Mobile suit gundam iron blooded orphans ending a relationship

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mobile suit gundam iron blooded orphans ending a relationship

It's been a long time since we had a good MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM show to enjoy. IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS uses everything at its disposal to create a realistic , . of his own, and if the war were ever to end, he would cease to have purpose. . Celebs You Didn't Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships. Gjallarhorn achieved this by producing advanced Gundam Mobile Suit Frames The end of the war was marked by a shift to a new calendar system, .. Following Tekkadan's Earth mission, Nady forms a relationship with Merrybit Stapleton. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season*, episode If that's not a flag for a polygamy/harem end I don't know what to The openness, clairvoyant triangle bond, trust, and acceptance that the relationship.

Orga, however, seems to be willing to let it go in exchange of keeping Mikazuki out of the battlefield, and even posits the possibility of going out in Shiden himself if it comes to worse. Mikazuki cuts him short: To this, he tells Orga: I have to use my everything for you. Really, what else would give you a lot of feels for these two and their relationship? And is that everything? But they do have unexpectedly cute bonding moments!

Mikazuki, especially, could be seen several times taking care of Orga: Or just the surprise cute Mikazuki seemingly excited at finding out that his name, if written in kanji characters, shares the same character with Orga!

After the sakazuki ceremony that aligns Tekkadan with Teiwaz, it was Mikazuki that Orga found first, and they exchanged light-hearted words in which Mikazuki told him that he was cool out there. Final Thoughts Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans is about the children of Tekkadan and how they try their best to survive in the harsh world of adults and war because they have nothing else.

Want to scream over Mikazuki and Orga and how this ship has ruined your life? Or simply pointing out more reasons why this ship is giving you too much feels? Let us know in the comments! Roti Susu Roti Susu here! An aspiring writer who has spent more than half of her life actively writing in various fandoms. Currently living in Japan as a student, I'm a fujoshi who enjoys karaoke, watching a wide range of anime, reading manga and playing RPG games, and am also very much into seiyuu.

Befitting the name of the show, they're strongly tied with the colour red, with most of the major characters having some small association with it. Examples include Orga's scarf, Kudelia's hair ribbon and dress, and the Human Debris characters' uniform stripes. As Tekkadan is regularly going up against opponents who outgun them, their plans are unconventional to say the least.

The first engagement with the Turbines. With Mika and Akihiro on the ropes, Orga leads a boarding party to storm the Hammerhead, and seizes the bridge. Trapped on an island in the Pacific Ocean with no way out, Tekkadan deliberately leaves an inviting beach unguarded to allow Gjallarhorn forces to land there, lures them into a trap, and then hijack their landing craft to make their escape.

mobile suit gundam iron blooded orphans ending a relationship

Rustal Elion pins all his war crimes on Tekkadan and permanently ruins their reputation. The epilogue states that with the formation of the new democratic Gjallarhorn and the free, independent Mars, everyone now remembers Tekkadan as war criminals.

Only a few know the truth but they can never reveal it; otherwise they'd jeopardize the Gjallarhorn-Martian Union alliance and put the surviving members in danger. Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids! Being the product of a Crapsack WorldTekkadan has adapted to a "kill or be killed" philosophy without even blinking. This lead to something of an ideological conflict with some of the more idealistic members like Biscuit, Merribit, and Takaki.

By episode 42, even Merribit and Atra have come to accept that this, whether they like it or not, is the only way to go, especially now that they know that there people on all sides who are willing to kill those close to them Naze, Amida, Lafter to get at them. The Soldiers to Gjallarhorn's Warriors. They are no strangers to ideals like honor and brotherhood, but they fight to win at all costs.

Carta Issue and her forces learned that the hard way. Strapped to an Operating Table: CGS doesn't bother asking new Third Group recruits whether they want to undergo the procedure or not. Come Season 2, the organization as a whole is facing something like it.

Growing towards becoming overnight celebrities as a competent PMC and as a band of freedom fighters not to mention their growing importance within Teiwaz's network hierarchy is inviting all sorts of admiration and envy. Naze and the Turbines themselves, while in no way jealous of them seeing them as equals and valuable partnersdo acknowledge that Tekkadan's tendency to keep to themselves and not play politics will cause them bigger problems and more potential enemies in the future.

