Tom and b elanna relationship problems

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tom and b elanna relationship problems

Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres's two-year relationship end in a One of us endures some kind of trouble or trauma and push the other away. If this was a significant theme in any of the Star Trek relationships, They also managed to sell their compatibility. 6. Tom and B'Elanna. This list examines couples that got together and had a relationship Tom and B' Elanna's personalities were vastly different. . Work, friendships, love: she seemed to have it all and had no issues with the world she lived in.

The meeting soon turned to other topics - food supplies, repairs on Turbolift Three, the results of an investigation on a Class J nebula, and the ship's duty roster. Once Chakotay finished his report on the last item, the Captain brought up the next one. B'Elanna realized that she had not seen him smile since the day she presented him with that television set.

Janeway smiled fondly at her chief helmsman. I just finished re-programming it and it's ready for the enjoyment of the crew. And a look of astonishment from Harry.

Only B'Elanna and Tuvok failed to respond. I'm sure the entire crew will be pleased to hear.

tom and b elanna relationship problems

B'Elanna almost felt a twinge of disappointment that it was not directed at her. He replied, "Don't worry Captain, it was the first thing I corrected.

As she watched Tom head for the door, B'Elanna remembered her resolve. To deal with the issue of her relationship with Tom. And hopefully save their friendship.

She quickly raced after the pilot.

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Unfortunately, Tom had strode toward the Conn station, before she could reach the Conference Room door. A hand gently rested on her shoulder. It belonged to Harry. I'll see you later, Harry. Her little talk with Tom would have to wait. Mohammed comes to the mountain. After three days of eating his meals inside his quarters, Tom decided to return to the Mess Hall.

He was running low on replicator credits. And if he could face B'Elanna in a staff meeting, he could do so, anywhere. Tom heaved a sigh and gave his friend a dark look.

Tom and B'Elanna - When did the Relationship Start

Where in the hell have you been? Aside from the Bridge, I haven't seen hide or hair of you, these past few days. Thankfully, it was not made from Leola root. With the new Fair Haven program. Speaking of that, may I ask why you didn't bother to get me to help? I thought we were going to finish the program, together. And it doesn't really suit you. A long, dry sigh filled his ears. But there's no need for you. He paused, took a deep breath and continued eating. I didn't think you would make it. A little problem developed, while we were completing the warp coil refit.

Nice to see your face in the Mess Hall, again. A long pause followed. Then, "What little problem did you have with the refit? Always one to keep the conversation flowing. B'Elanna faced the other man and recounted the problem she and her staff had encountered in Engineering, this morning.

Tom barely understood a word.

After all, he was no engineer. If the topic had been about astrophysics or even aerodynamics, he would have easily followed the conversation. After the two engineers finished discussing warp coils, B'Elanna surprised Tom by switching to a more personal topic.

Harry's eyes widen questioningly.

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Are you having any problems or. Tom glanced at Harry. The latter's face immediately assumed a mask like expression. Dinner in the Mess Hall seemed destined to be filled with little moments of silence, today. After the latest one finally passed, B'Elanna continued, "You're fine? What about your anxiety attacks?

It's just too soon.

tom and b elanna relationship problems

Memories of their quarrel flashed in the former's mind. B'Elanna gave Harry a brief, understanding smile. You know, I'm available if you need someone to talk with. Or whatever it is. I'll see you two later. When the show first came on inI wasn't too impressed with it and wound up not watching it very often. Then, I saw the season 3 episode "Blood Fever" where they hooked up for the first time. My exact thoughts were, "Tom and B'Elanna?

The series kept this relationship going and definitely appealed to the softer and more romantic side of Star Trek. And here are my reasons why they are the best. You have Tom Paris, an admiral's son, who is the ship's pilot and was in a penal colony due to his brief association with the Maquis, given a chance to redeem himself by Captain Janeway. Then you have B'Elanna Torres, the half-Klingon ex-Maquis chief engineer who was kicked out of Starfleet due to authority problems.

