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A page for describing Trivia: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. (who at least carries one up until the end), he treats his like junk at the end of Episode 5, his voice actor Ichirō Nagai passed away mere months before the airing of Episode 7. Relationship Voice Actor: Roxas and Aqua are the pilot of the titular mech, and a . Maybe that minute UC Gundam extra recap episode they played right before Their relationship is the most interesting and emotionally captivating . The Blu -ray and DVD of episode 7 Over the Rainbow is scheduled for. Mobile Suit Gundam is a televised anime series, produced and animated by Sunrise. Created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, it premiered in Japan on Nagoya Broadcasting Network and its affiliated ANN stations on April 7, , and lasted until January 26, , spanning 43 episodes. Set in the futuristic calendar year "Universal Century" , the plot focuses.

Zinnerman wears one, as well as Marida. Full Frontal allowed Banagher to leave Palau, but not before having a psyco-monitor tracking device on the Unicorn so they could pinpoint his movements and intercept any data about the Box's location when NT-D is activated. Also, the bum who gave Banagher the note, who was shown as the Federation's inside man, was actually sent by Frontal.

However, this backfires in Episode 4, when Zinnerman tells Banagher during the Battle of Torrington that he's tempted to go down there and add to the casualties himself, possibly just to spur Banagher to leave their ship and put a stop to all the destruction. What he probably didn't expect was to get beaten up instead. And then a double-subversion occurs, when Banagher does leave the ship to put an end to the casualties, after he beats up Zinnerman. Marida is the franchise's reigning queen of beam spam, bested only by Descartes Shaman.

Witness the beginning of the second episode, where Marida uses only the suit-mounted mega-particle cannons against the Unicorn. Banagher later gets on this after he picks up the Unicorn's shields, which can have two beam gatlings mounted to them. The audience is treated to a rather epic one when the General Revil tries to take down the Sinanju and despite throwing everything except the kitchen sink at Full Frontal, can't hit him.

Several Unicorn's Beam Magnum. In appearance, it is very similar to the original RX's beam rifle, but the Magnum uses its E-Paks to their full extent, giving each shot the equivalent power of a Mega Particle Cannon.

As mentioned above, the Unicorn is equipped to shoot about 15 of these per sortie. Angelo's Geara Zulu later upgrades to a beam shot rifle. The Sinanju's unusually long, lance-like beam rifle, which is faster-firing and harder-hitting than most weapons of its type due to drawing its power from the suit's reactor rather than E-Cap ammunition batteries.

Fortunately Frontal almost never seems to hit anything with it, preferring to fight up close.

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Apart from the time he's seen picking off hard points and gun emplacements on the Nahal Argama with seemingly effortless,lethal accuracy.

And also shooting down Lieutenant Homare from long range before his MS has even cleared the launching catapult. Whilst they're big enough on their own, they can also be attached to the suit's shield in order to create an absolutely enormous double-edged Blade Below the Shoulder.

There's also the time in Episode 3 when Banagher is chasing Full Frontal. But especially inadvisable when you are toting a machine designed to take down the most powerful of foes.

Right when it looks like the Zeon Remnants are going to annihilate Torrington Base's garrison, the Byarlant Custom suddenly pops out of storage and proceeds to almost single-handedly halt Zeon's advance well before the actual Federation reinforcements have even arrived. Full Frontal and Angelo at the end of Episode 5.

The Unicorn's NT-D Mode increases its height and bulk significantly as its armor slides apart to reveal the psyco-frame. Particularly obvious in the shot of it powering down near the end of Episode 5. The NZ Neo Zeong. Quite possibly the third largest Mobile armor to appear in the Gundam universe. The Vist family is almost as screwed up as the Zabis. That's quite a feat. The Marcenas family isn't doing so hot either. Riddhe basically ran away to become a mobile suit pilot.

Banagher easily bonds with Audrey after learning they both were "always on the move" as children.

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The same can be said for Riddhe and Audrey when they discuss their families and the responsibilities that stemmed from being born into them. Some males in the anime adaption. Everyone savvy in the UC universe knows Unicorn takes place decades before the brutal Cosmo Babylonia War and, much later, the even more gruesome Zanscare Warwhich means violence has never truly abated. Yet even amidst perhaps one of the darkest, bloodiest Gundam shows to date, by revealing the contents of Laplace's Box, Banagher and Mineva finally put a hopeful end to a century awash in blood and tears, even if for just twenty-odd years.

Black and Gray Morality: This is the Universal Centuryand the conflict between both the Federation and the Sleeves might result in one being just as bad the other. On the other hand, Banagher, who is caught in the middle, is as white as a unicorn.

