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Vaan is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XII and its sequel, Final Fantasy A young Vaan, Reks and Penelo with the orphans of Rabanastre. .. like that, but that certain concessions must be made to cater for what the market wants. . Guide under the "Character Relationships" section, Vaan "wants to be" like Reddas. In FFXII they are not very active and only take action in relation to .. Penelo, more unfortunately, is even less of a character than Vaan, having no real are present for the sake of gameplay or for marketing purposes, and. As long as Vaan can remember, this city always full of busy people. "If you scare why don't you go back to the market and play some girly stuff with Penelo? It makes a very good relation between Dalmasca and Nabradia.

Just because Penelo and Fran can rightly be considered to be less important than Reddas or whoever doesn't make the main characters suck. FF and its fans really tend to overvalue characters. They are written first, injected into a story that they have little relation to contextually.

People are products of their world, and the same is true for fantasy fiction. This is exemplified in Fran, a character who is there so we may experience the culture of the viera and the consequences of one who leaves her Wood.

She doesn't have to be written intensely to be important, as any character need only be molded by the setting they exist in. Something that pretty much no other FF does right. Fran is no more special than the next viera, she just happens to be the one who is Balthier's partner.

But that viera is not the viera who happens to be Balthier's partner. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is a big reason the game wasn't received quite so well among the usual FF fans.

But no matter how the business goes, Vaan and Rex can always follow the rhythm. He turns his head from left to right, a bunch of seeq just passing his way.

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In front of an item shop near him, a couple af banga is having debate. On the other side of the road, two beautiful viera are giggling loudly. Vaan can't find his brother in this crowded place. Suddenly a shadow jump in front of him. Vaan shocked and falling to the ground. Rex's silver hair is waving right in his face. He get up and remove the dust from his shirt.

Are you stealing again? Suddenly a group of people run to the main road.

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They all look ecstatic. Vaan and Rex just stand there and feel confused. The parade of royal family is crossing the street. King Raminas is standing in front of the chariot giving a warm hand waving to his people. Behind him stand his only daughter, Dalmasca royal princess, princess Ashelya. That little girl is wearing a pearly white gown, the wind is waving her blonde hair. Vaan look at his brother and then turn his head to the chariot. The princess eyes meet with his.

Vaan can feel his face is getting hot. When the group finds the ship, they find Fran, who says Balthier is within a mountain on the island they are now on. Once inside, the group discovers an auralith, and the group plus Fran must defeat Mydia and the esper Mateus while protecting Balthier. Once defeated, Mydia flees without destroying the auralith, but Balthier then turns on the group and destroys the auralith, which sends the party into an illusion.

While within the illusion, the team discovers the Aegyl are so emotionless because they are deprieved of anima, which is harvested by their god, Feolthanos, and stored in the auraliths. It is discovered this illusion is the world of the espers, and they find Velis, who makes everything clear: Mydia is a body, stripped of its anima, controlled by Feolthanos to reap anima for him, and if the auraliths are destroyed, the Aegyl's anima will return and as such, they must destroy the auraliths.

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Once awoken from the illusion, Vaan confronts Balthier, who already knew these newly discovered facts, and Balthier and Fran join the team. Mydia, as it turns out, is a Feol Viera, more commonly known as an Exiled, of which have white skin and shorter ears and hair as compared to the normal Viera who are darker-skinned and longer-haired.

Her anima guides them up as they prepare to open the final chapter of their story.

Final Fantasty XII: Vaan as the red herring main character

When the team ventures all the way to the seat of Feolthanos' power, they battle him and the anima-stripped Aegyl he commands. When he is almost defeated, he summons Bahamut to do battle with the team. After his giant shrine is destroyed, there is a one-on-one battle between Vaan and Feolthanos in which Feolthanos is apparently stronger, but as Vaan begins to lose, his friends come to back him up: In the end, Llyud deals the final blow to Feolthanos, releasing all the remaining stored anima.