Predator concrete jungle ending a relationship

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predator concrete jungle ending a relationship

The Predator is a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Predator science -fiction This took eight months and then filming resumed for five weeks, ending in February .. Predator: Eternal and the videogame Predator: Concrete Jungle, Predator flesh and blood, if consumed, is shown to have the capacity of. Predator: Concrete Jungle (Aliens Vs. Predator) by Nathan Archer () on *FREE* And by the end of the book I was disappointed it had to end. To make a long I loved the relationship between Rasche and Shaeffer. Categories: Predator: Concrete Jungle (video game) characters · Humans ' Spider-Verse' Directors Discuss the Film's Relationship to the MCU FANDOM.

While he is unconscious, Scarface recalls events on the night he was disgraced in New Way City years before.

predator concrete jungle ending a relationship

He stalks mob boss Bruno Borgia to a museum, killing several of his mafia lieutenants along the way, before defeating the self proclaimed "God of gangsters" in hand-to-hand combat. After the Predator has made the kill, he enters a nearby church and approaches Bruno's wife Isabellawho has just given birth to her infant son Hunterand shows them Bruno's severed head.

Scarface reawakens inside a high-tech Borgia Industries facility, but quickly escapes his bonds, reclaims his weaponry, frees several other captured Yautja and flees the complex.

predator concrete jungle ending a relationship

Scarface then follows Lucretia to the Borgia Industries headquarters, where he finds himself within a holographic recreation of s New Way City, including a perfect replica of the church where he confronted Isabella years before. MOTHER is revealed to be Isabella Borgia, somehow still alive after years, held inside a preserving tank and linked into the city's computer network.

She at last reveals to her granddaughter Lucretia what happened on that fateful night in New Way City — as Scarface approached her in the church and removed its Bio-Maskshe shot the Yautja in the eye, splashing both herself and her newborn son Hunter with the creature's blood. It was this blood that has unnaturally prolonged their lives.

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Meanwhile Scarface, wounded and confronted by more of Bruno's men, was forced to flee the scene, leaving behind much of his equipment. He prepares to finish her, but Isabella reveals one last trick and unleashes a swarm of Xenomorphs upon him. Scarface descends into the Hive below, fighting through an endless stream of Xenomorphs and sabotaging MOTHER's security systems, finally allowing him to kill her.

With Isabella dead, Scarface pursues Lucretia, only for her to be killed by her own father Hunter, who has undergone incomplete genetic manipulation to become a hybrid of human and Yautja traits.

A final battle takes place between Scarface and Hunter, raging out onto the roof of the building, with Scarface eventually taking Hunter's head as a trophy.

After painting his clan's symbol on the face of the giant statue of Bruno Borgia atop the Borgia Industries building using Hunter's hybrid blood, Scarface is recovered by his clan and accepted back into their fold, redeemed.

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And it got worse: The gameplay hadn't been segregated from the plot: And while 'ex porn stars wander around looking like they're still on set, aside the assault rifle' is still very strange and no motive is provided for this particular choice, the payoff is sufficiently delightful I'm willing to look past that I'm not sure there's actual thought put into in-universe reasons here.

This eventually leads into the player Predator getting captured by Lucretia's forces, and this is where the game's early storytelling problems crop back up again: It's thankfully quicker than the beginning of the game to become clear, but it's still a bit of a weak moment that could've been handled more elegantly.

The flashback itself boils down to: Lucretia and her father Who we've just met and is kind of being treated as the primary villain now? We also get a 'name' for the player Predator that makes for a good segue into a bit of a different topic: Scarface is pretty explicitly named for the damage around his left eye, but it's actually a really good name for how he's handled by the game more generally.

predator concrete jungle ending a relationship

Our introduction to Scarface had him barreling through city streets bleeding profusely and often clutching at his gut in pain, and mechanically Scarface becomes visibly bloodied as your health drops.

And magically un-bloodied if you use your Medicomp, but hey, gameplay Scarface is not presented by the game as a precise, careful, perfect hunter. He's sloppy, he's careless, he leans a lot on his sheer mass and strength to get by. This is outright part of his story, and it's a notable part of his gameplay, and the intersection of the two points makes me a lot more forgiving of how the melee combat is a bit weak, because its weakness actually ends up encapsulating Scarface's sloppiness: My two favorite animations are probably his healing animation and one of his climbing animations where he swings athletically with tremendous strength up fire escape.

It's a fantastic little animation conveying how much this healing hurts, even if you clearly know it's coming and don't mind pain much, with the bonus of feeling like a very natural extension of Scarface's personality.

predator concrete jungle ending a relationship

But anyway, back to Scarface waking up from his flashback and of course escaping. This actually also ties back into what I was talking about a second ago, in that Lucretia-as-framing-device explicitly tells us that she worried the techs would underestimate the tranquilizer dosage for Scarface because he's bigger than the prior Predator captures.

Another pleasant surprise from a game that had already managed to sell me on how it's actually fairly competent in spite of initial perceptions. Scarface's escape provides the game an opportunity to force a proper stealth sequence on you.

predator concrete jungle ending a relationship

You have 10 hit points Your base max isand you'll probably have gotten at least one health upgrade by this pointand none of your weapons or tech. As such, you ideally sneak up on guards and kill them with Scar's sheer muscle, at least until you've gotten yourself fixed up etc. It's a surprisingly strong sequence, and especially impressive when contrasted with the beginning of the game seeming incapable of pulling off this kind of gameplay.

It also crops up in the course of the escape that I'd actually misunderstood the framing device: It was actually Isabella Borgia, who we actually met at the end of the flashback: Isabella is the proper villain of Concrete Jungle. Weather control is a thing apparently, and she's literally plugged into the city We also eventually see that the previous flashback cut off early -before, it had stopped with Scarface facing Isabella Borgia and it seeming implied that maybe he killed her and her newly-born baby.

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Turns out she pulled a pistol on him, shot out or near his left eye Leading to the scar that is what she named him afterand he fled in response, quite neatly tying back to the game's opening moments of a badly-wounded Scarface leaping out through a window.

We also eventually learn the somewhat-silly detail that Predator blood can extend human life, and this is why Isabella is still around. Isabella is behind everything Scarface is here to root out and stop. Lucretia and her father aren't that important except as extensions of Isabella's will.

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There's a lot of aspects I find interesting to this. We have a Predator story in which the primary non-Predator character of note is a woman. This is quite unexpected, and it's further reinforced by another point. If you've read the Wikipedia entry for Concrete Jungle or some other thing, you may have been spoiled on the fact that Aliens are in the game. In actual fact, they show up when you're having your confrontation with Isabella: There's two layers this is great on: There's a meta-narrative layer to this.

Springing the nightmare monster from the female-friendly franchise on us to act as the agent of our female antagonist we only recently got properly introduced to is reinforcing the subversiveness of a Predator game not placing Manly human Men center stage in the plot.

But the game design end works shockingly well as well, making Aliens an object of horror as they should be. Verticality has always been Scarface's friend in Concrete Jungle: