Niles and cc relationship trust

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niles and cc relationship trust

Niles/CC happy ending as always R&R! Niles watched as CC walked out the door on her date with Colin. His face filled "Trust her Niles leave the note." . We've been through all the bad parts a relationship can face. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Relationship is one of the relationships on the tv sitcom The Nanny. C.C.'s main opponent is Niles (played by Daniel Davis), the Sheffields' butler. However, before Maxwell and Fran are able to talk them out of this decision, they stumble on Niles and C.C. in bed together.

Somehow he thought that a lot would depend on this particular evening. He was sitting in the town car Maxwell had given him for the night and was nervously adjusting his tie. Just as he was about to check his watch, the door opened and C. It took her one look at him to find fault and unnerved, she reached out to him and criticized: Though upon taking a second glance at her he regretted losing his temper, for she really looked quite beautiful and he had wasted the perfect opportunity to tell her so.

The truth of it was that she was nervous and she hated not knowing why. Winning would be nice for a change but she hadn't thought of herself as someone who'd get that nervous.

Niles-C.C. Relationship

As his temper flared up once more he found himself saying something he regretted even more than that quip about her appearance. Once they reached the big hall in which the banquet took place, Niles suddenly became a completely different person. But I can see you have found another handsome fellow to accompany you. Now where's this Babcock pride when you need it?

When the first waiter walked past he ordered drinks, aware that C. She took a sip of her red wine before replying with a big smile on her face: I mean, we've heard so many stories about men worshiping you, yet no-one's ever accompanied you, so naturally we were beginning to wonder…" Cynthia continued without even introducing the man by her side. For the first time Niles understood some of her behavior and her desperation not to turn up without an escort, though he didn't want to believe her resignation in the matter.

Niles followed the awards ceremony with great interest, eagerly expecting the category C. He could tell by the way she kept twisting her fingers how nervous she truly was and just as the nominations were announced he reached over to squeeze her hand. It was only for the fragment of a second that her eyes lingered on him, needing reassurance, before she gracefully got to her feet and strode towards the stage.

When she rejoined him at the table he was still chuckling, before he said: Emptying her glass of champagne in one big gulp, she turned to Niles and whispered: Just when the awards ceremony was over and Niles was about to ask C. So instead of the blonde spitfire he adored so much, he found himself dancing with the red head. You are the Sheffields' butler? He made sure to end the dance as soon as possible and when he returned to the table, C.

At this he seemed to perk up slightly and at least began to smile again. On the way out Niles suddenly stopped and greeted a man that was foreign to her. As he proceeded to follow them to the car, Niles explained: The most surprising thing happened when C. Thanking Jim and paying him, he then walked towards the front door which he held open for her.

She watched him as he loosened his tie and took off his jacket, completely unaware of the warmth that held her enveloped. He switched on the radio and the smile on his face grew as he carefully took her right hand in his left and wrapped the other around her body. God, this is hard. She hates both your guts. Yeah, but I make her nauseous. I make her drink. This will be a great party. A bunch of year-old ladies pinching my cheeks. Learn to love it. That's as close to a woman as you'll ever get.

These are the topics we can no longer discuss: All right, okay, but you're really restricting the conversation.

What do I have to do to please anyone around this house?! Nanny Fine, you're alone with the kid for two minutes and he wants to quit show business?! If only we could put her in a room with Tori Spelling. I could kill you. I could rip out your heart with my bare hands! She don't have a key to the house, does she? Sheffield, maybe it's all for the best. No, it is not all for the best, Miss Fine; it is not all for the best at all!

But you yourself said that the kid was a pain in the butt! Alright, Miss Fine, let me see if you can follow this, hmm? You are going to rectify this situation. Wow, that sounds painful You are going to march yourself upstairs, put on something smashing, take him to the best restaurant in town and order the most expensive thing on the menu! But I'm not taking the limo! Oh, yes, you are! Take Back Your Mink [2. Niles, did my mother call? Well, I'm not sure. There was one call. A sob, a sigh and a long plaintive "oooooooyyyy.

I can't believe she would stoop to prank guilt calls. How low can she go? You're talking about a woman who can grow a tumor on command. This should be quite a dinner. Miss Fine not speaking to her mother, Miss Margaret not speaking to you. That'll leave the bulk of the conversation to you and Sylvia. Oh, sir, it won't be that bad.

You'll tell her how you got started in theater and she'll tell you how she removes unwanted hair. Must be 5 o'clock somewhere. I haven't been drinking, Nanny Fine. I just slid off the couch. And Ted Kennedy's nose is just sun-damaged.

Just for the future, Mr. Sheffield, when the kids say: Despite mutual attraction, Maxwell and Fran try to keep their relationship professional. Maxwell is nervous about commitment and is mourning his deceased wife, while Fran is still reeling from a broken relationship with ex-boyfriend Danny, whom she almost marries again in a later episode.

After a lot of stumbling, Maxwell commits to Fran and confesses his true feelings, and he and Fran get married in the fifth season of the series. The engagement causes the jealous C. After being released, she continues her maniacal attempts to separate Max and Fran, even placing a veil on her head at the wedding, and taking Max's arm to walk down the aisle, much to Max's bemusement.

