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However, when Jin Kazama finally finds Ryu, they both discover how much " Look kid, trust me. Charlie, Julia put me on the couch and eventually into marriage counseling. Master Goutetsu only had Gouken and Akuma. For Street Fighter IV on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ryu and Akuma's relationship(spoilers)". Street Fighter Alpha 2: Gouken's student, Ryu, has tracked Akuma down, and . regarding the symbolicry of Akuma and Ryu's relationship if you know this. . Silly Capcom of America and Capcom of Japan really don't trust each other very.

At any rate, Akuma randomly jumped in surprising the heck out of M. That wasn't so tough [Official]. Street Fighter 3 Double Impact: Akuma develops "the ultimate technique", Kongou-kokuretsuzan. It is so powerful that it splits an entire mountain, Ayers Rock, in half!

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Considering that he's a secret character, I'm pretty sure he didn't register and sign up for the tournament, just like how he didn't sign up for the SF2 tournament. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: Akuma is still training. He has developed himself so much that he is now powerful enough to do inhuman acts, such as stay deep under the ocean. While training there, he uses the Tenshoukairekijin, which accidentally destroys a boat above and a submarine nearby. Where Is He Now: As shown by SF3 dialogue, Akuma still waits for Ryu to get better to become a worthy match even though officially, Ryu has since then given up Satsu no Hadou, he still is improving and still has potential or to find a worthy match out there.

Akuma himself is always training, also [Conjecture based off in-game storyline]. Miscellaneous Facts and Notes Surprise! Akuma's fighting style is NOT shotokan. He's an Ansatsuken fighter ditto for Ken and Ryu, except they use a style of Ansatsuken that's been toned down in terms of lethal killingness. Shotokan is a mistranslation by Capcom of America, and in fact the 'shoto-scrubs' as some people like to call them fight nothing like the real-life style of Shotokan.

Just like how Blanka fights nothing like Capoeira. Strange Capcom of America.

Have you ever wondered why Akuma and Ryu were so similar?

Both Gouki and Gen use Ansatsuken. Gouki uses Ansatsuken but with more karate, judo, taekwondo and koppo elements to it. Gen actually should have more styles but I guess it'd be too hard to put it all into the game. I can't remember all of them but I think it was Mantis, Crane, Tiger, Bear, err, can't remember the rest. Ryu tand Ken use a toned down version that Gouken taught them that isn't designed to kill, unlike Gen's and Akuma's style.

Akuma's brother is Gouken. His master as well as Gouken's master was Goutetsu.

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Goutetsu's the older more wrinkly looking one. Akuma fought and killed Gouken while Ryu was fighting in the SF1 tournament. He fought and killed Goutetsu, too. Not that anyone, including Capcom, seems to really care, though. P Akuma and Ryu and probably Ken, too have met before SFA2 Akuma is Ryu's master's brother, after allthough the dialogue in the Japanese version and the US version, though the Japanese version is a lot more clear shows that they haven't seen each other in a while of course, a guy like Akuma doesn't socialize often.

Gouken, however, disliked killing and didn't teach it to Ken or Ryu, instead teaching them a toned down version of Ansatsuken. Akuma uses satsu no hadou. It is unclear if Goutetsu used it or not, though. Gouken, meanwhile, developed a completely different art from Goutetsu and Akuma's.

While it looks similar, the method used to draw ki is completely different. Capcom hasn't stated how it's different, though. Ryu didn't see Gouken battle his brother Akuma. Gouken's daughter saw it, but she disappeared after that. Gouken's daughter has no official name though Ryu and Ken called her 'Little Miss'. There are two official arts of her, though they differ greatly from each other so it's hard to tell which one's supposed to be correct.

Ken also arrived near the end of the battle and was able to witness it. The fact that Gouken had a daughter seems to have been forgotten by Capcom and thus will probably never resurface the official arts of her come from ooooooold official sources and you can't find the fact that Gouken has a daughter except in really old sources, too. Capcom probably didn't even finalize what she is supposed to look like, considering that the two official arts of her look completely different from each other.

The 2 Versions of Gouken's daughter: Imagine Yuri with hair like Mai's well, a bit longer and wears a yellow gi. Give her an elbow pad. Curl the pants up to her knees. Give her a white gi. Curl her pants to her knees and give her the same beads Gouki has.

She never made it past the story and sketches. Goutetsu was killed by the Shungokusatsu. How Gouken was killed is unknown. What happens during the shungokusatsu is that they go to hell.

The demons in hell will attack the person even if they're sin free or not. They're demons, they'll go at anything. But with evil characters, their past sins will also haunt on top of the demons attacking them for that split second.

Gen survives this because he empties his spirit, heart and mind. One of the reasons why Gouken has the kanji "Mu" on his back. It's really not about how strong the person is but how tuned and focused they are with their mind and soul. The user is in danger during the Shun Goku Satsu, too, if he isn't prepared.

Both the user and the target go to hell. Evil Intent is a mistranslation. It's supposed to be Killing Intent. There's a significant difference regarding the symbolicry of Akuma and Ryu's relationship if you know this. There, it's called Murderous Intent Killing intent, murderous intent Akuma doesn't become Shin Akuma. Akuma IS Shin Akuma, except that he holds back punches and uses only a small percent of his power.

He does this because he doesn't want to unnecessarily kill anyone who he feels aren't out to kill him in the first place. The Japanese character for Shin is different for him. Told me that I lost him a grand. He thought with all my fame, paying him back double would be no problem especially since he was going to spare my life.

Naturally I sent his gun flying and he ran away, but if he would have pulled that trigger. Ever since he and Eliza had a son, he became more mature and protective. No longer was he the reckless red head who was itching for a fight every second of the day. With a heavy sigh, Ken got up and left the door with the rest of the fighters following suit except for Chun Li.

It's dangerous for you to be wandering the world the way you do. She wrapped her arms around Ryu from behind as he looked out the window. It's not the settling down part that's the issue. You know that Li. When she first met Ryu, it was unusual for him to smile or laugh unless he was eating. He was always so serious, so focused, but Chun Li brought out the best in him.

As she jumped off his back, Ryu quickly spun around and caught her before she could get away. Not that she really tried all that hard. She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a quick peck. She had tried for years to get him to move in with her. Even though they agreed to have an open relationship, neither one of them had been with anyone else. At first, Ryu didn't want to leave a "girlfriend" waiting for him, but Chun Li was more than a girlfriend to him.

My warrior did not just say 'real talk'. Oh goodness Ryu, you're too adorable sometimes. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Chun Li, tell me that you want me. Like on this table right here, right now? With every one in the other room? Ryu Hoshi, if you stop now, I will kick your ass. You'll want to hear this," Ryu stopped what he was doing and stared into her eyes, "I think it's time we take our relationship to the next level.

That I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I love you Chun Li. She felt like she dreaming. She felt like she was going to throw up all the butterflies in her stomach. This feeling was more intense than anything she had ever felt.

She almost burst into tears. Ryu went down for a kiss, but Chun Li was breathless. Her expression made Ryu laugh again. Everyone ran back into the room. The sight of Ryu on top of Chun Li who's blouse was half unbuttoned was almost too much for everyone to process. Sakura broke down in tears. Ken, Guile, and Fei Long started to cheer for their friend, but nothing could prepare them for what was coming next.

Ryu backed away from Chun Li, and naturally she sat up. The room was silent. The world seemed to stop for everyone. Sakura's crying seemed to be muted. Both Eliza and Julia embraced their men and became teary eyed.

Ryu, the world warrior, was down on one knee in front of the strongest woman in the world holding a diamond ring.