This indeed came to pass late in Season 2, with certain elements in Teiwaz maneuvering to dismantle the Turbines and kick Tekkadan off Teiwaz. Accepting McGillis's deal on the "King of Mars" really led them into disaster where they lost their friends and reputation after Rustal Elion stomps them out of existence and stains them as criminals. Turned Against Their Masters: Tekkadan as whole tend to fall under this.

The group is only out to make a living and will fight without mercy to protect their own. They aren't freedom fighters and even go out of their way of avoiding conflicts that do not involve them. With that said, they are willing to cooperate with other factions, and ultimately ended up backing up DORT in their rebellion because the alternative would be to watch the workers get slaughtered.

Tekkadan, being a small, fairly desperate group with little political influence and no knowledge of what's going on behind closed doors at the highest levels of power, has been subject to this. In particular, Nobliss has been using Tekkadan and Kudelia to foster revolutionary sentiment among disaffected workers.

This reaches a head when they arrive in the Earth Sphere and unknowingly deliver weapons to such a group, prompting them to stage an armed demonstration in an attempt to force management into negotiations. Once they head into space, however, they get proper suits with an interface on the back that lets them use their implants without having to fight half naked.

Would Hit a Girl: The Third Group wouldn't question about hitting women as long as it gets the job done. During the encounter with Turbines, they see the fight as a challenge to prove their worths and negotiate with Naze.

In the ensuring battle against Carta Issue, it is a revenge for their fallen allies. Main Members Voiced by: He is rather stunted both emotionally and socially, putting all his trust in Orga while doing whatever he asks him to without question. Utterly ruthless both in and out of combat, he's equally calm about killing his enemies in the heat of battle or in cold blood, but threatening people he cares about is a good way to piss him off.

He doesn't enjoy fighting or killing for its own sake, however, expressing an interest in leaving the battlefield and becoming a farmer once he's done fighting for a living.

Gets Atra pregnant while they're both teenagers, and becomes a father posthumously. He's the best pilot in the Third Group, which is why Orga taps him for the job of piloting the Barbatos. Like most Gundam protagonists, he's a classic Steamroller, focusing on taking down his enemies with maximum speed and aggression. Mikazuki can use the right side of his body if he's linked with the Gundam Barbatos, but that limits how far he can move away while retaining full control of his entire body.

A very dark example of the trope. He's a ruthless soldier in which Orga is the only one making sure Mikazuki is a hero, but whenever he enters the battlefield, it's clear the situation can no longer be solved peacefully.

His reaction to the Mobile Armor is that it's beautiful. The people close to him call him Mika. Obviously an effect of his experiences as a Child Soldierhe's both incredibly indifferent to most of what goes on around him and prone to sudden violent outbursts if you do manage to get to him. He also seems to outsource all of his moral thinking to Orga, making him look positively psychopathic at times. He'll gun down helpless prisoners and wounded enemy combatants without breaking his usual blandly calm demeanor, as long as it's under Orga's orders.

His behavioral tendencies seem to be consistent with Schizoid Personality Disorder i. An Arm and a Leg: Suffers a downplayed version by losing the use of his right arm and eye in the battle at the end of Season 1, and by Season 2 episode 13, his right leg as well, though they are still attached to him.

Now he says he can only use them while connected to Barbatos. So far, he seems to be right about it. It's not confirmed if he legitimately cannot use them outside of the Gundam or if he simply thinks he can't, which in turn prevents him from doing so.

Mikazuki and Oruga (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans): Why They Give You Feels

However, everything on the right side is fully usable once linked up with Gundam Barbatos even an umbilical cable can do the job, letting him linger outside the machine so we know they aren't dead. They may simply have some form of mental block on them that Mikazuki doesn't understand or care aboutand simply works as best he can around them.

mobile suit gundam iron blooded orphans ending a relationship

The Barbatos even howls during its final battle. A protagonist who mostly just does what he's told and has a chilling lack of mercy for opponents, but who nonetheless fights in service of his Tekkadan family and Kudelia's noble cause. The Barbatos's 'fifth form', designed to counter the Kimaris, is fitted with a pair of two-shot rocket launchers beneath its forearms.

When it reaches Earth, these are replaced with a pair of short-barrelled mm cannons, finally giving the Gundam a ranged option that doesn't compromise Mikazuki's Close-Range Combatant fighting style. In Season 2, the Barbatos Lupus has a pair of mm guns mounted on its arms.

