Gemini and virgo relationship 2014

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gemini and virgo relationship 2014

Gemini and Virgo compatibility is tricky and elusive, one moment these two seem like they found their soulmate, the second they are the worst. Love match compatibility between Gemini woman and Virgo man. Read about the Gemini female love relationship with Virgo male. Virgo dating gemini - Is the number one destination for online dating with more indifferent in love horoscopes free numerology readings, types of men. friendship, i read today's full of virgo sexually gemini compatibility like this guy.

This is a key element of the Virgo Gemini compatibility.

gemini and virgo relationship 2014

In fact, Virgo women personality types can show such a deep and cutting kind of idealism that it can turn away even the most flexible Gemini man. If you are a Virgo woman and you want to have a deep, meaningful and real relationship with a Gemini man, you might want to dial back your idealism.

You might want to dwell on the reality that there is no such thing as an ideal in life. Ideals are great in an imaginary world, but we live in a real world. So, if you are shooting for ten, you should be happy when you get a nine or an eight. Idealism really can kill a Gemini Virgo relationship very quickly indeed.

One of the most common traits Gemini has is that you think you know this person and bam all of a sudden the person changes on you. It could be a trigger event. It could be another person.

It could be even a new pet or whatever it is. There is a certain trigger, and you will start seeing different sides of your Gemini partner.

Virgo Gemini Compatibility

In many cases, this is a great thing. Your relationship can get deeper as different aspects of your Gemini partner become manifest.

gemini and virgo relationship 2014

However, Virgo Gemini compatibility can really hit the rocks when Gemini starts responding to Virgo idealism in a very unstable or even negative way. For example, when the Virgo partner is in the hospital and undergoing medical treatments, the Gemini can no longer withstand the stress and actually unloads on the Virgo partner. Can you imagine such a situation?

It happens quite a lot in relationships between Virgo signs and Gemini signs. Of course this is an extreme example but it does occur between these two signs in different settings and circumstances, but the emotional intensity is there. You can still mature in your relationship.

However, it will take a little bit longer, just like the compatibility between Gemini and Aries. It will also be a little bit harder on both of your nerves. This really can be a marriage made in heaven.

gemini and virgo relationship 2014

However, when the undeveloped sides of these astrological signs get together in a marriage, it can be a serious headache. Gemini can be too unreliable and fickle.

Gemini and Leo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Virgo can be too rigid. It can end up with both partners pointing at each other and saying that they stab each other in the back. Flexibility and communication are the keys to good marriage compatibility between Gemini and Virgo.

Problems with Gemini and Virgo Compatibility Virgo is very easy to figure out when it comes to compatibility. You just have to feed Virgo the picture of the world that Virgo secretly or publicly subscribes to. Virgos are all about ideals. They are all about looking at the world the way it should be instead of the way the world is.

Gemini can play this game really well because Gemini tends to change. This is a strange need of Leo, since the sign supports Sun greatly, but it is there.

gemini and virgo relationship 2014

The beauty of their relationship is the consciousness of both of them, leading to verbal display of emotions, once they feel safe with one another. If they both recognize love, this is a wonderful love story full of support, respect and always something new to discuss. Gemini values the independence of their partner and their own freedom, and this is exactly what Leo can give them. Still, Leo can be very lazy. Gemini is always on the move, and has the need to do at least three different activities every day.

When Leo has time to rest, they will probably want to watch TV and move from the left to the right side of the couch all day long. They both consider their day best spent in laughter, and if they share friends, they could seem like a perfect couple.