Iu and kim soo hyun relationship tips

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iu and kim soo hyun relationship tips

Yook Sungjae Girlfriend, Dating Shipped to Kim So Hyun Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet's Joy are both Korean idol so it is a no-brainer that IU Diet: Kpop Singer's Guide To Losing Weight Faster December 3, B My Love From The Star actor Kim Soo Hyun to star in new K- producer, alongside A-list stars Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun and IU. In a look behind the scenes of IU's Ending Scene music video, IU reveals that the letter she appears to be reading to Kim Soo Hyun is actually a.

Will we see the return of Do Min Joon in this new K-Drama?

The drama was both epic and tragic. Get ready your tissues for Scarlet Heart will seriously break your heart to million pieces and until now, I am still shattered. Moon Embracing the Sun Set in the Joseon dynasty, two brothers find themselves falling in love with a female shaman, who does not remember her noble past. Lee Hwon is the Crown Prince, but he finds the role a burden to bear. He would rather have his older, more talented brother Yang Myung play the role, but because Yang Myung is an illegitimate child he has no right to the crown.

iu and kim soo hyun relationship tips

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds In an attempt to give men great love advice, Hong Ra On disguises herself as a man -- but things take a weird turn when she unknowingly gives advice to the Crown Prince and begins to fall for him. At first I only watched this because of Park Bo gum but while watching this drama, it hit me. We have a fantastic couple that were all kinds of cute at the heart of the drama backed by a solid story.

They are just pure adorable with a thickened story during latter episodes. Sungkyunkwan Scandal A girl disguises herself as a man to get into Sungkyunkwan University where she finds herself drawing the affections of several of the other students. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a fun drama on so many levels. I really enjoy dramas with girls disguising themselves as guys. To the Beautiful You and His Beautiful!!! Hwarang Hwarang is about the original Hwarang warriors of Silla who are young, elite, and known for being beautiful.

The warriors include a man from the lowest class of Silla named Dog-Bird and the hidden King Jinheung who secretly joins. Then he asks Joon-mo eagerly if he sounded like a PD just now, haha. Ye-jin visits the tape archive looking for all the potential appearances from seven to eight years ago that could have contained that interview with Cindy, and ends up with stacks of old footage.

iu and kim soo hyun relationship tips

Thus begins a loooooong night for her, reviewing each one. The mood dims when Cindy asks if the cancellation rumors are because of her, and says she knows Joon-mo stuck with her out of responsibility, even though it would hurt him. Joon-mo leaves at some point and they remain like that for a while. Because your hands are warm.

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Ye-jin spends all night reviewing tapes, cursing herself for listening to that cameraman. But finally she finds the footage, and sees Cindy breaking down on camera just as described. Writer Da-jung sees her wearing the same outfit from last night and assumes her romantic dilemma resolved herself happily.

The 1N2D trip wraps, and Cindy gives her grandma a warm hug goodbye, which Seung-chan smiles to see. Song Hae interviews while Seung-chan is passed out beside him that people think he can do his program in his sleep now, but he says that it still makes his heart pound, and he does it because he loves it. But just before they were about to air, fresh information came in to show otherwise. The camera captures CEO Byun berating Cindy for not sticking to the story, insulting her intelligence, and asking for a reshoot.

Kim Soo Hyun Shows Loyalty To “Dream High” Co-Star IU By Starring In Her Music Video

To Joon-mo, Ye-jin lets her fatigue show. The team worries about Seung-chan being out of touch, just as he arrives at the station—totally hammered, mind you, and spouting off in banmal at all his superiors. The others tell him to go ahead and do as he wishes, and he beelines for Ye-jin with arms outstretched… so Joon-mo trips him and sends him crashing down.

As the three of them walk home, Seung-chan zigzags drunkenly and chides them to walk straight. Her agency has been defaced with graffiti, and Cindy arrives to offer the name of a cleaner that does well against such slurs.

iu and kim soo hyun relationship tips

CEO Byun stops her, though—to advise her gently to read the contents of any contract before signing. Seung-chan gets into an elevator at the office with CP Kim, who teases him about his behavior last night, calling him by his first name and patting his head. Then he adds that the teaser Seung-chan put together, despite being awkward, was funny—even his daughter laughed at it. He would try, but his friends would call him corny and tell him to stop.

He points out all the things around them in the prop room, filled with things that used to cause such a stir, now just sitting idly.

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Seung-chan wonders why the FD never goes to team meetings, and the FD just smiles bashfully. He tells his team about it, and they laugh that either Seung-chan needs to stop drinking, or it was an impostor who slipped inside the building.

Orrrrr, on PD suggests, it could be a ghost. Seung-chan gets increasingly nervous as Joon-mo asks questions, then bursts to clasp his hand in congratulations—he met the famous broadcast station ghost. CP Kim comes up to give him good news: At the dinner, Hong-soon pulls out all the brownnosing stops, showing off his muscles which goes awry when the president wonders if the variety department has too much free time if they can work out so muchgrilling beef, and mixing up specialty drinks.

The mood is flying and Hong-soon has the president fully impressed… until he gets a text message from Office Nazi. She gives him thirty minutes to make it to their ddukbokki rendezvous spot or cut ties forever, and he freezes in indecision.

iu and kim soo hyun relationship tips

The president offers him a glass, and he calls himself crazy as he apologizes and runs out. Then he takes over cooking duties with flair, offering her a heart-shaped mound of rice and melting her iciness.