Tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet the browns

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tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet the browns

Tokyo Ghoul. Relationship: Kaneki Ken/Nagachika Hideyoshi He moved his head from his arms to meet her disapproving eyes. . the car window, the blur of dark greens and browns of the suburbs turning into the black and. *Indicates an official reddit meet-up is taking place at this event. . Many dark grays, browns, and greens are used all over the place, making the . Tokyo Ghoul Root A didn't just fail at being an anime. Characters: Terrible, Kaneki and Touka are awful while the rest of the cast means absolutely nothing. Tokyo Ghoul digital printed hot anime Tokyo Ghoul t shirt clothes Ken Kaneki Rize Kamishiro and Shuu Tsukiyama Tsukiyama, Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul Rize.

She appears to be a cute, normal girl that one would not suspect to be a ghoul. Her facial features and hairstyle bear a strong resemblance to her mother and her brother. She wears her waitress or high school uniform for work and school respectively, whereas her casual clothes are tomboyish streetwear. Her waitress uniform consists of a white shirt rolled up to her elbows, a black vest, a red tie, and a black skirt down to her lower thighs.

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On top of that skirt, she also wears a brown skirt that reaches her upper thighs. She also wears tight red leggings.

As "Rabbit", she wears a long coat jacket, rabbit maskand a blonde, or sometimes a pink, wig to conceal her identity.

After the Aogiri arc, her hair reaches shoulder length, but her signature bangs remain the same. As a child she wore dresses, and bunny hair-clip on the left side of her bangs, and her hairstyle was much the same.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet the browns

However, her bangs at first were brushed to the side revealing her whole face. After the timeskip, Touka grew into a beautiful woman. Many characters including Kaneki have been left speechless by her attractive appearance. She has reverted back to her short bob cut. Her bangs are shorter, reaching her nose instead of her chin and considerably bouncier than her previous bob haircut. Touka switched to a more feminine style of clothing.

Touka smiled back, and turn out to make some worried expressions to Kaneki. He smirked lightly and made her signs saying to calm herself.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet the browns

He looked to the guy again, trying to figure out what was the issue with him, and the guy looked back and smiled, again. I don't think I know you…" Shit, I was staring at him. He was surprised, the smile of the human was caring and his eyes didn't showed any discomfort at his staring.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet the browns

He was a little bit nervous? It was just a guy, damn, why he was feeling like this? The blond nodded in understanding, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet the browns

It was a good name. I'll be back in a second". Kaneki walked quickly to give the coffee to the person who asked it, and went back immediately were Hide it was, Hide sending him small glances, even if Touka was in front of him serving his order. You're as sweet as always! Kaneki laughed sarcastically while taking a washcloth and cleaning the bar around where Hide was.

Hide furrowed the browns but only smiled. Never watched you here, I've been coming here for weeks, are you new? Hide said scratching his cheek. There was a silent between them, but it wasn't uncomfortable. This is nice, Kaneki thought. He liked to have a nice talk, but he cared a lot for silence.

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Kaneki thought it was a shame the schedule confussion It wouldn't be that hard, just talking with the manager and Kaneki realized it was a weak try but just smirked. Ok, Kaneki took his words off, this was uncomfortable. I mean, that awkward sensation bothering his stomach couldn't be normal. He also felt heat in all his face, definitely not normal or adequate.

He looked at the guy in front of him. He was handsome, really handsome. He had a really nice, long, reaching his shoulders blond hair. His eyes were chocolate brown and he felt he could melt for how warm they seem.

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He looked so nice, appear to be such a bright and good person Kaneki's mind realized this quitting the smirk of his face. He was going to take some orders instead but Hide stopped him quickly. He didn't wanted to go away of the guy, he really didn't, but he didn't know if this way a good idea. Besides, he was indeed working. I forget that you were working" Hide said with a small shade of pink adorning his cheeks "Ok, how about this.

This…" He took out of his backpack some paper and pencil and wrote something quickly. You can call me anytime you want. If you want to call me at all, of course, not pressure". He drank all the coffee in a sip, leaving a small moustache of spume in his lip. Kaneki found it cute. He cleaned it, waved his hand as a goodbye, with a smile this time genuine, Kaneki though with relief on his face, and in his way off he seemed to remind something.