Tony and elvira relationship quizzes

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tony and elvira relationship quizzes

Elvira Hancock And Tony Montana From 'Scarface' - Wow, could model Devon Windsor look any more drop-dead gorgeous as Michelle Pfeiffer's Elvira Hancock . Elvira Hancock is a fictional character in the American mob film Scarface, portrayed by She and Tony do not share a good relationship, with Elvira always complaining about Tony's constant swearing and obsession with money; Tony. No couple proved that "blonds have more fun" better than the flamboyant hedonist. Share On .. Tony & Elvira, Scarface. Tony did.

Mama Knows Best Ironic that her son had a thicker accent than her! She had decades of experience under her belt, guesting on Bonanza and Gunsmoke.

And she was closer to Tony than you might think.

tony and elvira relationship quizzes

She can play almost anything. Impressed, Pacino took notes to better understand how to play an immigrant. And lest we forget, its plot flaunts and centers around ridiculously exorbitant substance abuse. Something had to be done. After a tense hearing, they were granted an R rating. Once acquired, De Palma decided to trick studio execs and release the original cut anyway! Grease 2 was a flop. Producer Martin Bregman had to step in to convince them to take her! Miami Vice Scarface gave South Florida a sensual, dangerous reputation of sleaze and crime in tropical paradise that fans idealized, but the local tourism board was not on board.

They saw the film as being populated by a non-Cuban cast of actors, portraying Cubans in a decidedly negative light as criminals.

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Protests forced the crew to pack up shop and head to California. By hiring a former gangster! Murray Abraham drew on his experience as a teenage gang member in West Texas.

For his fellow actors, this was a huge honor, deserving of praise. Pass The Cuban Sandwich Actress Michelle Pfeiffer is already a petite woman, but she made a grim choice for her performance as the alluring addict Elvira Hancock. Crew members became so concerned for her health that they persistently tried to bring her bagels!

Pinterest Not only was Bauer authentically Cuban, but he understood the immigrant experience far more tangibly than his co-stars. Object Of Desire Remember that scene when Tony and Manny are sitting on the beach in Miami enjoying tropical cocktails and discussing off-color methods to pick up girls?

But if they had, they definitely would have thought twice before ogling her. Pinterest Josephine Stello was one of fourteen children, born into a family of Italian immigrants. After finally seeing a screening of the film, she passed a message to her son, intended for a fellow Italian: And invirtuoso Brian De Palma was poised to venture into a very different realm: But there was a big problem.

He insisted on making the film contemporary, and its characters Cubans.

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To learn about their subjects would require research from writer Oliver Stone — and not all of it savory. Keep reading for more fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of Scarface! Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock had long before implemented the tradition of directors making cameos in their own films. Not to be outdone, director Brian De Palma planted himself into Scarface. To find him, check out the mirrors in the Babylon Club.

Why, the brains behind the whole operation, De Palma in the flesh. His resources were shockingly scarce. Cast member Steven Bauer helped him shape his accent, but Al had a special request for director of photography, John A.

He had quit cold turkey, and poured the sickness and paranoia into his writing. He stated the film was his revenge on addiction. Thought that was crazy? We all know how much the kingpin loved his arsenal of weapons. But to find his body language, Al looked beyond the bazookas, finding inspiration in a man who made a career from hand-to-hand combat: Later, Tony asks Elvira to marry him, and, despite clearly wanting to, refuses, as Lopez is still in the way. Tony takes care of Lopez, and the two are married soon after.

As Tony consolodates more power, and purchases more opulent things for Elvira, she becomes visibly more and more detached from reality. Her addiction to cocaine is taking over life at this point. She and Tony do not share a good relationship, with Elvira always complaining about Tony's constant swearing and obsession with money; Tony does not take kindly to this.

Along the way, Tony discovers that Elvira is infertile, permanently souring their marriage. While at dinner, Tony is extremely intoxicated because of stress, and notices Elvira has not touched her plate.

tony and elvira relationship quizzes

He then notices her snorting cocaine, to which he is also addicted. He asks why Elvira has not touched her food, to which she replies that she has lost her appetite. This sparks a massive public fight between the two, with Tony berating her for her intense drug usage, her depression, which he perceives as laziness, and her infertility.

Elvira responds by throwing her glass at Tony, screaming at him, and attempting to physcially charge at him. Elvira collects herself, and tells Tony she is leaving him.

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She leaves, and is never seen by Tony again. Reception and legacy[ edit ] Critic Roger Ebert wrote, "that [Montana] must have [Hancock] is clear, but what he intends to do with her is not; there is no romance between them, no joy [ Boyd labels her as "the token cultural symbol of Western male capitalist success". Pointing towards the lack of romance between Montana and Hancock, he notes that both are "travelling along parallel lines of toot".

Inness compares her to Poppy in the Scarface and points out that though Montana and Hancock get married, this "hardly uplifts her character". She terms her an "embittered drug addict with the self-esteem of an empty bullet casing" and a "complainer". Actress overcoming her skeptical tendencies". Retrieved August 19, — via Google News Archive. The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies:

tony and elvira relationship quizzes