Rin and sesshomaru relationship problems

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rin and sesshomaru relationship problems

and no one really has a problem with it, albeit they might be a little queasy from the Despite what anyone may have been told by a rabid Sesshoumaru/Rin the argument AGAINST a romantic relationship between Sesshoumaru and Rin, . SessRin is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between .. which was to be used if Sesshōmaru came seeking advice about Tenseiga; it would. 18) But isn't Sesshomaru's relationship with Rin too deep/unique to .. she is " older", it still isn't healthy-there's still a whole bunch of problems.

But now, there are too many people who shamelessly depict such heroines as if they just want such girls as pets, and things are escalating more and more. Are eyebrows raised since he goes against the grain of Japanese culture?

I personally don't think Hayao Miyazaki is an anomaly, so I believe Takahashi could have intended Rin to see her protector in a solely filial light. Let me just say this: Takahashi IS Japanese, she went out of her way to make Rin a small child, she out of her way to make Sess realize that to make oneself stronger is not worth the sacrifice of Rin's life when he couldn't revive her in the arc Hell episode.

He wasn't thinking of Rin as a mate but as his child that he was responsible for. Any parent would have felt guilty for putting their own child in harm's way.

Takahashi continued to go out of her way to make Kohaku constantly protecting Rin's life when they were inside hell and inside Naraku, thus making him a worthy mate for her. When they were inside Naraku and Sess couldn't scent her, he was acting like any parent worried in search for their kid.

Takahashi was not indicating anything other than making Rin be the child that can make Sess understand through unconditional love that all humans are not bad.

By him bringing her a kimono, it was a clear understanding that he still is responsible for her and continued in providing care, just like any parent does when their kids are growing. This is Takahashi's answer to all of those people who want something that is not there.

He is her care taker, her protector, her father figure NOT some emotionally, unstable guy that will warp the affections of a small child because he is incapable of finding someone for himself. It is so insulting to say the least and extremely offensive to what Takahashi intended.

However, it's not simply an issue of "in historical times". More importantly, reading up on historical attitudes shows that such unions are - as they are in the modern day - highly controversial. There are rules attached, and usually specific non-romantic reasons for these unions to have occurred in the first place political alliance, wealth, titles, etc. In such cases, rules govern the behaviour of the oldern man towards his new, young bride - in many cultures, the marriage may have taken place when the girl was 12 or 14 or whatever age, but consumation of the marriage was delayed for a few years until the girl was classified by the definitions of the day as a "woman".

In examples where consumation happened quickly, despite the bride's young age, controversy would inevitably follow. The idea that "it happened in historical times" doesn't sit well with me because it implies that it was universally accepted without restriction in historical times and it's universally unaccepted without restriction in modern times. This implication just isn't true.

It happened then and it still happens now - but it's never been fully accepted nor fully denied. In fact, though it is a popular thing, there's just as many people who oppose it as well-kind of like how gay couples, same-sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion, divorce, and interracial marriage which are all more common in the US are seen over here.

It is definitely not a normal thing that is accepted by everyone, there is much controversy over it, and this person obviously jumped to conclusions after talking to only one party-the side that supports it. So, the real question would be, does Rumiko Takahashi support such relationships? The situation was used to solidify my character as a pervert and a lecher.

They didn't care if she was now fourteen and I was seventeen-they were still disgusted and thought I was taking advantage of her naivete. And keep in mind, the age gap between Miroku and Koharu isn't as large as the one between Sesshomaru and Rin-on top of that, Miroku does not have a paternal relationship with Koharu.

I'm not from this manga, but I'm from a Rumiko Takahashi manga. Does anyone remember how, earlier on, I had a crush on Dr. Tofu, who was around years older than me? It turns out later than Dr.

Tofu was head-over-heels for my older sister Kasumi, who was the same age as him. After being mocked over and over, I got over my initial crush very easily, and came to see Dr. Tofu and Kasumi as a cute couple. My point is that even before then, Rumiko had been mocking those kind of relationships. She'd always been portraying them as utterly ridiculous and something only a lecherous, perverted, and twisted adult would pursue.

rin and sesshomaru relationship problems

Read the manga, people! It's blatant that this author does NOT support such relationships! There was benefit that came from marrying them. Marriage back then was very often not a matter of feelings-especially for royalty, who have a duty to their people. A lord did not commonly go and pick up a random peasant girl and say "oh, that's my true love, let's train her and marry her". When picking future brides, they only looked at girls that came with the best backgrounds, who had notable parents, political power, money, and other things that would work in that lord and his people's favor.