Paris and Torres both have images to get past when they first start working together. Paris is sociable, has some immaturity issues and is somewhat of a bad boy and smarmy skirt-chaser. Torres takes longer to become a part of the group and tends to isolate herself, and still has problems with authority at the beginning. Though different, they are both, in a sense, unruly teenagers who still have a lot of growing up to do.

Now there was always some flirtation between the two, but it began to elevate in season 3. In such episodes as "The Swarm," Paris' flirting with Torres has the undertone of him wanting to get into her pants, and in "Alter Ego," he spends a good amount of time checking her out in that gorgeous tropical dress she wears, and then is clearly stunned when she walks off with Vorik instead of him.

Then comes "Blood Fever. She's half-Klingon, so she's obviously going nuts. And guess who she happens to find herself trapped with as her hormones are going nuts? He's ready for any woman to toss her panties at him. So you'd automatically think he'd jump at the chance to take advantage of a hot half-Klingon woman, especially when Klingons are reputed to be pretty darn good lovers.

Check out this clip here: That's right, he's holding back on her. Earlier in the episode, he even tells her that he would be taking advantage of her and she would hate him for doing so, and friends don't do that.

tom and b elanna relationship problems

B'Elanna is able to arouse the good guy in Tom. Most men would have taken advantage of her, but he doesn't. Instead, he's looking out for her well being over his.

He doesn't get lucky with her that episode. The remainder of the season, however, had plenty of flirty scenes and even some awkward ones to hint at a burgeoning romance.

So now we know how she complements him. But how does he complement her? Well, she never quite gets over her temper in the series. But despite her immaturity, she does have a very grounded sense of morality.

When faced with a moral crisis, she will always do the right thing "Prototype" and "Remember" to name a few. Tom isn't quite there with his moral compass. As stated before, these two start out with the behavior of teenagers rebelling against their parents.

Paris grows up a little bit quicker than Torres, but it's a journey they ultimately complete together. Torres still struggles with insecurity and mistrust based on her strict Klingon mother's upbringing "Day of Honor," "Barge of the Dead"and being let down by friends including Seska from seasons 1 and 2, and Max Burke from "Equinox".

Even before Tom puts the make on her, he tries to bring her out of her shell. Tom takes time to study Klingon lifestyle and traditions to make her happy. Though she resists, he is still dogged, trying to show her that her Klingon lifestyle is nothing to be ashamed of "Displaced," "Day of Honor".

He is also there to cheer her on when she feels like giving up "Displaced" again. Neelix fell in love with Dexa - and she him - and he found he wanted to be with her so much that he decided to stay behind to live on the asteroid with her, her son, and the other Talaxians. Seska was disappointed that Chakotay would join Starfleet as an officer like he did.

She doubted her past feelings of love for him, but still remained obsessed with him. Seska used her relationship with him to lure him into a trap: As a good man, Chakotay wanted to help her. Luckily, he realized the deception before it was too late. He became attracted to her as she had more a presence and more responsibilities on Voyager. In a move that was out of character for Tom, because he was probably falling in love, he gave up 2 weeks of rations to gift her a locket as a present.

Kes wanted to learn piloting, so he became her instructor. The deepened his feelings for her, despite trying to stave them off. Neelix became jealous of Tom because Kes was spending quite a bit of time with him. Q first ambushes Janeway by appearing in her bed in her quarters.

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He wants Janeway to become the mother of his child. Arrogantly Q stated he could have chosen any woman in the galaxy. Not that fans expected anything to transpire - that would have really ruined Janeway as a character. He was part of a race that believed telepaths were dangerous to the Devore Imperium and conducted regular searches of ships entering their space.

Voyager had a group of empaths they rescued and managed to hide from Devore. Yes, his only plan was to trick her into exposing the telepaths, but sometimes, fake love is based on real emotions. The heartache would pass, but knowing Harry, it would also be unbearable.