Blade Below the Shoulder: The Unicorn and Sinanju both have beam sabers built into their forearms in addition to their handheld weaponry, allowing them to strike from a greater variety of angles in melee. For bonus points, they've somehow convinced the civilians that the Federation is the reason they live below the poverty line.

Cardeas Vist leaves one on Banagher's face after giving him the Unicorn. Bothering by the Book: What the Garencieres bridge crew does whilst Banagher is beating Zinnerman up. Doubles as an Ironic Echoseeing as Bothering by the Book was the reason he was getting his face rearranged.

Episode 6 takes place almost entirely on the Nahel Argama Bottomless Magazines: This is averted when Banagher learns this the hard way. During his engagement against the Sinanju, he burns through the Beam Magnum's entire ammo supply by taking unwise shots. While he was only trying to stall for time, that became much more difficult once he couldn't use the magnum anymore. Banagher's meeting with Audrey starts the whole story.

Break Out the Museum Piece: In accordance with their rather haphazard resources, the Zeon remnants have some very elderly mobile suits.

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Even the mighty Kshatriya is dated enough to belong in a museum. This is all relative. Technology is at a point where it is advancing very quickly, as a result the Sinanju and Kshatriya while very advanced at the time of manufacture some three years ago, have become somewhat outdated by On the other hand, some of the suits used in attack on Torrington seemed to be the actual Zakus.

A bit of a subversion lets suits from even the One Year War give a good account of themselves. Beam weapons in the Universal Century are generally able to punch through almost any amount of armor mounted on a normal sized Mobile Suit. Even if outdated in other ways they still only need a solid hit to destroy modern machines.

In their case, it's justified in that they're being deployed by backwater reserves and local garrisons instead of the top-of-the-line models the rest of the Earth Federation forces use. Bring Him to Me: Barely a quarter of the way into episode two, Banagher finds himself overwhelmed in battle and captured. Less than ten minutes later, the viewer sees him taken to Full Frontal. Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": The Sinanju's 'beam axes'.

In the first episode Banagher stops Audrey from falling by catching her in a mobile suit. In episode 5 Banagher stops Audrey from falling to Earth by catching her with the Unicorn. In addition the series is a big love letter to the original Mobile Suit Gundam and contains many elements from it. In episode Four they even showed the colony drop on Sydney, re-animating the footage so that it's actually Sydney and not New York. Episode 6 showed Axis being pushed back by the Nu Gundam.

As in Char's Counterattack, Londo Bell's base of operations is still Londenion, though it's also mentioned of Bright Noa being in Sweetwater during episode 1.

Sadly much less pronounced given that much of the plot takes place about three years after Char's Counterattack, but there are a few nods to Mobile Suit Gundam F91 here and there. A Federation counter-insurgency group known as the Manhunters are the main antagonists of Tomino's Gaia Gear novels and radio play taking place in the early UC s, but it was written before F91 and generally considered non-canon.


Interestingly, the protagonist, Afransia Char, a clone of Char Aznable, is very similar to Full Frontal, in that both were created by anti-Federation scientists in an attempt to resurrect Char. Char's Counterattack novelization Beltochika's Children rather than the anime version.

Better yet, a Gustav Karl makes a brief cameo in Episode 7. Knowing that Hathaway's Flash, or at least some version of it is apparently canon in the anime continuity makes Bright's discussions with Ronan Marcenas about fatherhood rather painful to watch So many in the fourth episode it's not expedient to list them here.

No word yet on what this means for the novels' shaky canonicity. Here though, its existence is explained as being newly-developed offshoots of the same project that spawned the Unicorn and Banshee. Most notably with the NT-D transformation. Kai Shiden and Beltorchika Irma make brief cameo appearances in episode 5.

Kai returns briefly in Episode Seven to warn Bright about the refurbished Colony Laser and what the Vists intend to do with it. When Banagher is trying to connect a tow cable to the Garencieres, he manages to unlock the Unicorn's true power, surrounding both the Garencieres and Nahel Argama in a green light and pulling both ships out of Earth's atmosphere, just like what Amuro did to Axis in Char's Counterattack.

Bright still keeps a portrait of Amuro Ray in his office. Syam Vist, who was a young adult at the beginning of the Universal Century, is voiced by the narrator of the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

The mobile suit museum in the first episode has a Zaku II in it with a gaping hole where its cockpit used to be, the implication being that it is in fact the one Amuro stabbed in the very first episode of the original series. The Delta Plus and Anksha are successors to the Hyaku Shiki and Asshimar respectively, in the case of the Delta Plus, it uses the transformation mode the Hyaku Shiki was supposed to have but was dropped, Anaheim Electronics was only able to implement it now due to acquiring movable frame technology.

