The world and page of pentacles relationship

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the world and page of pentacles relationship

When the Page of Pentacles appears in your reading, you are developing a respect alone, over being distracted from your work by all of the dramas of the world. You can have a variety of different kinds of relationships with friends, families. The relationship, or the words from the other person. The feelings When I look at the page of pentacles, he's fixated on the Pentacle. It almost. I have trouble interpretating the page of pentacles on relationship to separate ourselves from the world and in periods of solitude learn, read.

He had a tanned or sallow appearance with brown or green eyes. His hair was typically described as being dark-brown or black. Remember, these are the old traditional descriptions and bear no resemblance at all to the majority of people in the world.

He may appear in your Reading bearing news of a new course of study or college application. Because the Pentacles are very concerned with the financial world, news may be business related; such as contracts, products, expansion, accounts and profits. You may be waiting on News relating to the purchase or sale of a business, or an excellent business opportunity. The need to scrutinise legal documents is advised as The Page is seen to scrutinise the Pentacle he holds for any defects.

Then again, property and land are also of great importance to the Pentacles so you may be waiting to see if your offer has been accepted on a house, whether mortgage application has been approved or planning permission granted.

The Pentacles also represent the physical body and its health so you may be waiting for results after a medical check-up. He may be asking you to pay special attention to your health at this moment in time. News of pregnancy or birth are also associated with this Page due to his connection to mother Earth and creativity.

His presence brings positivity, productivity and abundance. There may even be News of a family inheritance or legacy, and possibly a windfall. As a Messenger he may be asking you to pay special attention to your assets and possessions.

the world and page of pentacles relationship

The Page of Pentacles suggests a solid grounded start to whatever projects you are about to embark on. You are organised, prepared, and ready and waiting to get started. You are now ready to invest in your future. If you have been worried about having enough money, he is here to tell you that you have enough to get started with.

He asks you to use your money wisely and save hard whenever you can. Do not waste or squander on superfluous or frivolous items right now. Any money you have is to be used with a long-term view. Being thrifty now will reap you great rewards in the long run.

When The Page of Pentacles appears, it is time to think about your future, what you are going to do, and how you are going to establish long-term financial security.

He asks you to think success and then go out and make it happen. This Page needs to be able to see and feel the results of what he does. If you have had your head in the clouds of late and been too busy daydreaming to do anything else, he asks you to come down to earth now and get down to some serious business instead of being airy fairy.

You need to start the ball rolling, start making things happen. Manifestation is what The Page of Pentacles is all about, and nothing is going to happen if you just sit there. You want to be financially successful and secure, so you will have think about how you are going to achieve this.

Think big and go for it. Remember, there has to be a result that can be seen and felt by everyone. It is time to get started and become proactive instead of procrastinating.

Start building it stone by stone, brick by brick. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Start and work with whatever you have and make it grow one step at a time. Financial security will be yours if you want it badly enough. Think abundance and prosperity. Remember never to lose your sense of purpose.

Retain your integrity, morals and be conscientious about how you achieve your success. Start off in the right manner, build your reputation and credibility. Be remembered for all the right reasons. You certainly have splendid prospects. The Page of Pentacles appearing in your Reading can suggest that you are studying, or about to embark on a course of studies that will bring great financial rewards for you in the future. You may be starting college, and are looking forward to getting down to learning and study.

This Page augurs well for chosen careers and shows a determination to work hard and succeed. You may even be following in the career footsteps of previous family members as you continue a family tradition.

Page of Pentacles Tarot and its Meaning for Love and Happiness

In the Upright Page of Pentacles, this is something you are very happy to do and are proud and honoured to be continuing the line. A scholarly attitude is suggested, along with excellent exam performance. You are certainly aiming at achieving the highest of qualifications.

the world and page of pentacles relationship

All Pages represent students and studying, the learning stage of life, but it is The Page of Pentacles who is the most diligent and hardest working of all.

