Gossip girl gifs blair and chuck relationship

Chuck and Blair’s Epic Love Story: The Complex History of Gossip Girl’s “Chair”

gossip girl gifs blair and chuck relationship

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and the relationship that hours making fan videos, arts, gifs and spending hours on tumblr. Nate Archibald was the true best catch on Gossip Girl. Joe Jonas had the best response to an article criticizing Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's relationship Even though Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf were the cutest couple on Gossip Girl (they were, don't try The CW/ y3y3games.info Happy New Year, Gossip Girl fans (and, perhaps, more importantly, Chair pie is a highly symbolic dessert to Chuck's and Blair's relationship.

The main driving force behind their relationship was that they had common ground that neither could find with any of the other main characters, but if that was really true, why did it take so long to uncover these commonalities? It was sweet that Dan was such a good friend to Blair amidst all the Louis drama, but their relationship honestly seems like something the producers threw in just to keep us dedicated viewers on our toes.

Best to leave the task of braving a relationship with Blair Waldorf to Chuck.

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This plotline just went on and on for way too long, and logistically, it definitely should not have. Maybe back before social media took over our lives, Ivy could actually have gotten away with this little game for as long as she did. For starters, where did she get that license? She committed fraud, and as we all know from Dwight Schrute, identity theft is not a joke, Jim!! How did they take all those high quality photos with their flip phones?

Last I checked, my LG env3 took grainy, terrible-quality pictures even up close. How were all these people taking clear, high resolution pictures from across the street to rat everyone out to Gossip Girl with these phones?

Honestly, this is probably the most unrealistic thing about the show. If they knew how to hack into Gossip Girl all along, why didn't they do something about it sooner? Remember when Jonathan admitted to being able to hack into Gossip Girl?

Or when Serena gained access to the account from Georgina?

gossip girl gifs blair and chuck relationship

Come on, you guys; dig a little deeper. When did everyone drop out of college? It does make more sense that these trust fund babies are out in the real world rather than seeking a higher education, but it definitely was never actually explained. How did Blair manage to meet not one, but two men of royal descent? Granted, they both turned out pretty terribly Marcus was sleeping with his own stepmom and Louis was just the worst but still, it is not that easy to meet royalty out and about in everyday life.

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Is this an Upper East Side thing? If Bart Bass was actually alive the whole time, who was in the coffin? Side note, if the wake was an open casket, how did they pull this off? Also, did Bart Bass low key bribe the doctors to go along with this bizarre scheme while he was pretending to die? This whole situation seems to have lots of holes. Chuck has just declared war on Blair, once again.

But Chuck has other ideas. I almost forgot how much I used to enjoy your pie. It looks like your Island in the Storm was just hit by a Bass 5 Hurricane. Nothing turns Chuck and Blair on more than a good-old fashioned War of Wits. And this most recent war between Chuck and Blair was no exception. These are textbook signs of sexual attraction. For Blair, food is an indulgence, one that is directly tied to sexual attraction.

Later on in the season, we see Blair attempting to combat her romantic feelings for Chuck, by compulsively scarfing down macaroons.

For Blair, Chuck is like pie. But he is also dangerous, and potentially hazardous to her health. The Peace Treaty Episode: And we are going to end up with nothing but cockroaches.

Let the negotiations begin. His fists and jaw are clenched. His nostrils are flared.

gossip girl gifs blair and chuck relationship

His lips are pursed. Reunited in Paris Episode: After engaging in bestiality with a Raccoon Zombie, and breaking the heart of the love of his life, Chuck escaped to Prague, where he was shot. So, filled with Self Hatred was Chuck at the time, that he allowed the world to believe he was dead, and began gallivanting around Europe with Snoozy, under the alias, Henry Prince. Blair, who was vacationing in Paris at the time, learned of his whereabouts from Serena. And you owe it to her — and everyone else you are leaving behind —not to run away, which is what you are doing.

gossip girl gifs blair and chuck relationship

And the longing, tear-filled, looks Chuck and Blair exchanged with one another, when she returned to him the engagement ring he thought was gone for ever? Priceless not to mention, highly symbolic! Earlier on in this post, I made reference to a scene in which Chuck visits Blair late at night, at her home. Chuck arrives, waving the proverbial white flag of peace, after the war between them had escalated to such a point, that both of their lives were at stake. After all, he has lied to her, and hurt her, so many times in the past.

Or we can admit a harder truth. It was fate — a tragedy. Sure, at times, Chuck and Blair can act like children, with their tendency toward name-calling, silly games, and petty fights.

But, when it comes right down to it, these are two old souls, both of whom are wise beyond their years, in so many ways. I loved the maturity with which Chuck and Blair were able to evaluate their past relationship in this intimate moment.

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So, why rehash the painful memories? In this scene, Chuck and Blair took their first tentative steps toward overcoming their past, and building a future together. And yet, how much had really changed between them? Chuck and Blair have just been publicly outed as a couple at the Saints and Sinners Ball, after weeks of keeping their affair a secret. Apparently, when it comes to hotel moguls, contradictions are sexy! The outing was decidedly less lucky for Blair, who lost the opportunity to be spokesperson for a feminist-based foundation, Girls Inc.

Chuck sees what happened as evidence that the couple can overcome any obstacle, as long as they are together. But Blair is not so sure.

An enraged Blair immediately accused Chuck of leaking the video, since he was she believed the only person aware of its existence.

After all, permanent disavowal of this video was an important part of the peace treaty between Chuck and Blair.