Moldova and us relationship

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moldova and us relationship

Diplomatic relations were established when President George H.W. Bush and Moldovan President Mircea Snegur agreed to do so during a February 18, Today's Moldova is the successor state to the Moldavian Soviet . It did not have a prehistory of Moldovan-Russian interethnic relations. . declared his resolve to keep the party and the country on a pro-U.S., pro-EU course. CHISINAU, Moldova -- While many Eastern Europeans welcome the Trump administration's promise to improve American relations with Russia.

Indeed, in a closely contested vote for the largely ceremonial position of president — a post with limited constitutional authority and scant influence over foreign policy -- our voters recently elected a candidate who described himself as pro-Russian. However, our government is driven by a pro-West coalition, led by the Democratic Party of Moldova, which is moving Moldova closer to the EU and implementing comprehensive reforms as part of our Association Agreement with the EU.

The Ambassador of Moldova on U.S.-Moldova Relations and the Future of the Republic

Through that agreement and a government reform action roadmap, Moldova is cracking down on political corruption, freeing up our economic system and strengthening the rule of law. Having suffered under communism for almost half a century and struggled against corruption for many years, Moldova is striving for free-market democracy and the rule of law. We look to the West as an economic and political model because we embrace the values of freedom and democracy.

For the United States and Moldova, this should be a moment of promise, not peril.

moldova and us relationship

We are confident in an upgrade to the US-Moldova relationship this year since we are celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relations. Symbolism should be met with a boost in our concrete cooperation. If the United States and Russia begin to thaw their relations, it will only be good news for Moldova.

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We are on course to our ultimate goal of a prosperous, entrepreneurial democracy, upholding legal and constitutional norms, that looks toward the West and maintains warm relations with all its neighbors. What is Moldova's interest in the United States and, at the same time, what is the United States' interest in Moldova?

Moldova's interest in the United States is of strategic relevance to us. Soon, after the Soviet disintegration, we've decisively proceeded to create a model of transition that was very much in line with the political transition followed by our Central European Neighbors: United States support was of fundamental importance to make the first steps in dismantling the legacy of collectivistic monopoly on land, properties and public space, thus, providing the essential ingredients during the first phase of independent statehood.

The Moldovan state is just at the crossroads of entering into a second phase of its development that will require more institutional maturity, more reforms, and more solidarity with the Western democracies, following our strategic objective to get membership of the European Union.

But, this will only outlines the strategic relevance of the United States to the Republic of Moldova.

History of the U.S. and Moldova

We are becoming more and more interested in getting our inspiration from institutions and laws that make the United States unique. I will mention just a few elements that drive this interest: These are the areas that Moldova is learning a lot from this year through a fruitful process of cooperation at different levels and stakes.

moldova and us relationship

We look at the United States as a privileged and strategic partner, and we are ready to make all necessary steps in this direction, sharing the benefits of the bilateral cooperation, but also exploring the plethora of international responsibilities.

While small in size, Moldova provides for excellent business opportunities for people and to those who are ready to settle long-standing arrangements. Inthe Moldovan economy registered an annual growth rate of 6.

These exports included 'culturally' sensitive goods, such as wine, apparel, and machinery. Moldova has also a booming IT sector that is becoming more and more integrated into the challenging international market. From a US perspective, Moldova is an interesting site in business terms: Moldova is a 'success story' of the European Partnership, one of the tangible European Union policies designed to engage eastern neighbors in profound and irreversible changes at home.

Showing commitment and support to the champions in South-East Europe, like Moldova, expresses a deep-seeded political and moral obligation of the US towards regional stability, welfare and predictable partnerships with Europe. We hope to graduate this year from the Jackson Venik Amendment that restricts our trade and inhibits business initiatives.

Doing things right, we expect to become more attractive for US private investments. That being said, we certainly acknowledge that many changes will not come overnight, and that inertial resistance will continue affecting our way of visioning and enacting change throughout the country.

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One of the lessons is that there is no dictator that can be protected against people's anger. Another observation is that 'regime change' is more difficult in places with a rudimentary culture of political dialogue between the rulers and regular citizens, and where oppression is a substitute to trust and democratic succession in governance.

moldova and us relationship

Moldova has changed its 'small-dictator' ina Communist Party 'factotum,' and we've been lucky that the regime change went peacefully, after a 'Twitter revolution' that created increased public pressure on political forces, thus creating the necessary incentives for radical changes through elections. In AprilMoldova will mark two years from the moment it has replaced its former 'sultanistic regime' of the Vladimir Voronin former President and leader of the Communist Party and firmly installed a pro-Western Coalition Government, which is convincingly heading towards Moldova's strategic objective - close and undeniable EU Membership perspectives.

Without going into more details here, I would like to also outline that elections were a clear 'birth-sign' of competitive and pluralistic 'pattern of transition' in Moldova, which proved to be a key-leverage for the democratic constituency once the moment of change arrived in What are the three biggest challenges Moldova faces for the next five years?

moldova and us relationship

The challenges that lay ahead are enormous.