Sensible down to his toes, he is constant and consistent. Education is very important to him and he does not take it lightly. Generally, he comes from a background where high academic performance is expected, but it is also inherent within him too. He does not have to be pushed or forced in studying, and you will never find him being hauled up for poorly worked or late assignments. He paces himself well throughout his studies and will not to be found cramming, or be content with getting a simple but acceptable Pass Grade in a subject.

His presence suggests that you are aiming high and are working towards the highest possible qualifications you can achieve. This may involve making sacrifices and missing out on a hectic social life, where you may find the other Pages burning the candle at both ends.

The Page of Pentacles has his priorities in order from the start and will refuse to be budged off them by well meaning friends or colleagues. However, you will find this Page successfully combining studies while working at the same time. He reminds you to look at the Big Picture every now and then while you are beavering away in order to reconfirm your commitment and re-establish your aims. He tells you to keep your Pentacle Goal very close to you, and never let it out of your sight.

Your Pentacle holds all your desires and ambitions for your future, so make sure you dust it down regularly and examine it closely for any changes that have occurred, or details you have forgotten about. Remember why you are working so hard and what it is you ultimately want to achieve.

It will keep you on track. You certainly know what you want and where you are going. Working with the serious Element of Air enables you to carefully develop a workable plan that will yield solid results. Your are prepared to put in the necessary work in order to get there. This Page suggests that you are a no-nonsense person who just gets on with what has to be done instead of complaining and moaning about everything. You want to see results for all your hard work, so you are very industrious and productive.

Taking risks and gambling is something that is not in your nature. You favour the safe and secure, the tried and tested instead of the unsure and unknown.

This fear of risk can sometimes stand in the way of you availing of golden opportunities when they appear. Your belief is that everything has to be worked hard for, and anything that promises otherwise is not to be trusted. You prefer to earn your reward and success off your own steam. You can sometimes delay your great success by treading too carefully all the time and overdoing things, but then again, your success typically lasts longer than those who arrive at it with little effort and ahead of schedule.

This Card suggests quite a serious nature which is often stubborn and single-minded. Such seriousness in one at a young age can often be viewed as dull and boring by others.

However, both you and those closest to you, know otherwise for you have a wonderful reputation for being kind, generous, helpful and amusing. For all your hard work and gritty determination, you have quite an easy going nature about you, and a lovely genuine sense of humour. You get on well with everyone and never appear to have a hidden agenda or attitude about you. In fact you make a great friend, but prefer a small circle of close friends to a large group of acquaintances.

You value loyalty and steadfastness in your friendships. Your friends are bound to hold you in high regard and are always there to give you a help when called. The Page of Pentacles asks you to keep your word and prove yourself dependable in turn. When it comes to family you are all very close and there is a possibility that you are especially close to your mother.

She might dote on you and pamper you, preparing your favourite dishes for when you visit, and singling you out for special attention. The Page of Pentacles suggests that you have had a stable and secure upbringing, where you have been loved and well nurtured. However, this Page can sometimes highlight tension or conflict with the Father who may not be as warm-hearted and generous as the Mother.

You may not necessarily have had much money but you did not go without. In some cases there may have been substantial monetary deprivation, and if so, The Page of Pentacles shows your determination to make a success of your life and become financially secure. Childhood and family deprivation may be the driving force behind your ambition. The Page is the immature aspect of his Suit, so there is a strong message here of having patience, commitment and the ability to pace oneself.

Your Ultimate Goal may be far off in the future but this does not phase you at all. You may feel unprepared at this stage, not yet ready, and are quite content to put in considerable time learning and accumulating more information.

It is important that you are privy to all the details, and ins and outs of whatever it is you are going to get involved in. You like to fully know what you are doing, how it is going to work and what the result will be from the outset.

His presence advises you to take no short cuts or try to fast track progress right now. It will be worth the wait if you can just keep your eye on the ball and do not falter. This is no small venture you have embarked upon.

Some aspects of it can be manipulated and controlled, while other aspects will have to evolve naturally. You will have to bide your time before you see the longed for results. The Page advises you to approach the task, the issue, your situation in a practical, methodical and thorough manner.

