Mei and yamato relationship

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mei and yamato relationship

Becoming an adult isn't easy, and Mei and Yamato are finding this worry intensified after seeing Asami and Nakanishi's relationship go on. Kakeru is later seen with Aiko talking about mei and Yamato's relationship. He insults her and calls her a 'cow' and comments about the scars left on her body by . He even punched one of his friends when he upset Mei and made her leave suddenly. Mei and Yamato are currently in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

They begin to date, and he is generally very considerate of Mei and her feelings. He even punched one of his friends when he upset Mei and made her leave suddenly. In chapter 39, they started a sexual relationship.

Edit Kai is the bullied friend that Yamato had during middle school. Yamato notices and is quite jealous of how Kai likes Mei, constantly watching their relationship and even going so far as to punch Kai for talking recklessly and not watching out for Mei.

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However, they reconcile after Kai gives Mei up to Yamato. Edit Yamato defended Asami from boys teasing her about her big chest and she idolized him at one point, but he didn't reciprocate her feelings. He had kissed her once to make people that were bullying her go away, which is how Asami found out that he did not return her feelings; he told her that if he had loved her, he wouldn't have kissed her so easily.

He asks her if she is okay, much to her surprise. She hastily apologizes to him for the kick and gives him several band-aids for his wound, instructing him to tell her if he needs more.

mei and yamato relationship

Yamato tells Mei that he finds her interesting. He says that he wants to get to know her better, and asks her for her phone number. She refuses to give it to him, a slight blush gracing her face shortly after. Despite Mei's reaction, Yamato writes his number down on a piece of paper and gives it to her, letting her know that she can contact him any time.

mei and yamato relationship

Mei asks herself what she should do with his number, but ultimately, she decides not to do anything. A few days pass and Mei doesn't call or text Yamato, which only serves to make her popular classmate increasingly curious and forward. He finds her at school and asks her why she hasn't contacted him yet, only to be given excuses in return.

Mei says that she hates phones, and she also says that she doesn't need friends to talk to or to be in her life. When Mei finishes her part-time job at the Bakery Farmshe realizes that she is being stalked by one of the bakery's regular customers. Her walking pace quickens, trying to avoid a dangerous and troublesome situation. Despite her efforts, she is unable to shake the man off, and ends up using a nearby drugstore as temporary refuge. Pulling out her cell phone, Mei desperately calls home a few times, though much to her dismay, nobody answers.

This sends Mei into a panic.

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She awaits the stalker's departure into the night but to no avail; he has no intentions of leaving. Now at a dead end, Mei knows she has no other option at this point but to call on Mr.

mei and yamato relationship

She dials up the number Yamato provided her on the torn piece of paper, and fearfully informs him of her situation and where she currently is. He rushes to Mei, cancelling his karaoke date with his circle of friends.

Once he arrives, he swiftly and gallantly solves Mei's problem by playing the part of the perfect boyfriend, sweeping a skeptical Mei off of her feet and kissing her as if they were experienced lovers.

This causes the stalker to become a mixture of both shocked and jealous, and is fortunately enough to make him go away. Mei shrieks, as it was her first kiss, but Yamato just laughs, expressing his joy that she finally called him. After letting the whole ordeal sink in, Mei accepts the kiss as one that helped her, even if she doesn't wish to admit it. At school, Yamato and his friends, including Asami Oikawaapproach Mei and ask her to join them for a karaoke night, to which she agrees.

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Asami asks Mei if she is falling in love with Yamato or sleeping with him, both allegations which Mei strongly denies. Mei says that she only kissed Yamato once, and it was in order to get rid of a stalker.

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Asami merely laughs and claims she has only kissed him once, too. She then says that he has kissed every girl in school except for Miki Araiwho is Yamato's first crush. Mei appears to be taken aback by this and begins to wonder if Yamato still has feelings for Miki. Mei and Yamato prepare for their second Christmas as a couple. The year before, a cold had got Mei down, but this year she's determined to go all out, and the two plan a party at Yamato's for all their friends.

A gathering this size would've been unimaginable to Mei just a few years before!

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When the day finally arrives, she begins to worry Mei and the group are beginning their third year of high school and wondering where life will taken them after graduation. Inspired by Mei, Yamato has decided to pursue a career as a photographer. Graduation is only a few months away and Mei and Yamato have both found their future careers.

Mei has decided to go into childcare and Yamato will become a professional photographer. But not everyone has found their place. Megumi will do anything it takes to break into the industry, but she may have to rely on local help to overcome the many hurdles that stand in her way.

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Now Mei has to grapple with the painful pangs of jealousy, and a creeping fear that she might be left alone yet again It's the last winter vacation for Mei and her friends, and with their futures after high school settled, they now have time to relax. During winter break, Ren invited Mei out to play with his younger sister Hiro, but during a conversation between Mei and Ren, Hiro goes missing A franctic search ensues and it all ends with an emotional outburst that may affect Mei and her relationships.

How will Mei handle this unexpected turn of events, and will it bring her closer or drive her apart from the people she cares for? After graduating high school, Mei and Yamato begin to venture towards their futures. To pursue their individual dreams, they have decided to go to different schools and come into new environments with new experiences and friends.

But the excitement of college life also brings challenges into the relationships of Mei and her former schoolmates. And when a mutual friend strays from his high school love, the distance between Mei and Yamato starts to create uncertainty in their lives.

Mei is now in a vocational school to become a preschool teacher, and Yamato is in college with the aim of eventually becoming a professional photographer.