Will shirou and saber meet again fast

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will shirou and saber meet again fast

Altria Emiya, amateur magus, is plunged head first into a War that, according " So we meet again. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - [Shirō E., Arturia Pendragon] Saber - Chapters: 7 - Words: 30, - Reviews: 42 Their movements were just too fast and just too strong, and the aura they. First off Saber never become a true heroic spirit, she is pulled from moment before her death everytime she is Will Shirou and Saber ever reunite again?. However, given how the game treats them as different entities, I'm courious as to which Shirou is eventually reunited with her in Avalon.

Shirou was the only one who saved him from insanity. He was the Magus Killer's lifeline when he needed one most.

will shirou and saber meet again fast

Kiritsugu would be crushed if Shirou died a bloody death. Luckily, I heard that he had to go out of town for a few weeks to do business with one of Kiritsugu's acquaintances in Misaki City.

Oh well, it didn't really matter. All I knew was that I had to keep Shirou out of this War mess. Before I could think further, a chill crawled its way up my spine, as a creepingly innocent laugh echoed across the residential area. I couldn't find her. The voice seemed to be coming from all angles, so I couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the owner.

The only way to have that kind of effect was with Magecraft. Was she a Master too? And what was with this "Onee-san" business? I had no sister. Isn't that right, Berzerker? I instantly froze up, my hand reaching out of instinct for a hilt that wasn't there. That roar wasn't normal.

It wasn't anything capable of being uttered by a human being, or even by those Servants. They seemed to be human, albeit with exponentially augmented abilities. This seemed to come from a beast. It was like a death cry. Whatever the thing was, I didn't want to face it.

See ya later, Onee-chan! Oo, and say hello to Onii-san for me! One of the girls who died during the war was Irisviel von Einsbern. Father didn't like to talk about her. All he'd say, after days of persuasion, was that she was his wife and that she had died in vain for him.

It wouldn't be farfetched to say that they had a kid, right? Before I could question her, the oppressive aura left. Thanking the Root that the lancer hadn't showed up while I was distracted by the girl's soft murmurings, I broke into a sprint.

It hurt my still sore chest to do so, but it was better than meeting another participant in the war. I'd met three Servants and two Masters already. If I had to see another Servant sometime soon, I'd choose to see my own. I'd have to consult Father's tomes later on how to do it, but I needed to get the summoning over with.

Shirou would depart tomorrow afternoon. I needed my Servant to be able to protect Shirou properly till then. I finally reached the Japanese-styled home Kiritsugu left for Shirou and I. I reached into my satchel's side-pocket for the housekeys and opened the door. It was deafeningly silent. Taiga must have left already, and Shirou must be busy packing in his room. I checked the time on a nearby wall clock. I hoped that I hadn't worried Shirou with how late I was.

I shoved those thoughts out of my head.

will shirou and saber meet again fast

I had to focus on the summoning. It Shirou had his shed, I had my room. As per Kiritsugu's request, I was to be given his room. This was because he had trusted me with his, to put it bluntly, boy toys. Quickly locking my door, I tossed my bag onto my bed and made my way towards the bookshelf. No, the bookshelf did not contain books of magecraft. It had everyday mundane books I tugged on a book titled "Canaan", and flooded it with Prana.

That made the bookshelf swivel, revealing a hidden stairwell. I made my descent. I was now in Kiritsugu's hidden armory. It was a dimly lit gray room with absolutely no appeal whatsoever, unless dull greys and dusty browns were your idea of appeal. In the middle was a desk, probably where he'd sort out stuff for his next mission. To my left were multiple weapons. It was a part of his "collection" of guns and the like that he'd amassed from his mercenary days. Leaning against the wall was the suitcase which held Kiritsugu's Conceptual Weapon.

He taught me how to use it, but even with super-powered warriors knocking at my door, I still felt weird, wielding what was essentially my father's bones. On the wall in front of me were multiple bookshelves, all from the dens of foes he's felled.

He usually burned said dens, but the ones he didn't he raided. Apparently he amassed a decent amount of books.

They ranged from the bare basics like Alteration to highly specific Magecraft like Marble Phantasms. There was nothing near the wall on my right except for a whiteboard and a box of markers and erasers, where I assume that he planned his missions. I quickly scanned the bookshelf to see if the book I needed was there. I came up with absolutely nothing. It would've been too optimistic to assume that the armory would have everything I needed.

I mean, it did have that book that forced Kiritsugu to reveal Magecraft to me, and it did give me the materials and knowledge to make Clarent, my pride and joy, but to expect even more perfect moments would be presumptuous. A loud crash shook me from my thoughts. Just what was happening upstairs? Without thinking, I picked up Clarent from the weapons rack and went upstairs. As I bounded the corner and emerged into the hallway, I saw a red-headed blur - Shirou, without a doubt - fly, making it to the backyard.

Before I could go outside and affirm my brother's safety, I stopped. The man in blue was back. He grimaced as his gaze landed on me who had an actual sword in hand this time.

Now I have to kill the boy too, for the secrecy of the war. This man just barges into my home, knocks my brother through a few doors, and has the nerve to threaten to kill the both of us.

It ticked me off. Instead of wasting my breath with a response, I instead flooded Clarent with prana.

Saber (Fate/stay night)

This wasn't to Reinforce it like with my broken bokken. This time, I wanted to activate the runes etched onto Clarent. With dumb luck and a lot of experimentation in the armory and a little physicsI had figured out a rune array that compressed the air around it. The compressed air both sharpened the blade and protected it against attacks. I could even launch the compressed air by swinging the blade while deactivating the rune array.