Keep your feet firmly on the ground and think everything through very carefully. Break it up into manageable sections and deal with each one individually instead of trying to sort the whole lot together. Where possible, roll up your sleeves and apply yourself physically. Get down to the shop floor and discover for yourself what is going on.

Use your initiative and be resourceful when finding a solution to problems or challenges. The Page of Pentacles, has a strong fondness for Esotericsm and Metaphysics.

He is of the Earth, and so can suggest you are drawn to the denser Magic of Earth instead of the Celestial Realm. Therefore there may be a tendency to paganism, wicca, witchcraft not the dark artsthe faerie realm, stone circles and crystals.

Oracle Cards of choice will be Tarot instead of Angel. The Page of Pentacles is a Student of the Occult. His presence can suggest that you are thinking about embarking on a course of study in relation the older and more traditional crafts such as herbalism, palmistry or scrying with a crystal ball.

Then again, he may be highlighting your belief in, and habit of seeking out such services and therapies. This again reconfirms his need to know what his future holds for him. In his Upright Aspect, he praises you for looking after your body well, and reminds you to keep up the good work.

Make sure you put only the healthiest of food into your body, and to buy the best quality you can afford. She loves to think over decisions. They will not make a quick decision, but would rather weigh all the pros and cons. She moves very slowly, but patiently. Everything everything to be perfect, so she meticulous dots all the I's and crosses all the T's. She is a budding perfectionist and doesn't care how long it takes him to get a project done. She will learn and practice until she gets things right.

This page wants to be thorough. Unlike the Page of Wands, the Page of Pentacles finishes projects she starts. Page of Pentacles as a Message She can bring messages of inheritance, scholarships, new business opportunities. If you are expecting a message, this message will not be quick. You may have to wait for its arrival. If you are expecting a message of love look to the surrounding cards. If there are a lot of cups, then the message will eventually come in a thoughtful way.

It might be you who is sending the message. Your message will be well thought out and not miss a beat. Page of Pentacles as Advice You might want to try investing for your future. The Page of Pentacles asks you to think careful about making any big decisions and make sure they are grounded, safe and reliable.

Page of pentacles.

Make sure you are truly ready. You might even want to take a class or get a certificate to further your career. Page of Pentacles in Love If you are asking about love, this page is very secure, faithful and loving. She will be dependable, kind and soft spoken. They are very family oriented, but any Page in a reading indicates immaturity in a relationship.

The Page of Pentacles may represent a relationship that moves so slowly that it never materializes into a fully committed relationship. The Page of Pentacles in love is making future plans with this person.

They might be very focused on the new love interest. They may feel very serious about the person. Do you see how the Page of Pentacles stares at the pentacle with intention. Though, if you look closely you'll see that she is balancing the pentacle.

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She doesn't have a firm grip on it. It can sometimes suggest not having a firm handle on the relationship or situation surrounding the relationship.

It isn't the best card to get for a love reading because it can seem contradictory towards a happily ever after. The Page of Pentacles in love wants a partner who complements them.

They are not "head-over-heels" in love type. They may pick a partner based on mutual interests, compatibility and social factors.

They are slowly learning about you. If the Page of Pentacles comes up as the feeling care for a relationship reading, I would move on.

Their feelings are mature enough to endure a long-term commitment, nor are the feelings that lovely spark we see with the Page of Wands or Page of Cups. You could be embarking on a new business journey.

It denotes that you are starting at the bottom up. Though you bring with you a sense of stability. The Page of Pentacles is the apprentice card. You have to work at the bottom to get to the top. The Page of Pentacles understands this. You may have gotten a job at a dream firm, but have to do the basic work for several years before getting promoted.

This is just part of the learning process. Page of Pentacles Professions Student. Page of Pentacles Reversed When the Page of Pentacles comes up reversed, you maybe feeling slovenly and lack motivation.

You may have been working so hard at something that never seems to develop and now you are getting depressed and unhappy about it. The Page of Pentacles can indicate failing an exam probably due to lack of studying. In rare cases, the Page of Pentacles reversed can indicate learning disabilities, dyslexia or other ailments that inhibit learning. Having major tunnel vision in finishing a project.