The Barbatos Lupus Rex also has a pair of mm guns built into its ginormous forearms. Don't let his impassive demeanor fool you, he relishes not only the chance for a good fight but also displays disturbing fixation with the actual act of killing people. In the final episode, he and Akihiro stand back to back against the Arianrhod Fleet Beast and Beauty: Beware My Stinger Tail: The Barbatos Lupus Rex comes equipped with a wire blade similar to the Hashmal's.

In a sharp contrast to most mobile suit guns, which are designed for mowing down tanks and infantry because of the difficulty in getting through larger targets' tough nanolaminate armour, the Barbatos's primary ranged weapon is a gigantic, suit-killing howitzer.

It's still not immensely effective, but you really don't want to be on the receiving end of a point-blank shot from itas one unlucky pilot found out the hard way. As part of its Mid-Season Upgrade from Teiwaz's engineers, his Barbatos gets an odachi almost as tall as the suit itself The Lupus's 'sword mace' is a more conventional example, essentially a massive bar of metal with an edge, a point, and a handle that's as much bludgeon as blade.

One thing he has in common with most Tekkadan kids, which might be justified by the CGS adults starving them on occasion. One major difference is his ability to seemingly metabolize it all directly into strength.

His Barbatos's twin reactors make it strong enough to effortlessly wield weapons that are huge even by mobile suit standards, and Tekkadan's engineers are only too happy to provide them. It's normal for a Gundam protagonist's suit to be one of the most powerful in the setting, usually as a way to offset the inexperience you'd expect from a Kid Heroand the Barbatos is no exception, even if it is somewhat in need of maintenance at first.

Mika, meanwhile, is part of that rare and fearsome subset who also know how to wield their Bigger Stick with deadly effect, making him one of the most dangerous people in the solar system almost from day one. Treats Orga as if he were an older brother, one whom he admires more than anyone else.

Several times in the series. Mika's thick eyebrows accent his frank and serious nature, especially when he looks at you with that poker face while his eyes stare into your soul.

Black and White Insanity: Not to the extent of Shinn Asuka but it's the larger principle that matters. Mika categorizes the world into two ways: In his mind, if you're in Orga's way, get out or die. Kudal accuses him of enjoying killing people, an accusation that mildly disturbs Mika. Unlike the rest of the Third Group, the link to the Barbatos is required to operate it, rather than just enhancing his skill with it.

It uploads data directly to his mind, including giving him a first person view of what the Gundam sees. As long as you're not his enemy you don't have to be afraid of him, but he's not one for social tact — often very blunt and straight-to-the point when he has to say something.

In episode 25, Ein is raging at Mikazuki for killing Lieutenant Crankan event which Ein is obsessed with avenging by killing Mikazuki and the rest of Tekkadan, and even led him to allow himself to be wired into the Graze Ein to do it. Mikazuki's response is "Who the hell is Lieutenant Crank? One of the first indications that there's more to him than being an emotionless killing machine is when he says that he'd like to become a farmer someday. He's quite happy to help Biscuit's family work on their farm in the meantime.

Unfortunately, after his battle with Hashmal, that's no longer an option. Carry a Big Stick: When they first start to use it, Gundam Barbatos' primary weapon is an enormous even by mecha standards flanged mace. Once Tekkadan finally arrives on Earth, it's replaced with something even more nightmarish - a giant club that can fold out into a chainsaw-toothed pincer, letting it literally bite through enemy suits.

Season 2 has the Lupus carry a hybrid sword-mace that manages to be even larger than both of its prior armaments. The Lupus Rex returns to form with a new mace similar to the Barbatos' first one The Barbatos's sixth form has one of these as its main weapon - a strange, fearsome-looking club-claw with a chainsaw serving as the 'teeth' of its 'jaws'.

While he is one of the more static characters in the show, he goes through some subtle but important development in learning about interpersonal relationships and falling in love. Downplayed—he only has two girls interested in him—but it's still remarkable that he got both Kudelia and Atra interested in him at the same time just by being himself, without any conscious effort.

