Pokemon ash and misty relationship

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pokemon ash and misty relationship

However, it was of course possible that many girls (including Pokémon-girls!) fell ryboarder of the animated series revealed that Misty and Ash really like each. Misty is the first girl to ever travel with Ash. Misty first met Ash after he took her bike in order to get away from a flock of Spearow. Ever since, Misty travels with. Misty is one of the most well known and loved Pokemon characters, but Fans of the Misty and Ash relationship have adopted the song as.

In The Heartbreak of Brock Misty says "Take it from me, it's a lot easier to like someone who likes you than to like someone who doesn't.

In "love pokemon style" a girl named Macy Wants a date with Ash, but Misty says he's booked. In Beauty and the beach Ash takes a long stare at Misty in bathing suit and says that she looks like a girl.

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In Princess vs Princess Misty Wants to enter a contest where one of the prices is a picture with a Star called Fiorella. Ash says "You must really want that picture with Fiorella Seeing how much concern Misty is giving to Danny, Ash, with the same jealous expression, yells "What's she so worried about him for?!

He is distracted so much by Misty's little crush on Danny that he loses his concentration and falls down the mountain a bit. Much like his behavior in Princess vs Princessanother male getting Misty's attention seems to bother him. Outside of the anime hints: One could say the two girls on the card likely represent the more important females in Ash's life.

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The show was originaly going to end after pokemon the first Movie, and here is a clip of the first trailer that was only showen in Japan: Misty is seen with her daughter and considering how few people could be the father of that So its pretty safe to say it would have to be Ash.

In the original Japanese, the dialogue is read as a friendship between Ash and Misty with no romantic undertones.

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This Ship is considered by some to be similar toApprenticeShipping, with Ash in the role of tutor and May in the role of student. There are many points in the anime that seem to support AdvanceShipping. Below is a list of such points from the multiple sagas in which Ash and May appear.

pokemon ash and misty relationship

May cheering to herself when Ash agrees to go with her. Later on, May guilts Ash into letting her travel with him.

pokemon ash and misty relationship

Once he says that she could come along, May strikes a triumphant pose by the camera and yells, "YES! This, coupled with the previous scene where she secretly spies on him and forgives him for his kindness toward Pikachu, shows that May might be taking a liking toward him. Neither of Ash or Dawn's fathers have ever been acknowledged on-screen in the anime.

pokemon ash and misty relationship

They also are only children with no siblings. He first participated in an official Contest at the same time as Dawn.


Eventually, they became friends. Iris Iris blushes slightly upon meeting Ash, and throughout most of the episode. Iris then tells Ash that because of his actions she has started to change her view of him and she starts traveling with him. Some fans believe that Iris is using this as an excuse to hide her true intentions.

pokemon ash and misty relationship

Iris criticizes Ash on occasion by referring to him as a little kid.