Ryder and kitty relationship

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ryder and kitty relationship

Also Artie," Kitty laughed as she agreed with Ryder. "I think Mr. Schue is bad with relationships. I mean first he got divorced from a wife who. Ryder (Blake Jenner) holds out performing at Regionals until his As Will and Emma seal their vows with a kiss, the camera pans back to. The Ryder-Unique Relationship (also known as Katie-Ryder Relationship) is the Ryder asks Kitty if she's Katie, she says no and the two of them dating would.

He is eventually convinced by an online chat friend, Katie Fitzgerald, that Unique's reality is that she is a female inside, and apologizes to her and to Jake and Marley as well. When he sees her in the hall at McKinley and realizes she is a student there, he arranges to serenade her with Elton John 's " Your Song ".

Ryder-Unique Relationship

She is flattered, but completely puzzled as to why he would do so: Later, at glee club practice, two gunshots are heard in the school—the classroom is barricaded and everyone takes cover. Ryder, even though hurt by Katie's deception, decides to call her cell phone—he feels that close to her still—and a phone starts ringing in across the room, in one of the backpacks. When he finally hangs up, the ringing stops. Eventually, the all clear is given.

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Ryder later sings " Everybody Hurts ", and tells the glee club that he was molested by his babysitter when he was eleven years old. Two of the guys in the club, Sam and Artiefail to understand why this was a traumatic thing, but Kitty does, and later tells Ryder that she herself had been molested.

Kitty later asks Ryder out for an impromptu snack, but he is in the middle of a conversation with Katie, and asks her if they could try some other time.

ryder and kitty relationship

She is hurt by his refusal, and declines. His withdrawal would deprive the club of the twelfth member it needs to compete. In a tense moment, Marley confesses to being Katie, but it later turns out that she was covering for Unique, who finally admits to Ryder that she had initially posed as Katie because she liked him, but knew he would not accept her given the way she actually looks; she balked at revealing herself because she did not want to lose the relationship they had.

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Ryder tells her that he will never speak to her again, and announces in glee club that although he will compete at Regionals, afterward he would be quitting immediately; New Directions goes on to win Regionals.

After Regionals, Ryder is still participating in the glee club. Over time, it is evident that Ryder still has feelings for Marley, especially in the episode " Movin' Out ": The two go on a date, but afterward, Marley says that she is not ready for another relationship after her recent break up.

After ake finishes the song, Marley, overcome with guilt, confesses that she knew Ryder had selected the gifts, and that he had kissed her when she approached him about it, causing Jake to furiously leave the room. Feud During one glee-club lessons, Ryder receives the praise from Will that he had denied Finn, in an effort to get revenge on his former student.

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Also, after hearing from Marley that Ryder had kissed her, Unique tries to make him stop meddling with Jake and Marley's relationship. However, when Ryder casually revers to Unique as a boy, she also demands that he refer to her as female. As Ryder refuses, she pushes him. Ryder later discusses this incident with an acquaintance named "Katie" that he had made online.

Kitty-Marley Relationship

Not being aware of having acted wrong towards Unique, he is adviced by Katie to resolve the conflict by singing with her, since it is feud-week in glee-club. Afterwards, they seem eager to make up, but when Ryder refuses to say that he thinks Unique is a girl, she leaves the choir-room visibly hurt.

Ryder turns to "Katie" to discuss his confusion regarding Unique with her.

ryder and kitty relationship

During a gathering of the glee-club underclassmen, he then approaches Unique to apologize to her, and also Jake to apologize for kissing Marley. At the end of the episodes, he admits to "Katie" that he feels as if he has moved on from Marley. It had become apparent towards the episode, that he seems to be devloping feelings for "katie" instead. He asks "Katie" if they could meet in person, but "katie" simply logs off without replying. Shooting Star Thinking he recognizes "Katie" from the pictures she had said depict her, Ryder leads a girl at school into the empty choir-room, where he serenades her with Your Song.

ryder and kitty relationship

In the subsequent conversation, however, it becomes clear that the girl he had just serenaded is not the same person he had been chatting with. Both, Ryder and the girl, conclude that someone had taken pictures of her to catfish him.

He immediately suspects Jake or Marley to be behind the cat-fishing, but they both deny any claims. During the shooting, Ryder calls "Katie"'s number, in an attempt to make potentially last amends with her. He is surprised to then hear a phone ringing inside the choir-room, to which he concludes that "Katie" must be in glee-club with him. When Ryder meets up at the time "Katie" had arranged with him, he is disappointed when it becomes clear that he is being stood up.

Lights Out As the glee-club is tasked with singing songs unplugged during practice, Ryder decides to "unplug his feelings" in addition to singing a song unplugged.