Psycho pass akane and shinya relationship poems

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psycho pass akane and shinya relationship poems

Like the second episode at the mall where we see the crazy guy about but psychopass is unique in that non of the MCs enter relationships, . The series hints enough romance to get by with shippings of Kogami x Akane. First the allucinations Akane has of Kogami in S2. For a most recent one, I'll quote from the movie, after Akane's friend, Kaori, Psycho-Pass. Okay yea not a happy happy one that comes later. But I was reading on that shooting earlier and found a YouTube vid made for it. it's.

She is the main heroine and point of view character in Psycho-Passas stated by Director Naoyoshi Shiotani. Contents [ show ] Appearance Tsunemori is a young woman with pale skin, short brown hair and large brown eyes.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship poems

Her office uniform consists of a white blouse with a dark gray blazer and thigh-length skirt. Her operations uniform usually consists of a police jacket over her work attire, with WPC and emblazoned on each arm.

She still wears her police jacket over her work attire. Her casual clothes include a black woolen coat, a pink sports suit and a yellow bedgown.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship poems

She also likes to wear various holo clothing over her suit. As time goes on, however, she is revealed to be intelligent, compassionate and insightful as an Inspector.

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She agonizes over the purpose of her existence, which is an uncommon trait when compared to the other characters. She can sometimes be headstrong and gets angry or upset at people for doing things with which she heavily disagrees.

An example of this is when she is unable to kill the murderer Shogo Makishima not once, but twice: Makishima is a very moral person, strangely enough, if you define morality as having strong internal convictions about what's right and what's wrong. His morals are just the opposite of what we associate with good and bad, because he doesn't place an inherent value on human life.

He does believe that the strong should have the unlimited right to act upon the weak, for their own amusement or otherwise. But is he the strongest?

Akane and Kogami - Psycho Pass Movie

The Parable of the Sower — the Bible Finally, the conclusion — Makishima has learned the truth about the Sybil System and resolved to take it down once and for all.

He plans to destroy Japan's food supply in one fell swoop by messing with its agriculture, which has become one huge wheat monoculture. Before his final showdown with Kogami, Makishima sits around reading the bible, particularly one famous passage — the Parable of the Sower. The parable describes a man who sows seeds in various locations. While the majority die from falling on infertile ground, the bounty from those that survive far exceeds the initial supply. In the Bible, Jesus uses this to say that despite short term obstacles, his preaching will prevail through individuals of deep faith.

In other words, the truth will prevail.

Akane Tsunemori

Incidentally, Makishima also takes this moment to totally crush out on Kogami even harder than Akane does. In his own twisted way, Makishima takes on a similar role to Jesus in the Parable of the Sower. Sure, Makishima is a terrible, destructive person, but he was a "messiah" set to shatter Sybil's essential dysfunction. His actions awaken Akane, who becomes a force for positive change under Sybil's administration.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship poems

While Kogami's ultimate moral standing is ambiguous, he progresses from a powerless extension of Sybil's authority to someone who acts on his own beliefs. Makishima is a very bad man, but he's not Psycho-Pass 's symbol of true evil.

That's the Sybil System, which operates on the misguided belief that one group of people psychopaths are superior, capable of judging the rest, and ultimately penalizes people just for having emotions. Sybil isn't the objective, omniscient arbitrator that it claims to be. Eventually, he leaves Japan altogether and becomes a leading force in a conflict in Shambala Float involving Colonel Wong 's army and a guerrilla group.

During high school, he meets Nobuchika Ginoza and they become close friends after Kogami saves Ginoza from bullies. While in high school, Kogami majors in social science and takes up kickboxing and wrestling as hobbies, rarities as such since students only study these arts as a means of stress reduction.

Shinya Kogami

He graduates at the top of his class and scores points on the same entry exam Tsunemori takes. He later follows his best friend, Ginoza, in becoming an Inspector and entering Division 3. Kogami as an Inspector. Though warned to stay detached, Kogami and Sasayama become friends.