Emma and hook relationship trust

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emma and hook relationship trust

Because Emma Swan is the main protagonist of the first six seasons of Once Upon a Time, she has multiple relationships with multiple characters, all friends, family, allies and Elsa later says to her sister that she trusts Emma with her life. In a dating relationship, it is all too easy to put up a façade. By the Season 3 Finale, Hook has become a part of Emma's trusted community. We're so worried about what this secret means for Captain Swan. to set in motion a series of events that just might collapse their relationship. out her third option – and that Hook's secret doesn't wreck the trust these two.

Even Henry wants his mom and dad to get back together, but Emma doubts that will ever happen. Gold mentions Neal's relationship with Emma when his father off screen refused to meet Tamara, saying Neal still "[carries] a torch for Emma.

Neal denies this and knows she is trying to deny it. Later, Tamara shoots Neal in cold blood and throws the magic bean to show a portal to another world. Neal refuses for Emma to go down with him, saying Henry needs a mother. Before he falls through a portal, Emma and Neal admit they love each other still before he falls into the portal for the Enchanted Froest.

In season 3 Emma remains unaware that Neal is still alive while he worries for Emma and Henry in Neverland after seeing her in the globe using his magic. After Snow tells Emma that Neal is alive, she is in shock at first hoping Neal is dead because she can not live with the pain of him still alive. Later she finds herself in a love triangle between Neal and Killian.

emma and hook relationship trust

She says she only loves Henry and will do anything to save him. They later have a tearful goodbye when he says that he'll see her again soon. A year later, Emma returns to Storybrooke and worries if Neal is hurt. Neal shows up, unexpectedly and Emma is relieved he is alive. Unfortunately, Emma has to use her magic to separate Mr. Gold and Neal apart. This also caused her to be very wary of losing her next lover [1].

They briefly reunite in season five, where Neal warns Emma that everything she hopes will not turn out as she thinks.

emma and hook relationship trust

He also states that he never stopped loving her before kissing her and walking away. Captain Hook "When I win your heart, Emma It will be because you want me. Emma is anything but starstruck meeting the villain from Peter Pan. She doesn't fully trust him and that she abandons her companion to the Giant, but she still lets Anton free him from the chain in ten hours later to give a head start.

Hook tries to flirt with her again, but Emma refuses to listen to him. She later warns him to stay away from Rumplestiltskin. He attacks her in Manhattan but Emma knocks him out in retaliation. Emma is later given Baelfire's sword and she is comforted by what he gives her. Hook also asks her who she really is, but EMma ignored his advances. She also kisses Killian for saving her father's life, but denies it as a one time thing. Later on, Killian reveals that he has moved on from Milah, but has started falling in love with Emma.

But she still is in love with Bae. Later she gets angry that they are fighting over her. They later escape and Emma just says goodbye to Hook and for him to stay out of trouble. In Season 3b, Killian and Emma are reunited and Killian gives her a potion that makes her remember who she really is and takes them to Storybrooke again.


Hook does whatever he takes to prevent Emma from kissing his cursed lips. Killian had trietd to avoid it. Later Emma becomes distrustful of him and refuses his help, but her father recommends that she goes and takes Killian.

After Rumple rowns him, Emma gives him mouth to mouth resuscitation, causing Emma to lose all her magic. Later they get caught in another time and magically make it back to their own time. When Hook reveals that he gave up his ship ofr her and then they share a kiss, making themselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

Not only could it have been written differently without breaking the laws that the entire show was based upon, but it also felt like a cheap deus ex machina to the fans. If this were always an option, too many tales could have ended differently.

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Why do Hook and Emma get special treatment here? Do other, perhaps even more deserving, characters just get the short end of the stick because they're not the hot couple? It certainly seems so.

Sure, he didn't know her at first, and there were "extenuating circumstances" between his revenge on the crocodile, Cora owning his heart and so forth, but this is the kind of drama that doesn't make for a happy family Thanksgiving conversation-starter. It seems like there should be some sort of threshold to mark where a relationship just becomes a ridiculous idea.

emma and hook relationship trust

Perhaps when one of your family members draws blood on your lover, or vice versa? This is especially true for important things in life, like whether or not to have children, or whether or not to bring a woman who's supposed to be five feet under back to the future with you.

Even Marty McFly knows that's a bad idea. Emma just couldn't listen to Hook about Marian, which led to Zelena's deception of Robin and ultimately the archer's demise. Even if opposites attract, and they often do, they aren't usually between the strongest force of good and the person with assassination plans for half her town. The show already has this dynamic between Gold and Belle, not to mention the Queen and Robin, rendering it a little tiresome.

As sheriff, it's also simply a conflict of interest for Emma to date Killian.

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Oil and water can enjoy cohabitation in the same bottle, but they generally repel one another and won't mix with differences this big between them. It baffled fans to see Henry living with Regina during this weird pre-honeymoon honeymoon phase, particularly after Regina had proven herself a less-than-ideal custodian several times over.

It's another piece of evidence that some fans use to prove that Emma seems to care more for Hook than her own son. If a woman suddenly transformed her boyfriend into the Dark One against his consent, no matter her good intentions, it would be a pretty big deal. It's akin to someone who quit smoking after hundreds of years of smoking becoming a smoker again against his will.

What is it with Once Upon a Time and women who force men to do things against their wishes? That's what Hook discovered when Emma went gaga over the pirate. She was obviously more into Killian Jones than Henry's father Baelfire, the supposed love of her life who was only afforded a few brief years of happiness in his complicated, painful life.