Eve and the game relationship

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eve and the game relationship

Sep 28, There is not enough in the game to say Adam and eve love each other that but adam and eve's relationship is that of brotherly love instead of. Nov 29, Eve tells 'RapFix Live' about her split with Aftermath and her relationship with the Good Doctor. where the Good Doctor excelled with D.O.C., Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Game and Kendrick Lamar, he failed with Eve. Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper (born November 10, ) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, .. She voiced Major Jones in the video game XIII, as well as one of the villains of the short-lived show Spider-Man Animated Series on MTV. . a ticket "because she's bigger than you and I don't want to mess up this relationship.

Eve (rapper)

He doesn't care about me any more. The man I married was a loving, considerate partner, but now I'm married to a selfish child.

He claims that because he works so hard for 2 weeks, he should be able to come home and play as much as he likes. I would be fine if it was limited to a few hours a day - hell, even 5 or 6 hours - but it's a hour a day addiction. The people he plays with are losers who bring him down. He joined a corp and was "promoted", and they claim that they'll kick him out if he doesn't put in as many hours as he does. None of them have jobs and most are single or divorced no wonderso it's easy for them to be complete losers who do nothing.

They convince him I'm an unreasonable nag for asking him to not play all day, every day. It's not just a hobby; it's an addiction, and it's ruining our marriage. I go over to give him a kiss and he complains that he's too busy and I'm bothering him. It breaks my heart. I just want to come home after working all day and have a husband who is happy to see me and wants to spend time with me. Lately, it's been nothing but fighting about his game. I have even resorted to not cooking him dinner, because I'm at work all day, come home to a mess and a husband who can't pick up after himself, so why should I prepare him a meal?

When I do, he just complains that he's in the middle of a fleet when dinner is ready, wants to bring his laptop to the table, then doesn't even stay long enough to thank me for dinner or wait for me to finish. I stop at the store and buy a one-person ready meal for my dinner, and refuse to stock food in the house for him.

If he wants food, he can go get it himself from now on! Of course, he told his "friends" fellow addicts what I've started doing, and they said I'm a woman and should be cooking for him. I used to take care of him, because I love him and want to make him happy, but when he doesn't appreciate anything I do, why do it?

It doesn't help that he's on an oil rig half the time, where he's taken care of - he has his bed made daily, his clothes cleaned, his food served to him, and he expects that treatment when he's at home. We should be equal partners - I work more hours, and I work everyday, so it would be nice to come home to a clean house once in a while.

He works hard, but he lives in our home, too. I'll clean it, but he could at least pick up his things from the floor.

I leave a spotless house, then come home to complete messes pizza boxes on the floor, dirty clothes everywhere, spills in the kitchen that I'm expected to clean up.

eve and the game relationship

The only thing he will do is take out the garbage once in a while, when he decides he needs a cigarette or to go to the shop for some beer. He often stays up all night drinking non-stop, and I think he not only has a gaming addiction, but also a drinking problem. I booked a 3-week holiday a few months ago to a place where we only had access to email via slow dial up internet a few times a week. You know what he did when we actually had internet?

But, when it was just us enjoying a backpacking trip, we had a great time and I had my husband back. I want my husband all the time. When he is being my sweet, caring husband, it's nice, but I know it's only because EVE is down for maintenance. He jokes that EVE is 1st and I'm 2nd, and doesn't understand why that makes me sob each time he says it. Eve also provided background vocals on the song "Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New" from the same album.

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In the album's liner notes, she is referred to as Eve of Destruction. Career[ edit ] — Beginnings and breakthrough[ edit ] Eve first appeared on the Bulworth soundtrack as Eve of Destruction while signed to Dr.

eve and the game relationship

She did not receive much promotion with big releases soon coming from Dr. Billboard Hot peaking at Let There Be Eve Two singles were released from the album: The first one peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hotthe second one at number The song became a hit, spending 18 weeks at number one on the Hot Rap Singles from November 16, to March 7,and reaching number 5 on the Billboard Hot Its first single, " Who's That Girl " gave Eve her first international success. Dre co-written by then-boyfriend Stevie J.

One of the record's strengths, cited in several reviews, was Eve's exploration of her singing voice in addition to her rapping skills. Eve-Olution and guest singles[ edit ] Eve at the premiere of Whip It at the Toronto International Film Festival Eve's third album, Eve-Olutionwas released in summer see in music and peaked at number six on the Billboard In the meantime, the album's first single, " Gangsta Lovin' ", with Alicia Keysbecame another number two hit.

The second and final single, " Satisfaction ", only saw moderate success again. Eve-Olution went gold, sellingcopies total in the U. Eve also appeared on the remixed version of Michael Jackson's " Butterflies ". She also launched a clothing line in the fall of titled Fetish, which were targeted towards female consumers of the urban demographic.

The same year, she appeared on the official remix of Amerie 's number one U. Eve also was featured in Keyshia Cole 's single " Never " on the Barbershop 2: Inshe appeared on Kelly Rowland 's single " Like This ". In JulyEve made a guest appearance on Maroon 5 's second single " Wake Up Call " on Live 45th at Night, it is unknown if this will be an official remix or if it will even be recorded.

eve and the game relationship

In lateshe sang the song "Set It On Fire", which was featured on the credits for the movie Transporter 3 and is available on the Transporter 3 soundtrack. The three female rappers starred in the video for the remix, in which Nicki Minaj also appears. The song samples the hit single by Cyndi Lauper. Eve appeared on the video of the song, released on YouTube on June 14, The project was delayed to September 11, and then October 16, but it was never released.

Problems at her label, Interscope Recordswere responsible for the multiple delays.