Toni gonzaga and sam milby relationship counseling

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toni gonzaga and sam milby relationship counseling

After a string of "love team" projects, Milby and Gonzaga were For Milby, his team-up with actress Anne Curtis led to a real-life relationship. Toni Gonzaga admits that she recalled her and Sam Milby's past romance while they were filming the movie, “Mary, GGV: Toni reminisces on her past relationship with Sam Milby ang galing ni Ate Toni mag advice. Toni Gonzaga on Sam Milby: I thought he was the one together, spent a lot of time together but I was not allowed to get in a relationship.

To this day, she holds dear a request card that a guest once sent her: She remembers acting right behind all 10 choices for lead as the director tried them out one by one at the workshop, from 10 a. Toni said it worked to her advantage that all the other pretty models were too preoccupied with looking pretty. The director plucked Toni out of the support lineup to try her out, was sold after her first take, and the rest is history.

The softdrink commercial paved the way for Vic Sotto to guest her on his sitcom Daddy Di Do Du, and that was when Eat Bulaga took notice and got her to host three times a week for a month.

Toni seized the opportunity. Toni Gonzaga in numbers: Number of studio albums released, all of which reached either Gold or Platinum status. Model number of cell phone that she bought with her first ever talent fee from Eat Bulaga. Average weight in pounds.

  • Sam Milby admits details about mutual relationship with Toni Gonzaga before

Pairs in her collection of Christian Louboutin shoes. After devoting 10 years of her life to show business, Toni plans to go back to school this year to finish her AB degree in English. She managed to balance morning classes, the noontime show, and afternoon classes for around two years. She excitedly shares that she is planning to enroll in an online UP course this June. Some of the most important lessons she learned in show business, she learned from Sam Milby and Mariel Rodriguez.

She says that the best lesson that experience taught her is to filter what to listen to and what to ignore. Thought to be the daughter of the deranged Oca, but actually the presumed dead daughter of Mateo. She can see the future through her cards. She became Celine's caregiver and best friend. She promised to Celine that she will take care of JB. She later fell in love with JB, but tried to hide her feelings while JB tried to accept her in his life as the one for him.

Initially, she tries to be difficult as the family brat. But after realizing the luck she has with her newfound family, she changes her ways. It is, also, her mission to be reunited once again with her long lost love, Joaquin. After a fight with her sister, she finds refuge in the church.

toni gonzaga and sam milby relationship counseling

During a medical mission, Lena falls ill. She passes away and is laid to rest beside Joaquin. He ran away from home to look for Lena. It was later revealed that he was struck by a vehicle then later die. A wealthy banking magnate. Thinking that he is cheated by the women in his life his mother, his wife, his daughterhe becomes so bitter towards life.

He is willing to risk everything he has to achieve the peace he has been longing to have for years. Ex matriarch of Roxas Shipping Lines.

She comes from a dark past that gives her a hateful outlook in life, but in her is a pure heart screaming to be freed. She is currently married to Mateo, and is running his Uni-Pak company.

In Mateo, she finds the pieces that fill the void in her once non-existent heart. She desires to get revenge on those who persecuted her in the past. She disappears from the scene to marry a wealthy business man of many wives. She returns when Lena falls ill. Lena also considers him as her father while Lena's mother, Veron, is Mateo's best friend.

toni gonzaga and sam milby relationship counseling

He is also the biological father of Onay, and husband of Corazon. He is currently serving time for the murder of Monique.

toni gonzaga and sam milby relationship counseling

He found out he was innocent after finding out that Fidel was the one who shot Monique. Supporting cast[ edit ] Bing Pimentel as Monique Madrigal - formerly Fidel's estranged wife and Jackie's estranged mother, they are now reunited again. She comforts Fidel when troubled, and acts as a pacifier whenever there is a domestic problem. She dies in a gunshot showdown between Fidel and Mateo. She may have some quirks in her personality but she is the one person JB runs to in times of trouble.

When her only son is taken away from her, she suffered PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder. This eventually fades, when she is reunited with her son, Eli.

Vice Ganda as Joko - Onay's cousin and partner in taking care of their Grandfather. Bembol Roco as Tomas Arroyo - Corazon's "companion". He wants everything to take place according to plan. He treats Corazon as a possession, not as a wife and would torture or beat her if she gets away from him or he thinks she's cheating on him. He is also Fidel's Fraternity Brother and responsible for some of Mateo's grievances.

He was killed by Mateo's goons after attempting to kill Corazon and JB. Tommy Abuel as Daniel Jimenez - Mateo's longtime business partner and friend. Who was then brought to a medical institution due to his physical injuries and mental trauma.

After a very long time, Pong is released and is trying to assimilate himself into the world outside. Anita Linda as Impo - A famous psychic and paranormal healer, whom Lena always goes to. Jon Avila as Mark - Jackie's secret admirer and new boss.

The story of the sequel begins six months after Eli and Jackie's wedding Part 1: Six Months Later[ edit ] Six months after Eli and Jackie are married, things seemed to be doing well and fine—the two are enjoying their second honeymoon in Barcelona, Jackie's parents are reunited, and JB and Celine are engaged. Jackie has also told Eli that she might be pregnant. But conflict soon arises when Jackie bleeds and discovers that she is not pregnant after all.

Celine also suffers from stomach pains and JB instantly figured out that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, a new character appears on scene—a certain Jessica who steps up and confronts Fidel about their previous affair.

Veronica reveals that Lena is also Fidel's daughter and she is bound to seek revenge for what she and her daughter had been through all these years. In the midst of Jackie's charity work for the victims of the explosion, Veronica disguises herself as a meek and weak mother of a sick daughter who's a big fan of Jackie's. Goodhearted Jackie promised her that she would visit her daughter one of these days and it will be the beginning of another chain of trials in her life.

The Revenge of the Mistress and the Daughter[ edit ] Lena and Veron starts to suck up to Fidel's family and begins to ruin their lives. Everyone rushes as a new day begins. Jackie prepares to visit Veron and her daughter while Veron makes frantic calls to Lena to come home. In his meeting, Eli tries to convince Mr.

Jimenez to invest on Fidel's project but refuses to do so because of his father-in-law's reputation. Because of what he heard, Eli was forced to defend Fidel's credibility but only ended up upsetting both Mr. So he goes to Sta. Rita to seek comfort in confiding to Dadoods in his grave. Meanwhile, Jackie and Celine too were upset to find that Veron had tricked them to come to her house only so she could reveal to them that Lena is Jackie's half sister.

Toni Gonzaga Confesses Past Mutual Understanding With Sam Milby

The two cousins were not convinced by this and left but Jackie remains bothered by the incident. Wala pa akong moment na I would say defines me.

I always feel like I could do better. I always feel like I can still improve. Kasi my life completely changed when I had Seve. I define my career now when I go home and I spend time with Seve. Priority ko pa rin si Seve over my career. How do you manage to juggle home life and a successful career? I see to it that I always have balance saying yes to work and saying yes to my family. It means na if my work gets five yeses, then my family should get five yeses.

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I try to tell them maybe next week we can do that. But with Seve, everything became so clear. He gave me a new meaning, new direction and a new path. What do you think is the key to a loving relationship?


I think every family is different. Every family is family goals. I think it just transcends. How has Seve changed your outlook on life? Am I gonna do that?

Do you have any advice for new moms out there? This is one thing my mom taught me: No matter what people may say, it still depends on you. For me, there is no certain rule book, certain pattern, standard, or formula to become a good mother.