Olivia benson and nick amaro relationship questions

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olivia benson and nick amaro relationship questions

Nicolas Amaro is a fictional character on the NBC police procedural drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, portrayed by Danny Pino. Amaro is a detective with the Manhattan SVU at the 16th Precinct of the New Benson ends up working the case with Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish). In the episode " Undercover. For 15 years we've seen Mariska Hargitay's (now) Sergeant Olivia who evaded their own issues by attempting to assuage the pain of others. even more unexplained and impractical side story of Amaro and Rollins' affair. how Rollins' relationship with Benson will change and why Amaro is not the premiere of Law & Order: SVU revealed that Detective Rollins (Kelli . One of the problems for Rollins is she's not good when she has time on.

Nick takes another deep breath. But her deep need to believe everyone has some innocence left in them He clears his throat and picks up his pen. He clicks it, smiling in remembrance of Olivia's bad habit, and he takes notes as he speaks. She didn't call for back-up, it was for an information drop. That what you're telling me?

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His leg begins to shake, his impatience clear. Everything that happened, or didn't happen, between me and her was probably caught on the red-light camera. Dean, staring at him, shakes his head. And he knows that all we got was a blurry image of the car and three hours of snow and static. You work on him for a while, get personal. I have to go make a phone call. He eyes the people who suddenly freeze and stare at him, then he looks at Olivia, who is unfazed, working. She turns her head from her computer and raises an eyebrow.

He's out the door before she's out of her seat. She catches up to Elliot at the elevator, and she turns him around, yanking on his shoulder. I was working on He gets into the elevator as the doors open, pulling her in with him.

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Wanna come with me for Now I know I'm about to make a slew of enemies and the comments section is likely exploding in protest. But if you really love "SVU," you'll hear me out. Elliot's personal life only seeped in to further reflect his increasingly wavering stability and ever-growing aggressive behavior.

It was always in small doses and always relevant to his character development. The same goes for Olivia, when the writers included her childhood trauma only when it related to a case, or when a victim reminded her of her own upsetting birth story.

The writers managed to give us stories about a squad of relatable characters who evaded their own issues by attempting to assuage the pain of others. Nothing describes Season 15 better than that.

In the second half of the season alone, all three major characters experience their largest downfalls yet and each are brought to their absolute lowest. Benson, Amaro, and Rollins were all on the brink of losing their badges this season, with two of them getting investigated by Internal Affairs IAB within the span of four episodes.

He throws his coat over his shoulders and heads toward his captain's office. Cragen's eyes widen and he raises his eyebrows. Go ahead, and keep me informed. She tries to cough again, and the immediate following after sends shooting pains into her chest, and bites her lower lip, squeezing her eyes shut.

She needs to clear her throat of the crap, but it's excruciating. She's never been sick like this. She's had colds over the years, but none compare to this kind of congestion, and these kinds of pains. She can't take in a deep breath to calm herself, and she's it frustrates her. Her head falls back to the cushion on her couch, and she takes in short, staccato breaths just to keep breathing without feeling like her chest is being torn open.

Two pounding knocks on her door have her head raising back up, and she's aching. Olivia brings herself to her feet, and shuffles to the door. Exhaustion pushes down on the top of her head, and she wants to drop back on to the couch.

She lets Nick in and he shuts the door behind him. Olivia grabs her coat off of the rack beside him and gives him a half smile and an apology with her eyes.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship questions

She struggles to put her arms into it, and doesn't even bother to button it. He bends down, and pulls the back of it out for her, and it slides on easier. I would've driven, but I don't think I can. Olivia sits in the passenger seat of Nick's Jeep. Her breathing is rapid, and he's watching her from the corner of his eye.

Her hands are resting in her lap, her face is pinching up. She's showing that she's struggling, and he knows it's against her own volition. If she could help it, she would be. Her chest is jumping slightly with the coughs that she's not letting out.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship questions

Her head lolls as they hit a slight bump, and she looks at him with a pained expression. She nods and pushes her eyebrows together. A wracking choking noise expels from her body, and it's horrible sounding. He hears the phlegm crawl up her throat and fill her mouth. Nick rolls down the automatic passenger window from his side, and pushes the gas a little harder. Olivia stays hunched forward, holding her arm to her before she leans and spits out the window.

Her hand rests on her chest as she rolls the window back up. Nick shoots her a panicked look and she frowns. He's speeding, and overreacting. Her head shakes, and she tries to maintain her quick-breathing so she doesn't have to gasp for air deep into her lungs. Olivia and Nick walked into the emergency room to the front desk.

I've been sick for a few days. Someone will be with you shortly. She coughed the entire ride to the hospital, and she's paling over the last few minutes. Anyone I can call? She flattens her hand against her face and shakes her head.

Nick watches her, helplessly.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship questions

He knows she hates hospitals. His hand squeezes her opposite shoulder and he waits for the attack to subside. And I could use the hazard pay," he jokes. Nick sits in Olivia's hospital room, where they admitted her two hours ago. They'd given her antibiotics and she's hooked up to oxygen, because her levels were far from what they should've been.

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She made it clear she didn't want to have to stay overnight, but the doctors insisted. She was referring to the woman they brought in over a week ago.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship questions

She was arrested, and during interrogation, Olivia had gotten close to her face, and the woman had been coughing the entire morning. She hates hospitals, and she hates relying on other people. More than anything, she hates being vulnerable in any circumstance, and this is definitely one of them. Luckily, the medication helped her slip under. His phone vibrates in his jacket pocket. She's got pneumonia, and they admitted her because she's got pleurisy underneath, and it's beatin' her up pretty good.

She's been sleepin' for the last fifteen. We got an Amber alert out on a missing girl, she's 4. He hears Olivia start coughing, and something falls. He hurriedly opens her door. She's sitting in an upright position, her oxygen unhooked on one side.

She clutches at her chest, and her hand fumbles for the container on the roll-away stand. She grabs at it picking up a cold, wet rag, and she coughs the heavy matter from her lungs and throat. Nick walks over and picks up the box of tissues from the floor, and her cell phone. The coughing rips through her, and he puts his hand on her back until she settles. Olivia throws the rag back in the container, and rips the oxygen off of her nose to readjust it.

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There's an Amber alert out for a 4 year old girl, and they're calling in everyone they can," Nick tells her begrudgingly. Olivia still hasn't resumed her regular breathing, and he's eying her suspiciously. She smiles in return, and he walks from her room. He makes his way to the nurse's station and the woman smiles.

She'd been checking up on Olivia every half hour, and acted very kindly to her, despite Olivia's stubborn attitude. She was just coughing a lot, and looking a little off. Do we have a number to reach you? A beeping sound interrupts the nurse before she can respond. The nurse looks back at the screen, and walks quickly to Olivia's room.

Nick follows behind her, closely. Olivia is sitting up with her forehead tight, and her eyes pinched shut. Her arm is once again across her chest, and she is clutching at her shoulder. Cori comes to Olivia's left side and puts her stethoscope to her ears, and on Olivia's back. Olivia's chest rises halfway and she winces.