I can definitely imagine a situation of Rin growing up and longing for her lord. It's very easy to imagine that. But in my mind, would Sesshomaru ever receive and accept that type of affection? She would become just like any other courtesan. I think Sesshomaru cares for Rin, for her innocence, compassion, cheerfulness, etc though he'd never admit itbut I don't think that's romance.

To me, romance has always held banter, and Rin and Sesshomaru would never banter. Yes, they all agree he lives long, but they don't really look at the myth. Actually in mythology, beings such as Sess wouldn't think twice about taking their own sister as a mate.

So, I say go by mythology standards. It's a wonderful thing! And them meeting when they do just makes their love stronger. I am really getting a little frustrated about fanfiction being down and all.

Well, I hope they fix it soon. And good to see you to Ment!: Since we can't make a new story we can always turn the ones, we know we can't finish due to lost of interest or otherwise, and turn to stories we want to do. Please reply to me. Oh and Di, so kawaii to be chatting with you on here too, we meet in so many many places and still have glad to see each other.

You could always ask the reviewers how they feel about you changing the story, you could simply start a new story and forget about the one you started there are some unfinished stories out there or put a note on the old story stating you have no inspiration at the moment and will write a different story but will finish the first one when inspiration hits.

I am on my third story and am having a hard time with it, writing isn't my strong point, drawing is so filling out chapters takes me a while. That sounds good to me!: D Yes, it is so kawaii how we meet at so many places and are always happy to see each other! Some of them were alright, but I didn't like the trends that were set. Either he betrayed Kags or died.

It would be like the Kagome vs Kikyo thing all over again. There's no debate about it: Unlike a lot of people, I started out reading them with an OPEN mind, probably because I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. But what I found, I liked. Portrayed in the right manner, these two have a very loving relationship, and it makes sense, as Rin is the only one Sessho seems to care about, that when she grows older their friendship turns to love.

And it would be blissfully ironic for Sessho to turn out exactly as his father, falling for a mortal girl.


If Rin was Sessho's daughter, would that make Jaken his son? Rin and Jaken are his only friends, the only people he has to protect 3rd movie.

Sesshomaru and Rin: A father/daughter tribute

His friendship with Rin can easily grow to love as she matures. This pairing makes perfect sense to me, I just don't understand why people reject it so quickly. In fact she's the only one he actually cares about really, even Jaken admits she's treated way better then him, and its obvious. Obviously not till she's older and understands, and it's obvious she'd feel something after a while, as he takes so long to age and when she's like 18 he'll still look 19 haha. Anything is possible, but seriously not Sess and Kagome because we already know who she ends up with.?

And Kagura is kind of dead. All I'm saying is I see this pairing happening so obviously when she's older and I can't help but adore it. Doesn't that mean that he loves her? Is it just because he is older? Doesn't that mean that he's courting Rin since his father had an affair with a human? Wasn't that traditionally a courting gift, only given by a mother or a suitor? How DOES she feel about it? It's love, not sex, so why does it matter if it's romantic love and not platonic?

Doesn't the fact that he doesn't feed her and makes her get her own food mean that he's not a father figure? They were also two centuries apart! Kagura is only nine months old! Doesn't that mean that he's not a father figure now, and he didn't raise her and he isn't brainwashing her? Aren't you a westerner and writing from a western perspective, therefore making your points invalid? I'm an actual Asian person who was born and raised in Asia.

Sesshomaru dove into Hell to save Rin and all that! Indeed, he loves her. But that does not mean that he loves her like a lover. There's nothing that Sesshomaru has done for Rin that any good father wouldn't have done for his little girl.

Concerned parents will exhibit the exact same kind of devotion to their children. What good father wouldn't risk life and limb for his daughter? Kohaku also dove into hell along with Sesshomaru in order to save Rin. Sesshomaru cringed when Rin died, but Jaken shed physical tears over Rin's death and was happy when she was brought back though Jaken said that he was only crying because Sesshomaru wouldn't and he was crying in Sesshomaru's place, Jaken found out that Rin was gonna die before Sesshomaru did, so the tears were probably real.

Are Kohaku and Jaken also in romantic love with Rin? Rin and Sesshomaru, while they are shown to love each other, have zero romantic connotations whatsoever.

In fact, Rin is HAPPY about Kagura having romantic feelings for Sesshomaru Rin even tells Jaken that they should trust Kagura more because of this, seemingly trying to get them closer together and actively ROOTS for Sesshomaru and Kagura to get together in a romantic manner-things that Rumiko Takahashi, who is the absolute Queen of love triangles and jealousy, would NEVER have put in there if she had meant for Rin to be Sesshomaru's love interest-specifically saying that this is not a romantic thing in nature, but a strictly platonic thing.