The Sinanju and Kshatriya are based heavily on the Sazabi and Queen Mansa respectively, the former lacking the funnels, beamshot rifle and torso-mounted mega particle guns its predecessor had; and the latter scaled down with four wing binders instead of two, and no tail binder - the funnels are now stored under each wing binder. The battleship Rewloola from Char's Counterattack is still kicking about, being the flagship for the Sleeves. At least until it's blown up by the refurbished Gryps 2 Colony Laser.

At the end, Banagher and Full Frontal fight each other outside of their mobile suits not unlike Amuro and Char's sword fightthe difference being that they're beating the crap out of each other with lead pipes; and later both the Unicorn and Banshee do the famous Last Shooting against a half-destroyed Sinanju much like the crippled Gundam did against the ejected head of the Zeong at the end of the original series the Gundams in Unicorn were unharmed, though.

The OVA ditched all this in favor of the gigantic Neo Zeong mobile armor, which is a continuity nod by itself. The obligatory background events that reference other Universal Century series: During the history lecture you can see names and dates of notable past events, including and Operation Stardust. At the beginning of episode two, when Micott asks what a "Gundam" is, Takuya explains that it's the first mobile suit built by the Federation, called the "White Devil" by Zeon.

This is a reference to Amuro's famous battle where he destroyed nine Rick Doms within five minutes. The Sleeves' arsenal of mobile suits wouldn't look out of place in a museum, with everything from Dra-C's to Gaza-D's, Gallus K's, EWAC-zack's admittedly a Federation suit but doesn't look out of place considering the designDowadages, Dreissens, Geara Dogas, and almost everything in-between.

The Jagd Doga that appears in Episode 7 has been stated to be the same one used by Quess Paraya but with field modifications, specifically the arm that it lost when used by Quess was replaced with one from a Geara Doga, the mecha it's based on. In episode 3 Angelo's Geara Zulu is using a beam shotrifle that looks almost exactly like the one used by the Sazabi.

And they even got the skyline right this time. Another gag is that Sinanju is described as moving "at three times the speed of a normal mobile suit. The NZ Neo Zeong contains nods out a number of large mobile armors from past series. The name and basic design are taken from the MSN Zeong from Mobile Suit Gundamit docks with the Sinanju in a similar way as the GP03 from and the designation number calls back to the NZ Alpha Azielexcept that it's 3 times the number which is fitting since it's red and piloted by a Char Clone.

It's revealed in episode 7 that the Federation rebuilt the Gryps II colony laser. Then again, some couldn't stand losing an opportunity to get rich off a haze of misguided patriotic fervorSyam himself included. Earth has been almost completely robbed of its resources and subjected to at least four Colony DropsThe Federation is barely holding together, both it and what's left of Zeon have distorted their founding ideologies beyond recognition and to the point that both sides are just as bad as each otherand the few Newtypes that do show up invariably get drafted as soldiers and typically end up completely insane.

The mere fact that things had gotten to the way they are by this point underscores the failed promises of what the Universal Century was supposed to symbolize. What was meant usher a new utopian age for humanity had instead marked a new chapter of animosity that lead to bloodshed. Ironically, for all the carnage wrought during the Universal Century at least some on Earth seem to consider the state of affairs in UC an improvement over the pre-Earth Federation days, given that they find the idea of countries fighting one another unthinkable And even that doesn't last forever.

One of the reasons that the war continues between Zeon and the Federation is because both sides keep performing atrocities as revenge for past atrocities. They dialed up the violence and destruction with this one. We're five episodes in, and Gundam Unicorn is almost rivaling Victory Gundam in utter bleakness.

It belongs to the Universal Century timeline. What else can we expect? Downplayed in the ending. By UC Gundam standards, the body count is pretty tame with Marida being the only protagonist to buy the farm. The rest are either mooks or redshirts. Didn't See That Coming: Nobody predicted Gryps II suddenly showing up to rain on everyone's parade. Counts double if you consider Full Frontal's plan was doomed the second he tipped off the location of the Box to the Federation; even if he had defeated Banager, the colony laser would've killed him and destroyed the Box.

