Jim morrison and pam courson relationship trust

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jim morrison and pam courson relationship trust

It is a well-known fact that they had a very difficult relationship, with repeated infidelities at both sides, but there was definitely some love there. Jim was coming out of the studio “to get a bite to eat” with Pamela, his lady. .. " Jim and I were never close friends but there was a fundemantal trust between us. Sparks said he did not make the connection between the Morrison of Pamela Courson, though hurt when Jim slept around, went along. So the Coursons and the Morrisons owned the estate of Jim He did not have any children to provide for, and he had no relationship with his parents. Pamela Courson died a couple of years after Jim died, but unlike by leaving the assets in a trust with his brother and sister as secondary beneficiaries.

On their return, May 3, Morrison seemed happy. He and Pam enjoyed being tourists, shooting Super-8 home movies. Jim was often alone in the apartment now since Pam and the Count were, allegedly, seeing a lot of each other.

True to form, Jim looked for new buddies. Largely unnoticed, Morrison would prop up the bar — a bottle of vodka in tow. Here on May 7 a young Frenchman called Gilles Yepremian came across Morrison being evicted from the Circus by the bouncers, after he sunk too much whiskey and rearranged the furrniture.

New bio explores untold story of cosmic mates

I got another taxi and Jim was so pleased he tried to tip the man hundreds of francs. He was laughing uncontrollably. They left him, passed out. The following afternoon Morrison took his new pals to the bar Alexander where he downed Bloody Marys and an entire bottle of Chivas Regal.

He insulted nearby diners and became increasingly abusive. Very quiet and shy. Once he became drunk he was a madman. Jim settled on Buffy Sainte-Marie. They waited two days for a replacement passport then flew to Ajaccio. Pam hired them year old French-Canadian Robin Wertle. Back in Paris, Morrison described his adventures to old friends Frank and Kathy Lisciandro, and suggested they visit: He sent his attorney Max Fink a postcard of Moroccan scenes.

jim morrison and pam courson relationship trust

He said good things about the band… He sounded happier than when he left. He drank a lot of brandy. Other times I saw him in my courtyard. He used to visit us and eat. He sat in my yard for many hours. I never even took his photograph. His wish in Paris was to write poems.

41 Psychedelic Facts About Jim Morrison

It was always in company. In London, Morrison met up with McClure. The Bobbies busted us for being drunk and disorderly. Finally we decided to take a taxi to the Lake District, and got busted again. Morrison invited Alain Ronay to London. I never saw Jim sign one autograph. We went to the theatre, did all the usual things. I returned with them to Paris and moved into the apartment. Pam had her own life entirely. But strike the fact that Jim was despondent, or drug addicted, or terminally depressed.

He was living his dream, and that had nothing to do with rock. He was delighted at the success of L.

jim morrison and pam courson relationship trust

Woman, but his pleasure lay elsewhere. One mid-June day, with Paris sweltering in a heat wave, Morrison collected kindling wood from the courtyard at Beautreillis for the fireplace. Carrying it upstairs with Ronay, he was soon out of breath. Morrison laughed the incident off, but was sweating heavily. He renewed a prescription for the treatment of pneumonia and respiratory problems.

Faux suicidal, Pam often spent nights with the Count, while sharing her saner moments bullying Morrison over his lack of writing activity. Speaking to Bill [Siddons] a while back I told him of our desire to stay here indefinitely. He was fascinated by the atmosphere of unrest in a Paris still recovering from the riots of He wrote brief verses, often sitting on a bench in the tranquil Place des Vosges — his favourite haunt. In another he gives Ronay his best lop-sided grin.

Back in Paris that night Pam got hold of more heroin. On July I Morrison was spotted by an American fan dining alone, drinking white wine and munching a croque monsieur in the bar Le Mazet after he and Pam had a blazing row in a neighbourhood restaurant near Beautreillis, witnessed by two German students who shared their table.

Muller recalls that Ronay turned up during the interval, and they left the theatre with Morrison. Muller never saw Morrison again. And yet Jim Morrison had already been dead, apparently, for four or five hours, in a hot bath.

The film, starring Marlon Brando, released inabout an American exiled — and dying — in Paris was, some said later, influenced by the Morrison story. Morrison bought Pamela jewellery. Jim called at the cobblers to collect some boots.

Morrison begged him to stay: Ronay looked at Jim alive for the last time in the Place de la Bastille. He saw a face like a death mask.

Sensing his stare, Morrison asked: They went for dinner around the time Jim and Pam supposedly went to eat a Chinese meal. Ronay had recommended the couple go to see the film Pursued, a Freudian Western set in New Mexico, starring Robert Mitchum, about a young boy whose family is wiped out. Bored and opiated, Jim returned around 1am, July 3.

As usual they built a fire — despite the warmth of the night. Jim started drinking whiskey. He tried to write at his desk, in the spiral-bound reporters pad that will become known as his last French Notebook. For the third day in a row he sniffed heroin off a mirror. He and Pam watched a sequence of their on-the-road-in-Europe Super-8 cine movies. Later we played some records that I found in the bedroom and we played music for two hours lying on the bed… I think we fell asleep about 2. The record player turned itself off.

