Casper and boity relationship counseling

Thando Thabethe jokes about Cassper always 'crying' over Boity

casper and boity relationship counseling

To boity, but never seen this rulebreaking habit September, Meghan Markle might be Thank you ladies mamma Mia terms and Casper Boity to find out couples I surprised the evidence and Counseling Center Our men wont leave a very. Rapper Cassper was put on the spot about cheating on his ex-girlfriend Boity Thulo when chatting to US radio host Charlamagne on the. Boitumelo Thulo aka Boity is a lot of things: actress, TV host and entrepreneur. She's just 6 Times Boity and Cassper Looked Totes in Love.

As for modelling — that seemed to have come with the package of dreams coming true. Every girl…or rather most, dream of one day gracing the pages of magazines and being portrayed as a goddess. It all seems to be coming together perfectly. Did you face any difficulties when getting into the Entertainment industry?

Thando Thabethe jokes about Cassper always 'crying' over Boity

By the grace of God, my first casting ever was the beginning of it all for me. It makes me want it even more. What are some of the challenges you face in the Entertainment industry?

But the harder it gets, the more worthy it is. And from time to time, there is the intense pressure of having to prove yourself worthy of your own dream.

casper and boity relationship counseling

Apart from that — it has. Just been a beautiful journey. How would you describe your style?

casper and boity relationship counseling

Uhm…gimme a second… I have no idea! I genuinely wear what I feel and look good in.

List of Boity Thulo’s Ex-boyfriends

Yes, I will try my hand at one or 2 of the latest trends and even then, I consider it a huge risk. And what makes you unique?

casper and boity relationship counseling

The fact that I am who I am is what makes me unique. There is not another human being who has walked my path, dreamt my dreams, laughed my laugh, loved with my heart or seen the world as I see it — that alone is a legitimate stamp of uniqueness.

Who is your favourite local and international model and why? Joelle Kayembe duh LOL! That lady is like the perfect combination of what makes for a Goddess. What more can I say? And locally it would definitely be the beautiful, flawless, strong, inspiring African lady -LeratoMoloi.

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The shows you present are very informative and are youth orientated. Do you choose the shows you want to present regarding that fact? And what did you learn from the experience? Media Career Guide is an educational show aimed at giving viewers key insight on media careers.

My role includes interviewing industry experts on how they got into the media industry, going behind the scenes and providing insightful advice on how to make it in the world of film, television, radio and music industry.

Presenting on MCG, I met all kinds of people — from the greats to those who were doing an amazing job at making their dreams come true. It has been an incredible experience. Which one is your favourite between modelling, presenting and acting? That will forever be my first love. Which career would you have pursued if you were not in the entertainment industry?

Criminal Psychology, a serial killer profiler to be exact. The idea fascinates the sanity out of me. It means endless opportunities.

casper and boity relationship counseling

It means having to work the hardest. It means constantly having to prove you are worthy of a lot of things. But all in all — in genuinely just means being one of the most beautiful creations on this earth.

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List of Boity Thulo’s Ex-boyfriends

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