Malay and chinese relationship analysis

malay and chinese relationship analysis

China–Malaysia relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, China and Malaysia. China has its embassy in Kuala Lumpur, and. Framing Diplomatic Relations: A Comparative Analysis of Malaysian and Chinese Newspapers Coverage of Najib's Visit to China. Article (PDF. RESEARCHERS AT ISEAS – YUSOF ISHAK INSTITUTE ANALYSE CURRENT China's priority is to set its relations with Malaysia on the right.

By the seventh century, the term kunlun refer specifically to coastal people of the Malay region. By the ninth century, in Yiqiejing yingyiHui-Lin note that kunlun bo Malay ship were arriving regularly at Gulf of Tonkin and along south eastern Chinese coast.

malay and chinese relationship analysis

The Sultanate of Malacca voluntarily became a protectorate and tributary state to Ming dynasty China, which protected Malacca against its enemies with military force, allowing the Muslim Sultanate to prosper. The Chinese warded off Siam and Majapahit from conquering Malacca, and also engaged in war against Portugal for conquering Malacca.

At the foundation of Malacca, the native peoples were the peoples with Hinduism and Buddhism influence.

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According to the annals record, at the time Parameswara founded Malacca, the country was often attacked by the old enemies Majapahit and the rivals from northern area of Malacca, Ayutthaya Kingdom. Malacca was not able to hold position and fight back the enemies. Parameswara decided to send his ambassador to visit the Emperor of China, one of the superpower of the period, the Emperor of the Ming Dynastyand both agreed to become allies.

Later some record suggested that during the trade activities and arrival of the Chinese-Muslim admiral Zheng HeParameswara converted to Islam and adopted an Islamic name, Sultan Iskandar Shah.

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The new religion spread quickly throughout his conversion and the voyage of Zheng He. The Zheng He monument today seen from the backsidemarking his stopover at the city of Malacca. Ming dynasty China warned Siam and the Majapahit against trying to conquer and attack the Malacca sultanate, placing the Malacca Sultanate under Chinese protection as a protectorate, and giving the ruler of Malacca the title of King. The Chinese strengthened several warehouses in Malacca.

The Muslim Sultanate flourished due to the Chinese protection against the Thai and other powers who wanted to attack Malacca.

Siam was also a tributary to China and had to obey China's orders not to attack. The Chinese government sent a censor, Ch'en Chun, to Champa in to install the Champa King, but he discovered Vietnamese Annamese soldiers had taken over Champa and were blocking his entry.

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He proceeded to Malacca instead and its ruler sent back tribute to China. The Malaccans reported that Vietnam was in control of Champa and also sought to conquer Malacca, but the Malaccans did not fight back, because they did not want to fight against another state that was a tributary to China without permission from the Chinese.

They requested to confront the Vietnamese delegation to China which was in China at the time, but the Chinese informed them since the incident was years old, they could do nothing about it, and the Emperor sent a letter to the Vietnamese ruler reproaching him for the incident.

The Chinese Emperor also ordered the Malaccans to raise soldiers and fight back with violent force if the Vietnamese attacked them again. How will the Malaysian Chinese be viewed by the other communities, especially the majority Malays, given the periodic tensions between them? His remarks led to accusations of interference. As China continues to establish good relations with the UMNO-led government, the Malaysian Chinese community remains wary, given the sensitive position it is in.

Indigenism, the ideology that makes the indigenous people central in politics, remains important in Malaysia. China and Chinese Education in Malaysia China has also positioned itself as a supporter of Chinese education in Malaysia.

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Yet, Chinese education is a very sensitive issue in Malaysia. Politicians, particularly from UMNO, have consistently claimed that Chinese education is the cause of ethnic disunity in Malaysia and called for the abolition of Chinese vernacular schools. Hence, donations from China could be viewed both positively and negatively.

As a support from the Chinese government, it shows up the need for aid from a foreign envoy to partially-aided Chinese schools SJKC where government subsidies are always inadequate. Malaysian Chinese have played an important role in facilitating the investment markets for both China and Malaysia since the s.

malay and chinese relationship analysis

However, the trend has changed since as more and more government-linked companies GLC go for key or strategic industries, while the Chinese turned to dominate SMEs.