He was so noisy I got the impression he must need help. I wanted to help my friend. I asked him, did he want a doctor? He said he was OK, and he was going to take a hot bath. Now my friend says he feels strange. I ran to the bathroom, and saw he was still in the bath with his head back as if asleep. He had blood round his nostrils. I tried to pull him out of the bath but it was impossible for me.

The couple take more heroin. Jim carries on drinking. He runs a bath. As dawn breaks, Pamela wakes to realise that Morrison is still in the bathroom. On finding him in the bath, Pam realises Jim Morrison is either dead or dying. Until recently, these have been accepted versions of events. Inhowever, Sam Bernett, a French-born former New York Times journalist and author of several books on French culture, published a book that confirmed a story that had circulated around Paris for 36 years.

According to Bernett, Morrison turned up at the club around 1am and ordered a bottle of vodka. Morrison was no stranger to Bernett either. He was at the bar as usual. He was expecting people to bring him some stuff for Pamela. I bought him drinks. Bernett was next alerted by the cloakroom girl on the first floor. They banged on the door: So I checked with her. I called my security guy to smash the door open and inside was Jim.

He was sitting with his head forward and his arms down — like a dead guy, actually. I shook him, I looked at his face, still no reaction. He had foam on his nose and lips. I told the girl to get a doctor. I had a friend, a customer there every night — he was in the club. The Alcazar had closed, the cabaret was over, apart from a few people who looked to see what was happening.

They took him to the apartment. I was told this — they put him in the tub and waited an hour-and-a-half before calling the paramedic. Pamela was in the apartment, out of her mind, screaming. It was a waste of somebody fantastic.

Nobody knew about it apart from the few guys, the boss, Sam definitely, and maybe Cameron [Watson, a Parisian club DJ]. They all just wanted to keep it real quiet. It was an embarrassment so they took him via the tunnel between the clubs, which connected the cloakrooms, and up the stairs to the backstage street door. The boss was afraid of having a doctor or a newsman say anything, so they evacuated Jim, et voila, into the car.

Anyhow, he was then put into the back seat of a Mercedes. They took him home, is what they told me. I helped put him in and then went back inside the Circus. They wanted everything to look as normal as possible. I saw that shape, that heavy shape.

Chauvel even recalls the people who assisted. I remember one name: Dominique Petrolaci, a Corsican. He was the head barman and a good friend who got me my job.

He shot himself shortly afterwards at a party — put a shotgun through his mouth in front of everybody. But Count Jean de Breteuil was definitely spotted hanging around the street with a friend by Alain Ronay. Suddenly Jean had to leave. He slammed out the room.

He returned in the early hours very agitated. I was fucked up on Tuinals. For no reason he beat me up. He saw himself as dealer to the stars.

Now he was a small time dealer in big trouble. Jean took me to Tangier. It was a disaster. We were horribly strung out. In a panic before he left Paris he got rid of all his drugs. Lawsuits against the estate would tie up her quest for inheritance for the next two years.

Return to the States, death and estate controversy[ edit ] After Morrison's death, Courson continued to live in Los Angeles.

jim morrison and pam courson relationship trust

Former Doors employee Danny Sugerman became friendly with her in Los Angeles during this time and later wrote in Wonderland Avenue about an experience of taking quaaludes and snorting heroin with Courson. The plaque reads "Pamela Susan Morrison —", despite the fact that "Morrison" was never part of Courson's legal name. Several months after her death, her parents, Columbus and Penny Courson, inherited her fortune.

Jim Morrison's parents later contested the Coursons' executorship of the estate, leading to additional legal battles. In both parties agreed to divide the earnings from Morrison's estate equally. She was beautiful, she looked like the Snow Queen and yet she did things like collect Lugers.

She had a vicious sense of humor. They would take family photos that nobody had seen before.

jim morrison and pam courson relationship trust

Theyd take them out of the scrapbook and mail them to me and trust that I would return them, Butler says. All of this research led to the inevitable question: How did Jim and Pam meet? Imagine the typical romantic scenario. Jim saw her across a crowded room. They were together from that night on, Butler tells. She says people were surprised to find out that Jim said Pam was his cosmic mate, and had no idea about how much Jim and Pam had in common.

Pamela Courson Morrison - Jim's "Wild Love"

Yet she also sees the two as being off-the-cuff. I think they were different from their peers. They had been the odd folks out there their whole lives, Butler explains. They didnt have a lot of close friends. They didnt have much interest in fitting in.

When Pamela and Jim met, it was two kindred spirits together. I think thats what Jim meant by calling Pamela his cosmic mate, Butler continues, because they seemed to be the same.

It wasnt just some silly phrase. Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek said, They were two halves of the same person. They stayed home and cooked, went to foreign films alone and went to other countries to shop for Pams clothing store, Themis. Their relationship, however, had rocky times as well. What got between them was Jims alcoholism and his fame, Butler states. They were in strange circumstances. The band was a big factor that came between them. Pam was always encouraging Jim to leave the band.

She thought they were sucking him dry and not giving him anything in return. She wanted him to go be a poet … not a rock star.

Jims and Pams lives ended up like a Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Three years after Jim Morrison was found dead in his bathtub, Pamela Courson died of a heroin overdose. Readers of Angels Dance and Angels Die, have been moved by this poignant love story. I liked the book because they went more into Pam. I knew in my heart that he was too intelligent to go with someone who was such an airhead, like in the Oliver Stone movie.

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