I'm not sure where I got the idea, but it just feels This was Clarent, my Mystic Code, only made possible by the dumb luck that seemed to thrive among those surrounding Shirou.

I launched the blade of air, not at him, but at the wall beside me. The thin walls broke, till the open backyard was visible from my view. Reinforcing my legs, I jumped, launching myself towards my brother. The lancer, noticing my movement, jumped too, gambling that I was going to the backyard too. If I launched myself with the force of a springboard, the lancer launched himself with the force of a rocket. By the time I was there, the lancer was crouching, like a lion ready to pounce.

The red lance struck the blade, going just above my neck. It was another close call, far too many for just one night. I had to get this lancer off of my back, and quickly. It is on the level of true magican actual true magic in itself, that transcends all magecraftand not even the Five Magics can overcome the barrier.

It can be called even more valuable than Excalibur due to its loss being connected to his death. Which do you like better?

The sword or the sheath? Merlin scolded him instead with "Please make no mistake here. The sword slashes the enemy, but the sheath protects you. As long as you have the sheath on you, you will spill no blood and take no wounds. You should truly value the sheath, not the sword. It can be disassembled and sealed inside Saber's Master or someone who will constantly be close to her, such as Irisviel von Einzbernas a Conceptual Weapon to aid them with its regenerative abilities.

The contract between Saber and a Master isn't a requirement to use Avalon's abilities, but having one will provide the user the true benefit of limited immortality by allowing it to obtain magical energy from Saber and fully utilize its effects according to the contract. This allows Kiritsugu to use Innate Time Controlwhich causes enough damage to shatter bones and tear tendons with brief use, at double his normal level for extended periods of time.

However, it only nullifies the damage he receives; he is still burdened by the excessive pain of the injuries.

will shirou and saber meet again fast

Avalon's effects are less potent for those without the contract, allowing its regenerative abilities to be used only while Saber is close enough to provide magical energy to it. It will not function at all if she is unable to provide it with magical energy by being near its bearer.

So, he just stood there, waiting for the damage to be dealt. He didn't move, he was probably already pierced by the crimson spear. He didn't notice the spear pierce into his stomach. It was a strange thing really, he saw the crimson spear stab him in the gut, he saw the blood within his body spill out of the large wound. That's until he felt the horrible pain that came next. It felt like a thousand sharp needles were traveling along, and seemingly destroying his body.

He didn't scream, the pain made him forget how to express it.


He fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, the only thing holding him up was the cursed spear, acting like a demented crutch. Saber was immediately shooken out of her stupor, and finally noticed the condition of her Master. Saber grimaced as she felt the jagged tips of the spear damage her Master more. She quickly helped him up and turned a lone eye to glare at Lancer's surprised face.

There was dead silence, the only thing that could be heard was Shirou's heavy, labored breathing.

will shirou and saber meet again fast

Lancer turn's around and starts to walk away. Saber was about to charge forward, but remembered her Master's condition. Stop being a coward and fight! He felt his blood rush with excitement, so many Servants and so little time! He only hoped that his Master would let him fight in this damn war That reminded him, the bastard Archer, no matter how much he could crawl under his skin, was still such a great fighter.

He looked at the red-haired boy. He turned back to look at the red-haired boy, and is actually surprised to see his golden-brown eyes burning with such intensity, he felt that he should immediately respect him as a fellow warrior. I would like to fight you again, no cheap tricks, no special abilities.

We will only use raw, physical strength to see who comes out first! He didn't know why he said this, but it felt A different expression found its way of Lancer's face. His bloodthirsty grin, and murderous eyes softened.

For an instant, he felt This era had proven quite disappointing, but the boy has proven himself to be a worthy huma- no a fellow warrior. Remember, this is only a temporary retreat for now.

Try to stay alive, until we can fight again!

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He painfully shut his eyes, and nearly collapsed to the ground, until small, but strong hands grabbed him, and gently lowered him to the ground. He blinked his eyes and they slowly made their way up to Saber's. There's an uncomfortable silence, both just staring at each other until Shirou breaks the silence More importantly, why did you interfere?! This was completely suicide, Master! She saw him flinch a couple of times. It seemed that he atleast understood the stupidity of his action.

He pauses for a moment and carefully sat up, grunting a little from the pain. Shirou speaks up moments later.

What Comes After Fate/Stay Night?

I couldn't help it, you needed help and if I didn't step in you would have been injured, or worse! Saber frowns, he didn't learn at all. You would more of a hindrance than help, Master". What is that anyway? That seemed to curb her attention, Saber gained a look of surprise, and confusion.

I see you really don't know anything do you? Where their Servants humbly serve, protect and fight for their Master. You were chosen as one of the Masters to fight! He sees her still waiting for his answer. I will run away and let you take over if the opponent is too strong. He shakes his head. Shirou needed to catch up.

He needed to stop her, Shirou looks at his left arm, he didn't use the arm for 2 reasons. One, his own circuits were enough for the Noble Phantasm, if only barely, and Two, he didn't know how to get the 'Shroud' off his arm. Shirou hears the sounds of clashing weaponry a distance away.

He needed to do this now! He did what he was best at, Shirou used Structural Grasp on his arm and was startled at what he saw. He saw that the Shroud was still there and the same with that guy's arm. They were in a form of pure prana, his real arm was like a second skin, like a glove to a hand. Well that was a lot simpler than he thought.