Nami and zoro relationship

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nami and zoro relationship

Zoro and Nami Moments ~ Nami has a weird relationship with the crew, its like Luffy and Usopp are her little brothers, Robin is her older sister, Sanji is her boy. When Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp arrived and defeated Arlong and his crew as well as destroying Arlong Park, Nami truly felt free again. When she was getting. And I like how Sanji Politely told her that Zoro is right afterwards. . The note worthy relationships Nami has with the crew are the ones I.

Nami will surely travel the world, creating maps of every place she goes to. She has gotten a great deal stronger with her ClimaTact, and her wits help her along, as well. Does it not make sense then that they could end up traveling together after the main story ends? That being said, can you imagine Nami going to places like Zou, or that thunder island alone? What if someone like Shiki goes after her again when she is going solo? Who knows what the future holds? Sure, you could count Zou, especially with that pat on the head moment between them.

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To just know they are on the same island again and have the potential for moments, rather than feeling like we are back in the same boat as we were when the Sunny sailed off from Dressrosa!

Why does this matter? It really just confirms that both of them are extremely vital to the series and their separation is guaranteed should either of them decide to go off with Luffy whenever he splits up from the crew… Just imagine though, what would happen if Zoro and Nami were the ones to go off together in a future arc, while Luffy was the odd one out? It could happen, if only to add a bit of spice to the series and change up the dynamic of the crew when they separate for long periods of time!

Roronoa Zoro/Personality and Relationships

Secondly, the series is meant to go on for another ten years, possibly more! That means there are many more arcs to come with the potential for moments and hints that we fans can devour. I think ZoNami Week 1 proved that the ZoNa love is sort of at a standstill right now while we mope through this separation anxiety we are all experiencing: It is an understandable reaction to our ZoNa drought, but when you have a character who knows how to control the weather and her boosurely we will be refreshed with more moments when they reunite in the next arc once again!

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Thirdly, Oda-sensei has said in past interviews that he wants to avoid romance in One Piece, most likely to avoid the criticism that other shonen series are receiving not mentioning any names! He has been exploring that genre more as time passes — i.

Meaning that romance is more of a possibility now more than ever, and if he previously disregarded love stories before but is including them now, it means that they are only included carefully, with a great deal of thought and purpose. Originally posted by vosmajamarta Fourth of all, and this is a big one, I think we have all noticed that Zoro and Nami have been interacting less than before, ever since we entered the time skip.

Luffy and Nami have a relationship much like a boss and an employee. Nami is the numbers girl that tells the boss Luffy what he needs to know to make the decisions. The decisions are never hers to make, but she's tasked with considering all the options for him. In return, it's his job to keep her motivated and enthused about his endeavor, to make her feel valued and apart of something worthwhile. They never have to agree on things for decisions to be made, but it's important that they have a good working relationship or else the decision making process breaks down.

Luffy and Usopp are much like best friends. They work together, but it's more like they work beside each other. In the end though, the power of the friendship shines through, and a lot of times Usopp's devotion to the Luffy and his dream is most loyal of anyone in the crew. If the relationship breaks down for good, Usopp is out of the crew, as was shown very directly in the series already, but otherwise the relationship burns brightest of them all and is the toughest to break and lashes back the hardest under pressure.

Luffy and Sanji have a relationship like a rich boy with his tutor or servant. This is seen in obvious ways like when Sanji prepares his food and keeps the "house" clean and the necessities for life in capable hands.

It is seen in less obvious ways as well in how Sanji berates Luffy for acting unbecoming, especially toward ladies, teaching him the ways of manners.

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Their relationship is sturdy and more professional than nearly any others with Luffy, and as such it is likely one of the most stalwart. They don't need to like each other, they just need to value each other's contributions and stations and act in their role satisfactorily.

Luffy and Chopper have a relationship like a kid has with a dog. When they're together, they're always playing and roughhousing on the ship like a boy with his dog. They never really talk, but they have an unspoken connection that's powerful. Luffy doesn't have to worry about this relationship because Chopper will follow him until Luffy says "Stay. They don't take shit off each other, yet they respect each other more than any other crew member in their own ways.

nami and zoro relationship

Zoro will take orders from Nami and follow her intelligence more than any other's, and Nami will rely most securely in Zoro's strength and resolve to protect her as an invaluable asset. Their relationship is always rocky and oftentimes antagonistic, but they look to each other first in times of deep doubt and uncertainty.

nami and zoro relationship

Zoro and Usopp play off each other like a captain and a subordinate soldier. Where Usopp will play around with Luffy and not take him seriously, Zoro is quick to sternly put Usopp in line.