With both Orga and Atra. Children Forced to Kill: It hasn't been expanded on - yet - but some brief flashbacks imply this about his early life. His exact age isn't clear, but he seems to be on the young side even by the Third Group's standards for a combat pilot, despite his skill. Guns are largely useless against the nanolaminate armour used by anything big enough to mount an Ahab Reactor so, ships and mobile suitswhich means most suits carry them to deal with smaller targets like shuttles, tanks, and infantry.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans -

Since Tekkadan uses Mikazuki as their dedicated mobile suit killer, that's not a concern - his job is to close with enemy suits as fast as possible and rip them apart, and he often doesn't go into battle with any ranged weapons at all, even when they're readily available. Despite his Ship Tease with Kudelia and Atra, Mika has a very limited understanding of romance and basic socialization in generaland is completely unaware of the potential threesome Atra is pushing him towards.

By episode 41 he seems to have caught on to Atra's hints, and he and Atra make Kudelia an equal partner in their relationship in episode He fights to win, with no qualms about "dirty" tactics like sneak-attacking from ambush, using enemy units as shields, and using clouds of dust or smoke to blind opponents.

He also has no qualm with aiming directly for the cockpits of enemy units the moment he has a chance to. With no other family, he's fiercely loyal to Tekkadan. Received one from Kudelia in Episode 13, to which he repays with a kiss out of nowhere.

Gives one in episode 18 to both Kudelia upon Atra's persuasion and Atra upon noticing that she was crying as well. Ends up again at the receiving end of this in the Season 1 Finale, but this time with a double head pat from both of them. Though the positioning tends to lean more over A Lady on Each Arm.

Gives another one to Atra in episode 44, after the latter breaks down out of worry after having given an Anguished Declaration of Love. Mika starts off knowing very little about sex or babies because of his upbringing, and seems to react with detatched curiosity when such things are explained to him; much of the time it seems to Kudelia and Atra that he doesn't look at them in a romantic or sexual way. Yet every once in a while, he does something unexpectedly forward showing he has been thinking about what he's learned: Kudelia is caught off guard in episode 13 when he kisses her and calls her cute, while a flustered Atra has to excuse herself to calm down and think things over after he suggests making babies together in episode There are times when he seems to be The most unsettling thing about him is the fact that, with very few exceptions, he remains calm and emotionless at all times.

He's the main character of the series. He's also scary as hell. Deal with the Devil: With Barbatos, of all things. Barbatos is mentioned as an ambiguously sentient machine, but during the final episode, Mika asked for extra power to take on the Graze Ein, and he got it at the cost of his right arm and right eye while not in Barbatos.

Mikazuki Augus

Considering the name is taken from Ars Goetiayou can easily see it as Mika summoning a demon to help him defeat his enemy, who then took his arm and eye as payment.

The fact that Mika could only use his eye and arm while connected to Barbatos further reinforce the image that 'the arm and eye are still there, they just don't belong to you anymore'. In this setting, the Gundams were created specifically to destroy the Mobile Armors, making it look as if the Barbatos was looking through Mika's eye upon sensing an old enemy reawakening.

He's a barely-literate child with virtually zero marketable skills other than his ability to kill people. Someone he trusts and respects plans to end all war. He's put two and two together, and no longer sees any value in his own life, because he believes he'll no longer be useful for anyone when the dust settles.

Especially obvious after he loses the ability to use his right leg which, coupled with the similar disability of his right arm, leaves him unable to walk. That being said, he grows out of this by late Season 2 thanks to Atra and Kudelia, and, after half of the remaining Tekkadan members wish to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for Orga's assassination that will most certainly get them killed, he reminds them to follow Orga's last order: The more of his body he "sacrifices" to Barbatos, the more of the suit's power he is able to utilize.

Don't You Dare Pity Me! He doesn't consider himself to be a victim and finds Crank's reluctance to kill him to be ridiculous. This takes on a more and more disturbing tone as the series progresses - by Season Two, it's clear that he's deliberately ignoring alternative ways to live his life as a coping mechanism for his terrible career.

A habit of his when he's shooting things on foot, though he hasn't shown the same tendency in his Gundam. Both as a soldier and as a human being, Mikazuki scares friend and foe alike. Both Orga and Kudelia have admitted in separate occassions they were afraid of Mika before getting to know him better.

In the finale, Mikazuki's feat of defeating the Mobile Armor on the battlefield earned him the reputation of being "a demon. His preferred melee weapon is basically a giant metal club. While he's given a katana later in the first season, by season 2 he seems to have reverted back to a giant metal speartip which he uses to bash enemies with.