was none too happy with a lot of the changes.

Various characters from the book franchise were introduced in Season 3, I suppose to add more drama to the already drama-laced show. Did we really need the faeries?

But, there was hope. The show was renewed for a Season 4 and Dead to the World the fourth book in series was one of my favorites.

I thought there was no way they would screw it up. It was primed for being an emotional turning point in the way viewers looked at Eric, and it would full of steamy love scenes. Eric demands Sookie help in discovering a missing vampire, Godric Allan Hyde. Jessica asks Sookie to take her to visit her family; Sookie agrees on the condition that Jessica doesn't leave the car.

Jessica breaks the condition and threatens to kill her father before Bill arrives. On the drive back Sookie gets out of the car, and is attacked in the woods, leaving her scratched and poisoned.

Sookie is saved with the help of Dr. Ludwig Marcia de Rousse. Sookie discovers Lafayette is being held at Fangtasia by Eric, in exchange for his freedom and safety Sookie agrees to help find Godric in Dallas.

Sookie arrives at Dallas where a limousine driver sent by the Fellowship of the Sun attempts to kidnap Sookie. Sookie meets a hotel employee, Barry Horowitz Chris Coy who she discovers is also telepathic. Sookie volunteers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun after suspicions Godric is being held there. Sookie reads Steve Newlin 's Michael McMillian thoughts, discovering the organisation has a vampire in the compound and have been told of Sookie and Hugo's mission.

They are taken to the basement to be held. Sookie discovers Hugo is a traitor. Gabe Greg Collins beats Hugo up before attempting to rape Sookie. Sookie is saved by Godric who reveals he is there voluntarily. Sookie is broken out of the compound by the Dallas vampires.

At the Dallas vampires nest, an intruder from the Fellowship of the Sun enters the nest, wrapped in silver chains and bullets, detonates a bomb. Sookie is shielded by Eric who sustains a bullet wound. Sookie sucks out the bullet, ingesting some of his blood in the process thus connecting Sookie to Eric. Sookie goes to watch Godric meet the sun, a process in which suicidal vampires wait for sunrise to kill themselves. Sookie returns to Bon Temps, finding the town in chaos.

She also finds Maryann Foster Michelle Forbes living there. Sookie learns Maryann was the creature who had attacked her in the woods. Bill bites Maryann whose blood is toxic. Sookie attempts to push Maryann away from Bill, shooting white light from her hands knocking Maryann away who ponders what Sookie truly is. Sookie later returns to her house where Lafayette creates a distraction so she can go inside. Maryann puts Lafayette under her influence and decides to make Sookie her Maid of Honor at her sacrifice ritual.

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Bill gives Sam to Maryann in exchange for Sookie. Sam is stabbed before he asks Sookie to destroy Maryann's ritual offerings, which she does. Maryann pursues Sookie but is stopped in her path by a bull who she believes to be her God. She is stabbed with the bull's horns who then transforms into Sam having been healed by Bill's blood. Tara's boyfriend, Eggs Mehcad Brooksasks Sookie to help him recover his memories from when he was under Maryann's influence.

Egg's discovers he killed while under her influence and holds Andy at knife point before he is shot by Jason. Bill takes Sookie out for dinner before proposing marriage. Initially unsure about her decision Sookie excuses herself but upon deciding to marry Bill she returns to find Bill has been kidnapped.

Tara attacks Sookie after she discovers Sookie helped Eggs recover his memories. Sookie and Jessica find the wreckage of Bill's kidnapper's car and a body with an Operation Werewolf tattoo. Sookie notices a man watching her from the woods and she and Terry later find wolf prints there. Eric speaks to Sookie outside her house, telling her about a pack of werewolves who take vampire blood.

Sookie invites Eric inside when he senses someone lurking nearby. A wolf appears about to attack Eric, but Sookie shoots it. Before the wolf, who transforms back into a man, is killed by Eric, Sookie hears him think about Jackson, Mississippi.

Sookie is captured by the king of vampires and questioned. Meanwhile, Tara is held against her will by one of his minions, Frank. Outwitting him she rescues Sookie and she and Alcide rescue a tortured, chained and weakened Bill.

While he is being transported in Alcide's van, Bill attacks Sookie, drinking copious amounts of her blood. Sookie is taken to hospital after Tara kicks Bill out into the sunlight. Sookie remains comatose after doctors fail to discover her blood type. Sookie meets Claudine Lara Pulver in a dream state. Bill, who had been able to walk in the sunlight, gives Sookie his blood at the hospital. Debbie Pelt Brit MorganAlcide's ex-girlfriend and Cooter's girlfriend before he was killed, arrives at Sookie's house along with two werewolves.

Bill and Jessica arrive, attacking the werewolves. Debbie and Sookie fight. Sookie and Bill reunite. Sookie meets up with her cousin Hadley Hale Lindsey Haun who asks her to determine whether her son, Hunter Max Charlesis telepathic, which Sookie discovers he is.

Bill tells Sookie that she is part faerie and her blood allowed him to walk in the sunlight. Sookie and Eric kiss.

Eric then locks Sookie up in Fangtasia's basement. She is soon after freed by Eric's employee. Sookie leaves Fangtasia with Bill, but they are stopped on their way back to Bon Temps by Russell and Eric, who take them back to Fangtasia.

Eric and Russell drink from Sookie so they can walk in the sun. Eric has himself handcuffed to Russell as he plans to meet the sun with him once the effects of Sookie's blood has worn off.

Sookie saves Eric and Russell. Bill later arrives, telling Sookie Russell and Eric are dead. Eric arrives, telling Sookie Bill was sent by the Queen of Louisiana to learn more about her. She tells Bill and Eric to leave. Sookie goes to her Gran's grave where Claudine and a group of other fairies suddenly arrive who take her away into a glowing light.

True Blood, Season Four [ edit ] Sookie is transported to the home place of the fairies where she finds her grandfather, Earl Gary Cole. Sookie learns she is in danger and manages to escape with her grandfather who swiftly dies when in the human world due old age catching up with him after being away from Earth for so long where he didn't age.

Sookie learns she has been gone from the human world for a year in which time she was presumed dead and Jason sold her house. Eric later arrives, telling Sookie he now owns her house and she is his. Sookie later drives past Eric who has lost his memory.

Pam asks Sookie to hide Eric from the witch coven who wiped his memory, to which she reluctantly agrees. Claudine later arrives asking Sookie to return to the faerie realm, to which she refuses. Eric then feeds on Claudine, killing her. Tara warns Sookie away from Eric, listing his wrongdoing against Sookie which Eric hears.

Eric runs away ashamed but Eric and Sookie soon after kiss. Bill, now King of Louisiana, arrests Eric, believing he is a threat Eric is sentenced to death. Eric is released after appealing to Bill's love for Sookie. Sookie and Eric then passionately make love. The vampires and coven meet along with Sookie, who hears Marnie casting a spell. A fight ensues and Sookie is shot. The coven leader, Marnie Stonebrook Fiona Shawcasts a spell on Eric putting him under her control.

Alcide rescues Sookie, taking her to her home where Bill heals her with his blood. Debbie offers to help Sookie rescue Eric by creating a diversion so Sookie can sneak into the witch's rendezvous point.

Sookie finds Eric and in the process discovers Marnie's plan to use Eric to kill Bill at a vampire festival. Sookie arrives at the festival to warn Bill where Eric and other vampires under Marnie's control attack Bill and kill humans to create chaos and discredit vampires as safe.

Sookie shoots the white energy out of her hands at Eric, breaking Marnie's spell on him. Sookie discovers the vampires plan to kill Marnie at Moon Goddess Emporium, the coven's meeting place where Tara is trapped. Bill and Eric strike a deal with Marnie, if they walk into the barrier surrounding the shop which will kill them, Marnie will let Sookie leave. Pam fires a rocket at the barrier angering Eric as Sookie could have been harmed.

The coven begin casting a spell to make Eric and Bill walk into the barrier but Sookie hits the coven with the energy from her hands, stopping the spell. Marnie casts a spell, encircling Sookie in fire. Sookie is saved when Lafayette and Jesus break the spell connecting Marnie and a spirit which has been giving her her immense power. The barrier is broken and Eric and Bill kill Marnie.

Several spirits rise, including Sookie's Gran, telling Marnie to let go of the living world which she does, leaving Lafayette's body and freeing Bill and Eric. Sookie's Gran tells Sookie that being alone is not bad. Sookie soon after tells Eric and Bill that she loves them both but can't decide who she wants to be with so she wants to be alone. Debbie who has recently ended her relationship with Alcide and blames his feelings for Sookie breaks into Sookie's house with a gun. Debbie points the gun at Sookie but Sookie is knocked out of the way by Tara who takes a bullet to the head.

Sookie wrestles the gun from Debbie, killing her.

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Sookie then cradles Tara crying out for help. Sookie and Lafayette ask Pam to turn Tara into a vampire which she agrees to if Sookie will fix the relationship between Eric and Pam. Alcide visits Sookie, revealing Russell is back despite Sookie believing he is dead.

Sookie and Lafayette go to Lafayette's house where the dead body of Jesus has gone. Sookie and Lafayette await Tara's rising but when Pam rises from the ground Tara is assumed dead. Tara then rises before she attacks Sookie.