Long distance relationship pillow heartbeat

[Review] Little Riot Pillow Talk: Is This Long Distance Pillow Worth It?

long distance relationship pillow heartbeat

Pillow Talk seeks to bring back the intimacy to your long-distance relationship by sending your heartbeat, in real time, to your loved one. You are currently in a LDR and you're looking for a long distance pillow? in your long distance relationship by transmitting your heartbeat to your loved one. These Long-Distance Relationship Pillows allow you to hear the heartbeat of your beloved through your pillow. In the meantime, your partner will also be to.

The speaker can be used without the soft top for a deeper, louder sound, or with it, for use inside pillowcases, or just to cradle in your hands. Currently available in two colours; Heart Red and Beat Blue.

long distance relationship pillow heartbeat

At the moment we're working within a limited colour catalogue of the fabric supplier; if we surpass out target, other options will be available. Our team studied every aspect of the product to create the optimal design. We've had our friends and family sleep with an assortment of speaker shapes and sizes, worn PCBs taped to our wrists 24 hours a day to monitor battery lives, and stroked every piece of fabric we came across! Sophisticated signal processing to give reliable heart rate detection.

Supports over-the air-updates via the app. Get notified when your partner goes to bed. Know when you're both connected. Our app available on iOS and Android is how your device communicates with your partner. It doesn't play a large part in your Pillow Talk experience; it just enables us to connect you with your partner, no matter where you are in the world.

Pillow Talk makes it easy to stay connected with your loved ones. Then pair your wristbands to your smartphones. At night when you are ready to go to bed, put on the wristband and place the small speaker under your pillow. The shared experience is intimate and comforting. Lie in bed and feel connected.

Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

Never worry again about rolling onto your laptop as you try and sleep with Skype open! Pillow Talk started as a university project of Little Riot's founder, Joanna. She studied interaction design at university and, partly due to her own long-distance relationship, was exploring how people used technology to communicate. She made a short video to explain her concept to her university lecturers, which quickly went viral on the internet. By the time she graduated a month later, she was receiving several hundred emails a day from people asking if Pillow Talk was available to buy.

For 4 years, Joanna has been making prototypes, breaking prototypes, building a team and slowly but surely bringing Pillow Talk to life. She's pitched the idea to anyone who would listen and showed the product to couples all around the world. Pillow Talk has been a labour of love for many years.

long distance relationship pillow heartbeat

If you've been following us on Facebook, you'll know how relentlessly we've worked to bring this to life! After so much support from all over the world and such a community-driven product development, it only seems fitting that we turn to Kickstarter to see us through the final stage of this journey. We hope you want to pre-order a Pillow Talk, but if you don't or you're not in a relationship! No matter what you pledge, your support is helping a 4-year dream come true, and will see thousands of people around the world to feel connected to someone they love.

long distance relationship pillow heartbeat

Buying one as a gift? If you're purchasing a Pillow Talk set for someone as a gift for Christmas, let us know when the campaign ends and we'll make sure they receive a little something in the post to let them know one has been bought for them!

Whilst it's taken us four years to get here, the silver lining is that we've already made most of the mistakes that often trip people up. We don't want to be one of those projects that doesn't ship on time, so we've given you a very conservative shipping date. It's possible we'll manage to get your Pillow Talks to you sooner. We want to make Pillow Talk available worldwide, but there are a couple of logistical issues that mean we cannot ship to every country.

Sadly we are currently unable to ship to: Backers may need to pay for customs and duty. Our team includes 4 nationalities and spans an age range of 23 to We collectively harness backgrounds that include everything from startups and design research to aircraft engineering and chocolate-making machines.

We're also currently part of the Wayra accelerator program, funded by Telefonica. We're based in Central London. If you're in the area, you are more than welcome to come round for a cup of tea and a play with the prototypes, just let us know. Pillow Talk ensures an engaging and realistic bond between the long-distance partners. A heartbeat goes beyond a simple touch and this makes Pillow Talks ideal and meaningful for long distance lovers.

This makes Pillow Talk unique and cozy. It is worth noting that a Pillow Talk is a communication gadget but not a sleep tracker. The heartbeat sensor pops out with ease to allow for easy washing of the wristband or charging.

The gadgets are available in red and blue colors.

Heartbeats in a Pillow

To summarize, the Pillow Talk offers a special way of interacting with your partner making them feel loved from a distance. Who should use the Little Riot Pillow Talk? This is an essential part of the review as it will highlight the expected users of the Little Riot Pillow Talk. Actually, the description and the reasons behind the creation of this gadget kind of already answer the question of who should use the gadget.

Restoring the intimate bond between long-distance lovers was one of the core inspirations for this innovation. As such, long distance partners are the best potential users. With technology, long distance couples should not suffer frustrations and loneliness any further. Little Riot Pillow Talk allows for a personalized and warm interaction between the partners.

The gadget transmits the heartbeat in real time between the devices and the apps so that you can hear it on your pillow or in your headphones. You do not have to be miles away from your loved ones.

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Once in a while, there is also a need for a playful connection between family members or friends. Pillow Talk will help greatly in maintaining such bond in an engaging way.

long distance relationship pillow heartbeat

As a bonus, Pillow Talk is a great remedy for individuals suffering from insomnia. Such soothing noise allows users to have a better sleep. The heartbeat of your loved one frees you from any fear and anxiety.

If you are taking care of a sick person, this could also be a good device. Whenever you have a patient under your care, you are likely to spend sleepless nights.

This should not be the case anymore as Pillow Talk allows you to feel their heartbeat as they sleep.

Long Distance Pillows

You can easily tell when they are having a challenge that calls for your attention. Such heartbeat assures them of their security and soothes them as they sleep. The long-distance partners have a sense of security. Pillow Talk assures you that your partner is safe on the bed. It allows for a continuous connection between loved ones.