This happens in episode of the anime and chapter of the manga. This is especially noteworthy in a Takahashi manga because anybody that actually knows anything about Rumiko Takahashi knows that her favorite method of establishing romantic relationships is to have the characters start showing jealousy over one another, so the fact that neither Sesshomaru nor Rin ever show jealousy over each other and that Rin actively roots for Sesshomaru to get together with somebody else in a romantic manner proves that their relationship is not a romantic relationship.

All of the other characters get upset and jealous when they see their love interests with someone else. Kagome gets upset and jealous when she sees Inuyasha together with Kikyo, Sango gets upset and jealous when Miroku flirts with other women, etc. And yet Rin's reaction to the thought of Sesshomaru getting together with someone else is to go "yipeeee! Sesshomaru will also do the same thing.

Rin will sit there and get super close to Kohaku and Sesshomaru won't show an ounce of jealousy. As a matter of fact, he seems to want the two of them to get closer to each other and leaves Rin and Kohaku together all the time.

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It doesn't matter if Rin and Kohaku weren't romantically involved, Inuyasha gets super jealous of Koga if Kagome even talks to Koga in a friendly way, so why doesn't Sesshomaru show jealousy over Rin? Because it's not a romantic thing in nature. When Koharu came in and everyone found out that Miroku had proposed to an eleven year old girl to bear his child, they were shocked, disgusted and revolted by the fact that Miroku, a grown man the age of adulthood during the feudal era was 14 so Miroku was an adult by the standards of that time when he proposed to Koharuhad proposed to a child manga chapterpage 8.

The situation was portrayed as being something that was perverted. They didn't care that Koharu had returned to Miroku when she was older and of marrying age. All of the other characters still freaked out and thought that it was disgusting, regardless of the fact that Koharu had come back to Miroku when she was grown up. That tells you quite a lot about how Rumiko Takahashi, the person who wrote that scene, feels about this kind of thing.

She's made it pretty clear that she finds it to be ridiculous. He has power over her. He makes rules for her. And no, she is not a servant-a servant like Jaken gets ordered to do things that benefit Sesshomaru Jaken is obedient to Sesshomaru because he is Sesshomaru's servant. Rin is not a servant so why is she obedient to Sesshomaru? Rumiko Takahashi's romantic couples always act like they're equals.

That signifies that they are not equals but that Sesshomaru is the authority figure towards Rin.

rin and sesshomaru relationship problems

So they can't be lovers. They can't be "just friends". They're not brother and sister since they don't share a parent figure like siblings do.

Father and daughter makes sense since he is raising her. Rin has only disobeyed Sesshomaru once during the river incident and is usually very obedient to him. Don't tell me that she's obedient to him because he's her guardian. You don't dive into hell to save someone who is merely a ward.

You don't say something like "nothing is worth the cost of Rin's life" for someone who is merely a ward! You say that for your daughter! Don't tell me that she's obedient to him because he's her elder. Inuyasha is Shippo's elder, but Shippo isn't obedient to Inuyasha. Totosai is older than Inuyasha and Sesshomaru and they're not obedient to Totosai. And yes, he is raising her. Only after Sesshomaru steps in does she clean up. Only after Sesshomaru tells her to feed herself does she start to do so-and never even actually by herself, he always leaves Jaken there to babysit her.

At first Rin was so emotionally dependent on Sesshomaru that during his absence, she'd do nothing but wait for him curled up in a ball-and she took his instructions so literally that it's ridiculous. Slowly, after social interaction with Sesshomaru and Jaken who was assigned to the babysitter role by Sesshomaru she starts talking more and more, and reaching out to other people-until the end, when Rin can live away from Sesshomaru without being emotionally crushed and has grown more independent of him.

Also, why does Sesshomaru appoint Rin a babysitter? Lovers don't appoint babysitters for their lovers. That's something that a parent does for their child. And don't tell me that it's because you can't leave a kid alone by themselves, Kohaku is also a child and he was left alone with no one to watch over him all the time Naraku sends him out alone to do things like when Kohaku waited for Kagura to drop off the kidnapped Rin by himself in manga chapterSesshomaru leaves Kohaku to watch over Rin by himself even though Kohaku is only a child as well, etc.

The fact that Rin roots for Sesshomaru to get together with somebody else which means that this isn't a romantic thing in nature but a platonic thing, the fact that Sesshomaru is an adult and Rin is a pre-pubescent child, the fact that they love each other dearly, the fact that he provides for her by bringing her kimonos and protects her, the fact that they live together, the fact that she gains her independence from him, the fact that he appoints her babysitters, and the fact that she's obedient to him meaning that he's the authority figure in the relationship etc.

