Sulli and heechul relationship marketing

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sulli and heechul relationship marketing

You took their happiness and ruined their relationship. Who knows if their smiles Choi sulli and heechul Leeteuk, Heechul, Siwon, Super Junior, Sulli, Korean. The Choiza-Sulli scandal had so many ironies that pushed fans to face the the night at Choiza's place, SM entertainment denied any romantic relationship. They are objects to be had and if they are off the market, there isn't much . Choiza claimed that he met her at Heechul's party which was even fan. Heechul really tears up when the 3 kids that he's close too had to leave for the never expect that that day will come too soon. I cried a lot watching this.

In the case of SM Entertainment, however, such notions aren't observed; almost every year, a new scandal breaks out in which one or more idol group members cite poor working conditions at SM Entertainment as a reason for attempting to leave the company. All of their watershed moments were very public, and yet internal scandals continue to rise from the house of SM. It is with this in mind that we must ask: To explore SM Entertainment's troubled history with artist relations, you only need to start with the words that f x member Amber posted on her Instagram earlier this year.

No more," she said. She described being told she "wasn't good enough" despite often being the lone force behind her marketing plans, music, visuals and general "job hunting. While many fans are still reeling from the shock, for longtime observers of SM and Amber in particularher cry for help seems eerily familiar.

As we mentioned, Amber's statement had a similar tone and timing to one made by Henry.

sulli and heechul relationship marketing

In his own, he said "I can't do it alone any longer. It's been a mistake since 9 years ago," and reached out directly to fans by adding "if you see this message please speak on my behalf, the company won't listen to me. As it turns out, though, these incidents might not be so random, and they represent a larger problem in the way that the Korean pop industry operates. You might recall that prior to Henry and Amber's incidents with SM Entertainment, the label had a highly publicized legal battle with several original members of EXO: Kris, Luhan, and Tao.

sulli and heechul relationship marketing

All three members were Chinese, and their problems arose primarily from their own desire to work outside of the confines of their original contracts, in a way more suited to the Chinese market.

In some cases, this meant solo singles or acting. In others, this meant cosmetic endorsements. But to SM Entertainment, who had signed all three artists to an exclusive contract, it meant a conflict of interest.

As news of discord came out, all three members' activities were quietly put to a halt, until they eventually left the group entirely. As lawsuits traded hands back and forth, fans were reminded of a nearly identical situation several years prior: That was, of course, former Super Junior member Hangeng. Although his split from SM brought the label's infamous ten-plus year contracts to the attention of the public, the damage was done; he has not promoted in Korea since that time, a fate often shared by SM Entertainment's ex-artists.

That is what is being shown to the public. Hence, that is the "truth" that everyone knows. Choiza, on the other hand, is the street thug who made a career in the most gangsta way possible in Korean entertainment. He is not conventionally good looking and hangs around equally thug friends who have been involved with drugs and other controversies that make Koreans question their morality.

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When photos of Sulli walking hand in hand with Choiza came out, together with photos that seem to indicate Sulli spent the night at Choiza's place, SM entertainment denied any romantic relationship. Immediately, speculations came about that the two are indeed in a relationship based on other photos and incidences that netizens generously scrutinized.

With no more word from either party, it looked like the rumor was going to die a natural death until Choiza lost his wallet containing photos of Choiza and him. This was followed by another photo of them on a date. SM then confirmed the relationship and so did Amoeba, Choiza's agency.

There was so much anger towards the relationship and that is presumably the reason SM asked Sulli to go on an indefinite hiatus. Netizens accused Sulli of being a hypocrite and a liar while Choiza was insulted for dating someone out of his league. Many fans expect Sulli to date another idol or a rich businessman or a Hollywood actor or a Prince. They felt she is stupid or dating Choiza while Choiza is an opportunist for hooking up with someone so young and fresh.

These reactions, no matter how silly, isn't at all that surprising. Koreans always reserve the right to demand a certain behavior from the celebrities they support and that includes their romantic relationships.

Why Are Idols "forbidden" to fall in Love It is no secret that contracts if idols include a "no dating clause". There are few companies that don't impose this but they are few and far between. The question is why do companies even forbid it. Sex Objects It's hard to deny that celebrities are packaged in such a way that when you watch them grind their hips, it's like world peace depend on it.

sulli and heechul relationship marketing

They come up with photos like the one below even though it contributes to neither the form nor content of the material they are promoting. With it comes the illusion of availability. They sell their looks and fantasy of their bodies. They are objects to be had and if they are off the market, there isn't much point in selling them, right? For fans to support these celebrities, they should be, no matter how remotely, available for the fans.

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Fans must be given that slight glimmer of hope that they have a chance. It's All About Image When boy bands or girl groups are formed, members are given an identity. There is the leader, the cute maknae youngestthe mysterious, the boy next door, the innocent and pure, and a whole lot of other personalities. In Korean entertainment, the "art" is a secondary concern.

Fans support celebrities based on their personalities. That is why new boy bands are given reality shows and are thrown into variety shows. If these celebrities manage to get attention, they garner fans even before their album is launched. In a sense, their popularity determines how much further investment their agency will make. Sometimes, the management company isn't the one to assign the celebrity's image. DBSK famously said they were the ones who decided on their image.

DBSK, along with others, take on this image because they recognize the importance is building a distinct personality that will make them rise above others or they trust their agency knows what thy are doing.

The bottom line is that these supposed artists are packaged and made to sell their personalities from the get go. From the get go, the market is provided with an image of a celebrity and based on this image, they provide their support. It was not that celebrity's craft or work that is sold, it's their personality. As such when it is proven to be a fake, fans feel betrayed and no one likes being betrayed. Their Personal Life is No One's Business I ultimately agree that anyone's personal life is no one's business but if these idols agree too, they would not sign the contract or get into the industry.