Later it gets the Armed Armor DE, an add-on for its shield that gives it offensive and thrusting capabilities. Do Not Adjust Your Set: After the colony laser was deflected bu the two Unicorns, Mineva, with help from Syam, accessed all broadcast lines on Earth and the Colonies in order to reveal the contents of Laplace's Box to humanity. The opening scenes of Episode 1 chronicle the very start of the Universal Century Dropped a Bridge on Him: Towards the end of Episode Seven, the Rewloola is destroyed without much fanfare simply for being in the refurbished Gryps Laser 's line of fire.

The ending seems to imply that the voice saying it will entrust the Universal Century to Banagher and Mineva's generation was not Full Frontal, but Char's ghost, that seeing what the two of them have accomplished has cleansed his soul of the bitterness that drove him to commit the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and allowed him to move on to the afterlife with Amuro and Lalah.

However, since Frontal is voiced by a different actor than Char in English, it merely appears as if Full Frontal is admitting his respect for a Worthy Opponent as he dies. This is somewhat rectified by the English dub of the Origin movies, in which Char is now played by the same actor as Full Frontal. Dying Moment of Awesome: In his final moments, Commander Daguza is able to distract the Sinanju with a series of charges and successfully hits it with a shoulder-fired bazooka.

His last act before being incinerated by the Sinanju's beam tomahawk is giving Banagher a final, unflinching salute. Despite the show having started ineveryone has an epic 'do.

It might be so it matches the style of previous UC shows, most of which were actually made in The '80s. It's also shown to be heavily defended. Both make a good accounting of themselves over the course of the OVA. The Federation planning to sacrifice the Nahel Argama probably helped. And another one in Episode 6 between the Nahel Argama and Full Frontal, though that alliance doesn't last very long.

Still, you have talent. If you would truly become a vessel, come with me. You, who have been entrusted with your father's dreams and been forced to undergo training, are a Cyber-Newtype of sorts. Now that you have exhibited the power of one, you can never go back to being part of that "everyone".

One day, you will run headlong into the same despair that I did. Although it may seem like we have returned to our original assignment, this mission is not being conducted on orders from the military. We do it to survive; we are conducting this operation under our own auspices.

Of these two, I do not know which path is correct. But we will not be the ones to make this decision. And in order to entrust this choice to them, we must return from this alive. We must return with the box in hand, and then let the world face the truth. Executed at the space residence of Laplace on the first day of U. The Universal Century shall be the sole official era name of the Earth Federation. The Earth Federation shall prepare annual federal budgets and programs based on the Universal Century calendar system.

Expansion of space activities Article 3 The Earth Federation and its Member States, in order to expand space activities for the survival of the human race, must play a constructive role in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Earth Federation. Article 5 Space settlement projects shall be integrated at a high level into the politics of the Earth Federation and ensured in accordance with the principle of social stability. Space emigration policies Article 6 The Earth Federation and its Member States shall execute active space emigration policies so as to ensure a decent existence for all those who lack sufficient resources.

Article 7 Every citizen of the Earth Federation and its Member States has the right to freely move to and reside in the federally approved space settlements, including the settlements on the Moon and other celestial bodies, within the limitations of federal laws. Article 9 Each space settlement shall function as a local public agency of the Earth Federation, and its administrative function shall in principle belong to the central government of the Earth Federation.

Article 10 The Earth Federation shall legislate specifically for the space emiguration of displaced persons and citizens of third countries who need the support of the Federation. Rights and infrastructure of the space settlements Article 11 The Earth Federation, under federal laws, shall pursue the realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion, for all citizens of the space settlements, including settlements on the Moon and other celestial bodies.

Article 12 The Earth Federation, in order to create and maintain an amenable environment for the human race, shall establish public infrastructure for economics, society, culture, education, and healthcare in the space settlements, including settlements on the Moon and other celestial bodies. General provisions Article 13 This Charter shall not be misinterpreted as giving any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of the rights recognized in this Charter.

Article 14 This Charter, authentically written in the English text, shall remain deposited in the archives of the Earth Federation or of such representatives as the Earth Federation may designate. Future Article 15 The Earth Federation shall prepare the following articles for the future of the human race with high hopes and expectations.

In preparation for an extraterrestrial biological emergency, the Earth Federation shall increase and expand research and preparedness. In the future, should the emergence of a new space-adapted human race be confirmed, the Earth Federation shall give priority to involving them in the administration of the government. So that I could tell you only one thing. The offspring of my bloodline and the princess of Zeon. There could be no one more fitting to entrust Laplace's Box to.

It took a billion years for the life that arose from the sea to crawl onto land. Another billion years of countless ups and downs were then required for that life to take human shape. That is how evolution works. It is not something that can be discerned within the limited lifespan of an individual. However, Newtypes represent an expansion of cognitive ability.