She is eventually removed from the aisle by Nilesthe butler, and forced into a seat. On the eve of his wedding to Fran, Maxwell's late wife, Sara, appears to him. Sara reveals that she was the one who brought Fran into his life so she could become the nanny. When asked what she thought of Fran's voice, she states, "I thought she had a cold! After the birth, the whole family moves to Californiawhere Maxwell is scheduled to produce a TV show in Los Angeles. His age ranges from 39 to 46 as he mentioned that he was 42 years old in "That's Midlife.

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In the episode "The Nanny Behind the Man," Maxwell identifies himself to be a Republican and admits that his middle name is "Beverley". In Fran Drescher's first book, Enter WhiningDrescher explains that the character was added later, after a network executive suggested "A shy teenager would be a funny contrast to a brazen and flashy Fran. She was forever bickering with her brother, Brighton, who felt that she was a nerd.

Her relationship with her youngest sister, Grace, was one as a mentor. When Fran was hired as the new nanny, Maggie and Fran bonded almost instantly.

Under Fran's patient tutelage, Maggie blossomed from a shy and awkward teenager to a somewhat popular young woman. Maxwell tended to smother Maggie, discouraging her from any kind of activities with boys, wanting her to remain his little girl.

When Fran and her father married, Maggie was one of her maids-of-honor. She also bonded well with Fran's mother, Sylvia, and grandmother, Yetta. Eventually, Maggie met and married an handsome, Jewish underwear model named Michael Andrew Levitaswho was related, by marriage, to Barbra Streisand in a joint wedding ceremony.

In the final episode, Maggie and her husband go to Europe, but Maggie stays in Paris with Brighton while Michael travels to Venice for a modeling shoot. Because both his older and younger siblings are sisters, he feels like he is often left out and squabbles with the pair, causing trouble for his sisters.

niles and cc relationship trust

Despite this, he was also very sensitive. Brighton initially did not want to like Fran when she first arrived, having disliked all his previous nannies. However, he liked Fran's down-to-earth and witty personality. Brighton also bonded with Fran's mother, Sylvia, after joining a canasta league together. Brighton's ambition was to become a Broadway producer, like his father.

During the later seasons, Brighton obsessed about his trust fund, or possible lack of one. During the final season, he was accepted into Harvard Universitybut chose to take a year off to travel in France. Grace Sheffield[ edit ] Gracie Sheffield is the youngest child in the Sheffield family, portrayed by actress Madeline Zima. Grace has a habit of using complicated words and terms that others can't understand, as well as naming medical conditions.

The close bond between Grace and Fran, who calls her "Gracie", begins when Grace travels to Flushing on Fran's day off because she misses her. When Fran came to the Sheffield home, Grace was seeing a therapist. When Grace "lost" her imaginary friend, her therapist revealed it was because Grace felt that Fran was filling the hole that had been there since her mother died.

As Grace matured, Fran and Grace became even closer, and Grace adopted some of Fran's slang and dressing habits. While all the Sheffield children are okay with Fran's and Maxwell's relationship, Grace is the only one to actively support it, often scheming with Fran, Niles, or some combination thereof to get Maxwell to fall in love with her.

Also, she states in several occasions that she looks up to Fran and wishes she was her stepmother, which finally happens in the fifth season. Grace's age is not consistent throughout the series. In the season 2 episode "Everybody Needs a Bubby" SeptemberMaxwell mentions that Grace is seven years old, [3] but in the season 3 episode "The Grandmas" JanuaryGrace tells Fran she's ten years old. Babcock[ edit ] Chastity Claire Babcock, nicknamed C.

Maxwell has a long-lasting rivalry with Andrew Lloyd Webberwhich was started when C. When Fran comes to work as the new nanny, C. Once Maxwell and Fran become engaged, C. She is particularly shown to be uncaring in her inability to remember the names of Maxwell's children Maggie, Brighton, and Grace, whom she usually refers to as "the big one", "the boy", and "the little one", or by incorrect first names. She always addresses Fran as "Nanny Fine", even after Fran marries Maxwell and becomes the lady of the household.

Niles has supposedly despised her from the start, and frequently makes quips at her expense. However, from the middle of the series and onward, C.

However, when Niles suffers a mild heart attack, C. After refusing to marry Niles multiple times, [7]a relationship later forms when C. Niles[ edit ] Niles is the butler and chauffeur for the Sheffield family, portrayed by Daniel Davis. He is of French descent. He is strategical, loyal, tireless, caring, and protective of the Sheffield household, and especially loyal to his friend, Fran. Despite this, he is known for his manipulative attitudes and being a pretty deadpan snarker, and would often make clever, sarcastic, and sometimes insulting remarks similar to Geoffrey from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Niles' father had been the butler for Maxwell Sheffield's father, and Niles and Maxwell have known each other all their lives. Babcockdescended upon him to woo Maxwell into marrying her. To Niles, Fran is a breath of fresh air, bringing life back in the house, which it had been lacking since Sara died. Niles is known as the household snoop.

He is always caught listening to the intercom, "cleaning" keyholes, and conveniently cleaning rooms where important conversations are being held. As the all-seeing butler, Niles is known for manipulating events to ensure that Maxwell is not shortchanging Fran or others.

niles and cc relationship trust