But Sesshomaru's mother said that Sesshomaru was becoming like his father! Sesshomaru's father did not just have a human mistress. His father was also a symphathizer of humans in general, as evidenced by the fact that he wanted Inuyasha to use the Tessaiga to protect humans as Myoga stated in manga chapter 18, page So it may merely mean that he's learning to care about humans.

Isn't Sesshomaru keeping in touch with Rin by visiting her and bringing her gifts? But how in the world does that mean that it's a romantic thing? Rumiko wrote that scene in order to show that although Rin is living with humans for her safety and is gaining independence from her parent figure like all children dothey're still in touch, like children and parents tend to do after the child moves out of the house. Parents visit their grown children after they leave, sometimes bringing them gifts.

And most children, even after they move out, still do depend on their parent figures from time to time for financial assistance and need help.

Family members very often visit each other and bring each other gifts. Is a father courting his daughter when he picks up a little something for her? I grew up in foster care in different living arrangements, and depending on the circumstances, kids that want to see their parents have visits. The parents come to visit the kids, sometimes take them out places, and they usually bring gifts. This is what gives a lot of kids in foster care something to look forward to.

When I saw the last chapter, it immediately reminded me of that, so I was shocked when people started using even that as so-called 'evidence' of Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship being a romantic thing. But he gave her a kimono. Rin's mother is DEAD. The only clothes that Kaede can provide for Rin are miko robes, like the robes that Kaede gave to Kagome to wear even before she was training as one manga chapter 6, page 6.

Who provided the girl's kimono if the girl had no mother? The father or the father figure. Does that mean that he's courting her? And while it's true that kimonos can sometimes have romantic connotations, the keyword is sometimes.

The same way that flowers are also traditionally courting gifts-well, pretty much everywhere-espcially a bouquet. Flower bouquets are usually also traditionally courting gifts.

And yet, does that mean that Kohaku and Sango are a couple? Though it only happens in the anime, the anime writers made it so that Kohaku gave Sango something that was traditionally a courting gift, but they only meant it as a platonic display of affection.

So I think that it's very possible that Rumiko Takahashi could've meant the kimono as merely a platonic display of affection as well. Kagura and Kanna received their kimonos from Naraku as well we can assume this, because let's face it, where else would they have gotten their kimonos? In manga chapterpage 11, Kagura goes and finds Hakudoshi a kimono because Hakudoshi told her to go and find him some clothes.

Is Kagura courting Hakudoshi? Does that mean that Naraku is courting Kagura and Kanna? What about the Tale Of Genji and other works where things like this happened? Just because it happened in one book that has nothing to do with Inuyasha or Rumiko Takahashi, does that means that that's what's happening here? Murasaki and Genji have nothing in common with Sesshomaru and Rin. Genji takes a liking to Murasaki because she looks like Fujitsubo, who he is obsessed with.

When her family won't give her to him cause she's viewed as being too young, he outright kidnaps her. He does send her to train in a palace to learn about noble life, etiquette, sewing, dyeing, etc.

He continues to be involved with tons of other women and the book ends when their relationship is so damaged, Murasaki leaves him to become a nun. Then she dies, and then Genji dies. So exactly what does Genji and Murasaki's situation have anything at all in common with Sesshomaru and Rin's situation? Hell, even the Inu-Kik-Kag triangle has more in common with The Tale Of Genji with the whole "initially-liking-someone-because-they-look-like-somebody-else" thing.

Go here for more information on what happens in the Tale Of Genji: But didn't that kind of thing happen all the time historically, with the Japanese lords having child brides? So that makes it okay?

rin and sesshomaru relationship problems

Historically, black people were kept as slaves and people thought that the Earth was flat. Does that mean that it's okay to keep black people as slaves? That means that the Earth is flat? Plus if you wanted to be historically accurate, if you read the Tale of Genji, when the Japanese lords had child brides, they were sent to live with nobility in order to learn about noble life, etiquette, art, calligraphy etc.

That is what happens to Murasaki in the Tale Of Genji and since the Tale Of Genji was written during the Heian era by someone who actually lived during that time period, I'd assume that it's pretty historically accurate. This link will tell you that Genji trains Murasaki in his Nijo palace, in the summary for chapter 5: This is not what Rin is doing at the end.

Rin is sitting in a peasant village, acting as a midwife and living with a miko, which is a complete and total death-knell to her ability to perform at Sesshomaru's rank.