One in which triggers the reformation of an individual's consciousness. The final night of the old calendar. The instant the Universal Century began, that is when it was woven. The Universal Century Charter monument. That monument, it— Look! That's different from the one we all know. It has one extra article. That is Laplace's Box. The true form of the curse that has kept us spellbound these long hundred years. And it is also a prayer.

Why do you suppose the Federation has always been so scared of Zeon and tried to prove it wrong? The bunch of devils who dropped a colony. That was the result, not the cause. The real issue is Newtypes. Ricardo Marcenas, the first prime minister, added that passage entitled "Future" as if to atone for discarding Earth's excess population into space. He was made into a martyr to the Federation political system. The Charter of the Universal Century was rewritten, and that should have been the end of it.

If the genuine charter hadn't fallen into the hands of Syam Vist, one of the terrorists who carried out the assassination And as a result This is Syam Vist. The founder of the Vist Foundation, as well as your great-grandfather, Master Banagher.

Everything that's happened, you were watching, but you— Mineva Lao Zabi: For many years, you have used this to extort concessions from the Federation government. Why give that up now? Four years from now, in U. The name of Zeon, along with his ideology, will sink into oblivion. The word "Newtype" will eventually be forgotten as well, and the curse of the Box will return to nothingness. As well as its prayer. Without giving in to despair, without trying to stymie it, a prayer to turn back towards the God called possibility.

But if we do this, war will break out again. If it has been signed by representatives of every nation, this monument carries the weight of law. If an anti-government group like the Zeon remnants were to get their hands on it, it would be the perfect weapon to bring down the Federation.

If that happens, it will be the One Year War all over again. It's too steep a price to pay for the truth of their goodwill. That is why I want to entrust the matter to Newtypes like you.

Unlike those of Cyber-Newtypes, the psycho-waves of true Newtypes are beyond measurement. That is the key that leads a true Newtype to the Box, whoever that may be. That is what the Unicorn Gundam is. It was all planned by Cardeas Vist. He never considered putting you in it, not even in his dreams. However, I am sure that he For something as trivial as that? He was a shrewd man. Even as he blackmailed the government, using the monument as leverage, he never made unreasonable demands.

He fostered the development of Anaheim Electronics, which was still an up-and-comer at the time, founded the Vist Foundation And its symbiotic relationship with the Federation began.

A system maintained by hiding and revering the original monument, Laplace's Box Whatever is actually in it no longer matters. The Box now symbolizes the world's order. At first, it was nothing more than a scandal to threaten the administration of the time.

But the Principality of Zeon's sudden rise to power changed everything. Whether or not Newtypes really exist isn't the issue. The very fact that the Federation swept that article under the rug would become the ultimate weapon for those who believe in Zeon. They had no choice but to remain silent. So that this world would not be turned into Hell.

But in the end, Hell came anyway. The One Year War. The sheer magnitude of the deaths and the existence of Newtypes, which had been proven by the war, lent even more weight to the Box's curse. That's why my father and the others had no choice but to keep the secret.

Out of fear that another war of extermination would break out, they chose the path of domesticating the populace under a warped political system. But what's this "order" they've tried so hard to protect? There is no cause for concern. Magallanica was built tough in anticipation of this day. It would seem that the black lion has come to our aid, as well. Anticipation of what day?

As I have spent these many years as the Box's guardian, staying too long in this body, I have had but one desire. If Newtypes truly existed, I wanted to entrust the Box to their care. I believed that they would be able to put the Box to better use and reclaim the future that was meant to be. If technology was being perfected that could touch the human psyche, the soul, I wished to find out if they truly did exist.

But that is my desire. There are as many "my only desires" as there are human beings. You could leave the Box unopened, or you could destroy it if you wished. And if that alone would not satisfy you, you are even welcome to strike this old fool dead. What do you desire? What do you wish for in your heart? If Newtypes are a new form of humanity, I don't believe that current humans would be able to identify them.

So I don't know if she and I have the gifts you're looking for, and I don't know what's best for everyone, either. As just one human being I want to believe in what lies ahead. In the possibility that humanity possesses. Syam gives a tender smile Syam Vist: You are able to broadcast to the entire Earth Sphere via every communications and broadcast system. Even with all the power of the Foundation, this was no small feat. There is little time. The Federation will do everything in its power to stop you.

Now, hurry— [power blacks out] Full Frontal: I wouldn't do that if I were you. You should keep the contents of the Box secret and use it as leverage to bargain with the Federation. That is what will lead Spacenoids to true prosperity. Leave us, Full Frontal.